Awesome 2020 Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife: Romantic and Funny Wedding Anniversary Messages for Wives

151+ Awesome Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife: Romantic and Funny Wedding Anniversary Messages for Wives

If you ask any man, whom he loves most in his life, then he definitely will answer his wife besides his parents. Marrying someone of your choice is like establishing equilibrium in your life. It is required except for lone wolves, who not everyone could be. Everyone needs a companion in this journey. Your wife is obviously your companion. For her, we have written happy wedding anniversary wishes for wife, Romantic Quotes and Funny Anniversary Messages For Wife. 

It could be that your anniversary may be nearing future. So we thought that we might be preparing for it. Form our side we have a little bit help for you that we have done writing these wishes for wife. As we see our previous generations’ lives, including our parents too, they have lived a good time of many years, which sometimes I think could not be possible for today’s generation. Do you know why I think so?

Because today’s generation like us, don’t have tolerance capacity. Tolerating someone doesn’t mean that you are being overpowered by him/her. In simple words, it is like that if you love a person, you don’t leave him/her at any cost whatever the circumstances come, which nowadays we rarely see. These days, couples are breaking over small fights and disputes. Relationships don’t work like that. You always must be read to accept your partner’s yes and no. 

Hence you can understand what we want to say. For married couples and going-to-be, we have brought for them these mesmeric 2020 wedding anniversary wishes for wife, that their husbands can say to them on their wedding anniversary. Enjoy guys and love each other more and more. 

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

How love is? How it feels when you two souls are and want to be of each other forever without wasting time. Lots of emotions and what not explained unexplained. It is just an intense connection, so intense whose depth could not be fathomed, and we know that kind of intense connection you feel with your wife, life partner, bae, baby or by whichever name you want to call them. For them on your wedding anniversary, we have carved for them happy wedding anniversary wishes for wife.

Don’t you want to wish your wives on the anniversary coming, husbands? You must. They do everything for you sacrificing a lot than you for the family you are going to build. Sometimes I think what this marriage is. A union with someone for forever. 

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for My Lovely Wife

My parents are again and again saying me to marry me but I am not coming to it. I don’t know why but it kinda feel strange to me. You know how this materialistic world is, and these days one wants to do everything and suppressing desires do not work for me. We all know we are not going to get everything what we desire, what in destiny would come. But we keep on trying and we must. Marriage always means variously different for everyone. Leave all, if in some days, you are going to celebrate your wedding anniversary, then here are best 2020 happy wedding anniversary wishes for wife. For husband, we have written in previous post that you can check. 

Love you my charm. You change my life forever for better. Happy wedding anniversary my charm my wife!

Happy wedding anniversary to you my better-half. You don’t know you mean a lot to me and for you I can do everything!

The stars that you are seeing in the sky, all want to fall in love of you. But I have said them. You are mine. Happiest wedding anniversary my star!

Even rose’s beauty is less before you. Happiest flowery wedding anniversary my rose of life!

I want to drink ambrosia. I want to forever love you always and every time not blinking my eyes. If accidently I would, I think I would die. Chocoliest wedding anniversary my wife!

What in heaven and earth and in all kingdoms are!? Before you, all are dirt. Such beautiful my wife is. Most beautiful wedding anniversary to you my beautiful wife!

Your beauty is not in how you look while how shy. I like the way you shy and your blushing. Happiest wedding anniversary my dear wife. 

To whom should I compare and to whom not. I don’t know. For me you are a nectar of God. Sweetest wedding anniversary wife!

You are as soft as a leaf of silvery flower whom no one wants to pick while get drown in its beauty. I’m lucky that you choose me for your life. With so many kisses happy wedding anniversary wife!

When you walk, it feels like a butterfly is flying. When you talk, it feels like a cuckoo bird is singing. You’re far superior than everyone, oh my love undefined! Happy wedding anniversary my wife!

You look to me Picasso Triggerfish. Perhaps more gorgeous than that. Blessed I feel if would be measuring with you all unknown waters of this world. Sparking, fire-cracking wedding anniversary my love!

You are simply awesome that has made my life a phenomenon. Happy anniversary my dearest wife and best friend!

You are my living euphoria in which I find my divineness and peace my love. Our love is great and you are too. Happiest wedding anniversary to you!

What you think what we are together? We are a force that would be reckon one day. Happy wedding anniversary my goddess!

May I wish for you that you get all happiness which you think. My life with you is awesome. Best life with you and happy wedding anniversary my partner!

These are all the fab and awesome 2020 happy wedding anniversary wishes for wife, that person in your life who is everything for you and we think without whom you don’t wish to live this life. How much you like and love your wife?  You can write in the comment section below whatever you want to write. It is only your choice 

In foreign countries, people live as they want to live. Couple live in live-in relationship unless they find they really want to live with each other. They celebrate all the married things and live like a husband and wife. In whatever way you are living your life and whoever is your wife, we have brought for you best 2020 wedding anniversary wishes for wife that you can say to her on the wedding anniversary. Enjoy your life as you want to!

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Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Wife 

Like a bee can’t resist herself from sucking the nectar of a flower, I cannot resist myself to shower all my love, adore, and affection on you. Happy wedding anniversary to my drop-dead gorgeous wife.

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Wife

The companionship of a loving and trustworthy partner is always needed to sail the gargantuan ocean of life happily. I am glad and more than blessed to have a life-long partner like you to savor every moment of my life. I wish a happy marriage anniversary to my stunning wife!

I was like an uncompleted puzzle that became complete when you came into my life as the last piece of it. Thanks a lot sweetheart for giving perfect touch to my life and my family. Happy anniversary to my cute wife!

Sometimes, I wonder how my life would be if I hadn’t tied the wedding knot with you? I thank the lord every moment for bumping me into such a wonderful partner like you. Happy wedding anniversary to my first and last love!

You are the person who made this small house a perfect home to live for everyone. You have injected a kind of liveliness here that keeps everyone in a cheerful mood all the time. Are you a sorcerer in actuality? My best wedding anniversary wishes are with you sweetheart!

Today is the alluring day when you became an indispensable part of my life. I can forget everything but not the day when I became completely yours. Happy marriage anniversary to my sweeter than sugar wife!

Wishing a mirthful wedding anniversary to the woman who has filled my life with immense good luck, colossal love, and uncountable moments to be cheered about. Happy wedding anniversary to my sexy wife!

Even the most romantic love letter or the greatest poem will not be sufficient enough to express my love for you. Not only you are like an angel to me but also a perfect life partner. I wish you a joyous wedding anniversary, sweetheart!

The moment I tied the holy wedding knot with you, I decided to give you all the happiness of the world and you did the same for me. I don’t know how to say thank you for all the profound things you have done for me selflessly. Happy wedding anniversary!

Like a flower spreads its fragrance everywhere without any conditions, you have showered everything you have on me without thinking a bit. I don’t think I could get a selfless and loving partner like you again. I am more than happy to wish you our cheerful wedding anniversary!

My little heart only long for you, my eyes only want to see your spellbinding face, and your smile completes my day like nothing else. Wishing a happy anniversary to my forever beautiful wife!

Even though we have been married for 7 years, hugging and kissing you still send shivers in my body. Our feel feels like the love of teenagers every day to me. Happy marriage anniversary to my forever elegant wife!

Life has given me millions of reasons to cry about. However, it has also given me one best reason to smile hard and that reason is you, my life partner. I am thrilled to wish you a cheerful wedding anniversary!

When someone has a life partner like you, even the most strenuous problems of life seem quite poky and trivial. I am proud to wish a happy marriage anniversary to my wife who is a timeless beauty!

We have spent numerous years together and my love, enthusiasm, and admiration have increased by leaps and bounds with each passing year. From the core of my heart, happy wedding anniversary to the love of my life!

Thanks a lot my charming wife for letting me be myself for all these years. Whatever I have achieved in my life is all because of your support, sacrifices, and wise decisions. You are the true gem of my life. Happy wedding anniversary to the princess of my life!

If I am an empty canvas, you are those colors that make it lively and regal. If I am hollow words, you are sound that gives concreteness to them. Thanks for holding my hands without doubting me for once. Happy wedding anniversary, darling!

I may have disappointed you numerous times in our relationship but you have always overlooked them and loved me unconditionally. Having a life partner like you is such a matter of pride for me. Happy marriage anniversary, my honey bunny!

Today we are going to celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary and I want to say heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you for being the never-wavering support system of my life. You are my only source of constant happiness and determination. Happy wedding anniversary!

Even this entire life will not be sufficient enough to tell how exhilarating and a lovely partner you are. In just a year, you have become the cornerstone of my life and my inspiration. I love you and happy marriage anniversary!

Wedding Anniversary Status for Wife

You are my dream. You are my reverie. When I close my eyes I want to see and when I open my eyes then too. Happy wedding anniversary dear wife!

Happy anniversary quotes for wife

The woman like you is rare in this world. And the best thing is you are my wife. Happy anniversary darling!

All the flowers have gone into veil when your beauty prevails. Happiest anniversary my dearest wife!

In every particle of my soul your name is written. You’re God’s blessing to me. Happy anniversary my wife!

As you are; no one could ever be. You are my dear forever be. Loveliest wedding anniversary my dear wife!

Being of you is like accomplishment of my life. When you’re with me what I need more in life! Happy wedding anniversary my awesome wife!

Love of us so pure even the Gods jealous why it is so thus? I love you darling. Happy wedding anniversary!

You are the rhyme of my life. You are the poetry of my life. Happy wedding anniversary my lovely wife!

Even moon sees you constantly brightening much seeing your beauty. Happy wedding anniversary my beautiful wife!

Everyone is in awe of you but the much I am since I first saw you. Happy anniversary my cutest wife!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Wife from Husband

How I describe you in words; it is always less. You are much than anything even this whole universe is less. Happy wedding anniversary my wifey!

Happy Anniversary Messages for Wife

Even the ocean pearls want to be of you. You are their ocean my dear. But they say lucky me you are mine. Happy wedding anniversary my wife!

This rain, the sky, the earth and all the men of this world bow down before your beauty. You are goddess my life. I love you benign. Happy wedding anniversary my sweetest wife!

May I do everything for you! May I bring everything for you! What you may, may my dear! Happiest wedding anniversary my lovely wife!

May not even the drop of tear flow from your eye! That worth thousand gold so valued oh my wife! Happy wedding anniversary my awesome wife!

May you achieve your all dreams! May you be successful in all your realm and reigns! May you be always my companion! Happy wedding anniversary my sparkling wife!

May no harm come to you! May my sword always protect you! Even if a drop of blood flow of you, I smash the whole world before you. Happy wedding anniversary my gorgeous wife!

May your name echo everywhere! May you be respected in all spheres! May you be shiniest star! Happy wedding anniversary my wife!

I love you so much even the depth of oceans is not much before my much. May we be always for each other! Happy wedding anniversary my dearest wife!

May the whole sky for you! May where you see all for you! But may you be only for mine! Happy wedding anniversary my sweetest wife!

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

What you all out there husbands and wives do for fun? For making your life fun-filled and enjoying? We are just interested to know. Just want to take ideas from you all married couples. Marriage phase has its own benefits. Like mostly for men, when they are married, they don’t have to cook. They don’t have to wash. They don’t mostly need to do house-cleaning. If your wife is not a working woman. Otherwise you have to do all work equally. If your anniversary is coming, we have penciled for you hilarious 2020 funny wedding anniversary wishes for wife. 

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Look in married life you would pass through all types of phases and after marriage life is a bit different, not all but a bit. It automatically gets whether you acknowledge or not. I concede this thing that living alone is difficult. You need someone’s hand. Not whole life you can talk to yourself whether you are a great artist or scientist. Everyone needs someone. Love needs to be reciprocated. 

I think that you all out there have understood my point. If your wedding anniversary is coming and you want to celebrate it with total fun, then we have for you nerve-wrecking funny wedding anniversary wishes for wife. Spend these with her because she has sworn to spend every moment of her life with you. 

You are entire fun for me and that’s enough for me to swing with you forever. Happy wedding anniversary my cutest wife!

My loveliest mistake of life is that I got into you accidentally and remain there permanently. You are such a boring person I don’t know why I’m tolerating!!! Love you. Lots of wishes to you on wedding anniversary!!!

The freckles on your face is beauty so strange that sometime I think it looks perfect on you like cherries. Happy wedding anniversary to most beautiful woman my wife!

Sometimes I think that I want to tie you down with a rope because I’m afraid you would leave me. So much love to you and happiest and huggiest wedding anniversary wife!

Sometimes I think I have lost interest in you and usually it is thing with me. But you’re my life. How could I live without you?!!! Happy wedding anniversary my angriest and loveliest wife!

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You look most beautiful in make-up. I don’t know how real you look but you look most beautiful in makeup!!! Craziest happy wedding anniversary my doll!

You have all the colors of life and made my life colorful too. I don’t know which wall color you have drunk!!! Colorful happy wedding anniversary my spoiled love!

On every anniversary I pray to God, please save me from this woman!!! Happy wedding anniversary to woman I fear and love too!

As the anniversaries are coming. My love for you is decreasing. The reason is, it bounces back many fold with lots of love. With pouring of so many kisses happy wedding anniversary to my love!

Could you please leave me alone on our wedding anniversary night? Because I want to spend some peaceful moments!!! Love you darling forever. Zestiest wedding anniversary to you!

I love the way you sing. The problem is only that you sound like a crow!!! Happy wedding anniversary to my beautiful singing crow!

How much money you need for leaving me alone in peaceful state on our wedding anniversary!!! By the way I adore you my love. Fire-cracking wedding anniversary to you my baby!

Oh fateful it is that on our wedding anniversary you are with me!!! But the truth is I can’t imagine my life without you. Joyest wedding anniversary to jovial person of my life!

Today on our wedding anniversary I’m going to give you gold necklace and earrings. But they are duplicate yet fine. I hope you like them. Happy wedding anniversary wife!

I don’t want to spend 40 years or 50 years with you. I want to spend 100 years with you. My life my wife. Loveliest wedding anniversary to you!

These funny wedding anniversary wishes for wife are as funny as a husband and a wife’s relationship, sour and sweet that you love to eat. It is always said that little bit fights often increase the closeness in relationship and it is true. Fight only those who love. So what your views are? Anything you want to say. If yes, then our comment section is below where you can write and express your views. 

One must experience all kinds of emotions if one has come to this world because only then one’s life is fulfilled. Yeah, it is true. You might be thinking that who wants to experience sadness and betray. But think, until or unless you experience bad, how you can say good is so good and that good. To see light, you have to go through dark. It is fact. Duality exists everywhere if you closely observe. 

2020 Funny wedding anniversary wishes for wife that we have written for you. You can send to your wife, tag her or text her. Do as you find comfortable. On your anniversary day, try to appease her in every way. She is the center of your life around whom you revolve. And please, it is our request that you never in any way hurt your wife because it is not right. If on a day or some days, she gets angry, try to calm down her. Rather than arguing with her. She is a gentle flower that needs to be caressed and taken care of rather than get disturbed in any way. Her single tear from her eyes should be death for you. 

It is your life. Live as you want to and never forget to share and send our best wedding anniversary wishes for wife to your friends and family. 

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Romance. We love to romance. Talks, conversations, eyes into eyes, seeing each other constantly without blinking your eyes. It is romance. We are not giving any definition, just telling you a beautiful feeling that you must feel before dying. And, to romance it takes courage. We from our experiences, because we have romanced many good, respected and beautiful girls, have written for you rosy romantic wedding anniversary wishes for wife that you can use on the day of your wedding anniversary. 

In love, there is, so far we know, melancholy and pensiveness. It is yellowish and orangish feeling that feels a kind of bit sweet but sadness is there. In this state, you miss that person a lot whom you love most dear. It is a mixture of feelings sometimes, romance. 

romantic wedding anniversary wishes for wife

And there is no age to fall in love and for romance. It happens automatically with any person your heart wants. You can stop your legs but could not stop your heart beating for that person. Would you like to tell us how many girls you have romanced? Though one truly falls in love with one woman or girl. We don’t know about many. 

In marriage, romance is pure at mature stage and so volcanic type that it just comes out. Here in this section, we have carved for you flowerious romantic wedding anniversary wishes for wife. 

In your arms, I find solace. When I am disturbed I find peace in you. Happy wedding anniversary love!

In your beautiful black hairs, I want to lose myself forever. Its fragrance I like awesome. Happy second wedding anniversary my love!

In your eyes, when I see them, I drown in them. Their water is like nectar, that when I get into them I feel immortal and abundance of love. Happy third wedding anniversary my moon!

When you breathe, it is like you just making me alive. And that very much thing I like about you how you breathe. Happiest fourth wedding anniversary my rosiest wife!

You are a beautiful verse of God’s prayer that He has bestowed in my life. Happy wedding anniversary my girl!

Streams, rivers, birds and trees and all are living because of you are breathing. Happy wedding anniversary my nicest beauty!

I am totally flat on your elegance. In love of you, I have become a poet of you. Sweet wedding anniversary my poetess!

So much I love you that you have become my God. The worry is I don’t know how to worship you properly because I don’t want to make you sad my love. Happy wedding anniversary my God!

Gold, silver, platinum, all kinds of precious metals are dust before your beauty. Oh my love you are so divine. Sweetiest wedding anniversary to you my wife!

I could live without water but I could not live without you my lily my wife. Lots of kisses to you and happy wedding anniversary!

Evening, morning, dawn, sun, moon and God; all bow down to you when you come out my lord. So much love and beautiful wedding anniversary to you!

Your faith, your dedication, your belief in me are greatest gifts to me that you can give me as wife. So much respect you and happiest, awesomiest wedding anniversary!

Bindi on your forehead looks so magnetic, that no other beauty could compared. Love you wife. Happy sixth wedding anniversary!

Your every hairstyle is art for me. When you every time come with different one, you seem always new to me. Many hugs to you and happiest zestiest wedding anniversary!

Your smile is so insanely magnetic. I want it only for me and forever for me. Magnicious happy wedding anniversary my wife!

The above written 2020 romantic wedding anniversary wishes for wife are truly in every sense so magnetic that you could not remain out of their charm. And when you say these to your wife or whether write in a greeting card, we guarantee that they truly would live them. 

So how you gonna celebrate your wedding anniversary? What planning you have done to surprise your love, your wife? Something special you are going to do for her? If you want to share with us, then you can share in the comment section below. It is your choice. 

We have done our part writing for you best romantic wedding anniversary wishes for wife that you, we think, already have started liking. You must notice that QWM is the best source on the internet, one of the best for original quotes, wishes and messages for almost all occasion and festivals and celebrations. We don’t copy while only provide original content. Those whose we take, we always give them credit. 

 Never less the ingredient of romance in your married life because it is the only required element to keep your married life always going and renewing. Even if you are a girlfriend and boyfriend. Besides all, keep visiting our website for all the best new content. Enjoy and happy wedding to you and your wife too!

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

To be or Not To Be. For me it is always not to be without you. Happy first wedding anniversary wife!

You are my damsel my wife. Happy wedding anniversary!

Without you perhaps I could not have understood the meaning of love. Happy wedding anniversary my love!

You are my Sibyl Vane and I don’t want to lose you anyhow. I understand your love and always will. Happy wedding anniversary!

When you hear my heart beats closely, it says your name. It always says your name. Love you. Happy wedding anniversary!

Second Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Second Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

I weave the dream of only having you. I love you my dearest pearl. Happy second wedding anniversary!

When you flow in me, only then I feel myself alive. Happy wedding anniversary my love!

You are my real wealth my rose. Happiest wedding anniversary my girl!

More than beauty, I fall for your elegance the way you dress yourself is quiet beautiful. Happy wedding anniversary my wife!

Every flower’s beauty is less before you. You grace is supreme. Sweetest wedding anniversary my wife!

Third Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Third Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

I like your this cute mole on your face. You know my resides there. Happy wedding anniversary my love!

In whole world, I only want you and me alone and nothing else except love. Happiest third anniversary!

I promise I never leave your hand. I’m beggar of your love! Happy Wedding anniversary my love!

Since I met you. I became of you and lose myself in you. Happy third wedding anniversary my wife!

You just stay on my lips, in my eyes, in my heart and in my soul. Happy wedding anniversary my girl!

Fourth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Fourth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

The word distance between you and me is a crime. Never take this. Love you manifold. Happy wedding anniversary!

When you see my eye closely, in the depth of it only you written. Happy wedding anniversary my love!

In the mailbox of my heart, I only want to receive your love letters. Happy wedding anniversary wife!

May all the misunderstandings between you and me burn down and never come. Happy wedding anniversary!

You are my euphoria in which I lose myself every time. Loveliest wedding anniversary my wife!

Fifth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Fifth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Wind, water, birds, skies, leaves and these trees; all swear by our love. Our pious love. Happy wedding anniversary!

Just remember without you I am nothing. A single day without you seems hundred days. Happy wedding anniversary!

When you love me, just love me. See nothing else, just see me only. Happy wedding anniversary wife!

You are in my thoughts, dreams, reveries and in all. Your smile means a lot to me. Happy wedding anniversary my angel!

Just never leave me alone. Happy wedding anniversary my wife!

Sixth Happy Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Sixth Happy Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Thousands of gold is worthless before you. Happy 6th wedding anniversary my love!

You are crown of my heart my love. Happiest sixth wedding anniversary!

I wish in every birth I find you and marry you. With many kisses happy wedding anniversary my wife!

You are my prayer my love. I always call your name even when early in morning I wake up. Happy wedding anniversary!

You’ve become my drug. Without you a single moment impossible. Loveliest wedding anniversary wife!

Seventh Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Seventh Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

In such a beautiful floral dress you totally look like a spike in my life!!! But a sweet one that removes my every wound. Happy seventh wedding anniversary my precious!

In a sari you so gorgeously look like an angel that has come in my life and uplifted it. I always to ask you in my prayers. Gorgeous seventh wedding anniversary my love!

Sometimes I think without you, me perhaps forever might remain in sadness. You’re my happiness my wife my love. Loveliest successful seventh wedding anniversary to you!

When you wear earrings in your ears, it feels like all angles are hanging from there because they want to remain near you. Such killing beauty you are. Wonderful wedding anniversary to my wonderful wife!

Your hairs are like evening to me. When you open it and spread it, it is all evening in the world. So glamorous they are and all stars shine there. Happy wedding anniversary my darling!

Eight Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Eight Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

The attractive mole that you have on your cheek, there my heart resides, which is your beside. Love you my love. I want to make great memories with you. Happy bestest eight wedding anniversary!

I don’t just want to live with you or have you beside me. I want to joy with you, want to go long journeys with you. luxurious eight wedding anniversary to you!

Tell me which face wash scrub you want on your wedding anniversary. Just scrub, you look very nice with them!!! Just joking. Happy eight wedding anniversary my mad love!

For me you are not a lie. For me you are my truth my love my wife. My very own existence you’re. With my entire heart happy wedding anniversary!

Dire my whole life is, without you there is no fire in it. Just misdirectionally I’m flowing. Don’t leave me ever alone. Happy eight wedding anniversary to you!

Ninth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Ninth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Living with you is like creating myself again with you. It feels like I am painting my life with beautiful colors. Happy ninth wedding anniversary my flower!

I pray to God I would be known as a mad man in love of you my sweetheart. Happy ninth most successful wedding anniversary. 

Our love is pious. Those who want to become immortal. They should swear of our love. Such highest it is. Happy pious ninth wedding anniversary my wife!

The definition of my love is you. Happy wonderful ninth wedding anniversary to you my wife!

I ask God for blessings in my life. And you come. Happiest enormous wedding anniversary to the most craziest person in my life!

Tenth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Tenth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Tell me what you want to eat on our wedding anniversary? The only thing you have to do is to cook everything!!! Happy wedding anniversary to my cook!

Your smile soothes me. The way you smile is immensely relieving for me. With my total heart, happiest wedding anniversary to you and lots of blessings!

I just want to sleep in your lap and want to spend my whole life with you just only seeing and appreciating your beauty. Happy tenth wedding anniversary my loveliest wife!

When you wear skirt, you romantically feel charismatic. Like before you everything has become faded. Oh my love, miracling tenth wedding anniversary to you wife!

Your voice is like a melodious chant to me. Whenever I hear it, it transcends me to other dimension. Sparkling tenth wedding anniversary wife!

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Happy silver jubilee of our married life to you wife. I think you would never forget me. And because I’m stuck in your life. Mesmeric 25th wedding anniversary!

You still look so beautiful when you were 25 years old. Happy 25th wedding anniversary to my forever young love!

What is the color of our love? I ask God. He said the color in which you see your wife, it is that.!!! Cheerful 25th wedding anniversary to you!

With you, our love is rollercoaster ride. And I always want that way. Happiest 25th wedding anniversary my dearest love!

You are always the best moment of my entire journey. I always want to be with you for every birth of my life. Blessings, kisses and hugs to you on 25th wedding anniversary!

50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Not even a single moment I regret marrying you. The only regret is you are too costly!!! 50th glorious wedding anniversary to you wife!

It is almost our half-life we have come together. I want to ask you now when you would free me from you!!! Amazing 50th wedding anniversary love!

Spring, rainy, summer, autumn; my every season starts from you and with you. Starriest 50th wedding anniversary!

Loving you I have become free inside. I feel like I can fly everywhere higher in the sky. Stunniest 50th wedding anniversary to my wife!

At this stage of our life, everyone’s romance stops. But mine is increasing with jet speed. Delighting 50th wedding anniversary my love!

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