60+ Wedding Thank You Messages from Bride and Groom

Wedding Thank You Messages from Bride and Groom

Wedding Thank You Wordings: What makes a wedding ceremony a truly splendid and remarkable affair is wedding guests. Yes, you can rope in all the finest things to spruce up your wedding ceremony arrangements but it’s the wedding guests who add liveliness, giggles, and blessings to your ceremony. Most of the guests bring a lot of invaluable wedding gifts, greetings, and also offer their guidance to make the function a picture-perfect affair. Sending wedding thank you notes to all your guests who have attended the wedding ceremony is one fine way to express gratefulness. Below is the sweetest compilation of wedding thank you messages from bride and groom and wedding thank you wordings for parents that will do the job of expressing gratefulness towards all the wedding guests perfectly.

Wedding Thank You Messages from Bride and Groom

Heartiest thank you to all the lovely guests for attending our wedding ceremony and making it a graceful and memorable affair. Without you guys, we would be yawning hard at our own wedding. Your blessings and valuable gifts will be cherished forever!

From the core of our hearts, we cannot thank you enough to all the guests for hopping on to our wedding ceremony. I am extremely grateful for all the fine blessings, sessions of laughter, and sweet gifts. You guys really rocked my wedding ceremony and made it remarkable!

Wedding Thank You Messages from Bride and Groom

To all the guests who had attended our wedding ceremony from scratch to end, thank you to the moon and back for giving us your precious time. Your priceless presence not only amplified the wedding ceremony vibes but also make the whole function stellar. Thank you once again!

Two elements make a wedding ceremony a meteoric success; lovely guests and scrumptious food. We don’t know about the food but we surely had the best wedding guests of all time who marinated the whole ceremony in their graceful vibes. Thank you for making our wedding an astonishing and unforgettable success.

The outrageous love, support, participation, and heart-touching gifts from our wedding guests are the key reasons behind our super-successful and stellar wedding ceremony. We are so grateful to you for creating and weaving ever-lasting memories by becoming an indispensable part of our event. God bless you!

Thank you to all of you for attending our wedding. We can’t express how joyous we have felt seeing you in our wedding. With you presence our wedding has become an unforgettable affair.

Close friends are like family. With all my heart I thank you for attending our wedding. Your wishes, prayers and presence mean a lot to us. It really has felt like some close to my heart has come. I have felt so warmed seeing you in my wedding. Thank you again.

More than gifts, it really has felt so nice that you have graced our wedding with your presence. I can’t express how much you mean to me. Thank you for making me feel you are always there for me and gracing my wedding.

Thank you for making my wedding so much felt like a heavenly affair. I have felt like all angels have come to attend my wedding and I really have felt so mesmerized. 

Thank you for your all lovely wishes, messages and prayers. The gifts you have given are so special to me. More than all these your presence at my wedding has made me feel that I am important for you and a part of your family and affection.

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Thank You Messages for Wedding Gift

After receiving so many heart-warming gifts from our lovely guests, I must say we don’t need to buy anything for the next 2-3 years to run our home. I am so excited to unwrap so many wrapped gifts. We absolutely love the gifts and thank you for giving them!

All the gifts that we have got for our wedding ceremony will surely spruce up the vibes and the overall beauty of our home. It’s because of the gifts of our beloved guests, our house is feeling more like home. Thank you for the wonderful wedding gifts!

Thank You Messages for Wedding Gift

We seriously don’t know how to express gratitude and thankfulness for giving us such invaluable and noteworthy gift items. From the innermost depth of my heart, I thank you to all my guests for making my wedding a magical and dreamy affair. God bless you all!

Not a single gift I got that wasn’t meaningful and thoughtful for both of us. Thank you so much for injecting oodles of colors, liveliness, and enticing moments into our simplistic wedding celebration. We really love all the gifts!

Thank you so much to the moon and back for making our wedding ceremony a scintillating and enthralling occasion. I am still in awe of all the astonishing and valuable gifts you got us. God bless you and love you all!

Beautiful memories never fade so as your this beautiful gift that you have given us is so touchy that I can really feel the touch of you in it. Although mere you came at our wedding was enough. Thank you for your wedding gift!

In what words I express the gratitude that you have shown at us by gifting us royal piece of art on my wedding. I don’t know how I say thank for this but really it is surreal. Thank you.

Nothing is precious more than true emotions and feelings with which you have come to our wedding. Besides all this your gift is so true as you are and I can’t take my eyes off from it. Thank you for such truest wedding gift!

We have been together as friends since our school days and you have always been special to me in my life. Your wedding gift always reminds me of your presence whenever I would see it. It will be close to my heart. Thank you for giving me such beautiful wedding gift!

Some people are always special in our life. Sometimes some wedding gifts are so special in our life that we cannot let it off from eyes. Such is yours. Thank you for giving such fascinating wedding gift!

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Wedding Thank You Card Wordings

I don’t want to sound too formal but I really can’t get over from all the stunning gifts you give us. Thank you so much for all the lifetime of memories and making my wedding a stupendous event. How can I forget about your lovely wedding gifts? Thank you for them as well.

It feels do delightful and soothing when you see all your near and dear ones showering oodles of love and divine blessings on you at your wedding ceremony. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you to each and everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to grace my wedding.

First of all, I would like to express my heartiest thankfulness and gratitude to all those who had hoped for my wedding ceremony and added vibrancy to it. Secondly, I am feeling more than moved because of all the heartwarming wishes and gifts I got. Thank you so much for all the love!

Hello to all the dearest relatives! You guys made the simplest wedding ceremony so much amusing and frisky that all the moments got etched well in the mind of every guest. I am blessed to know that I have such amazing relatives who think about us so much. Thank you for everything!

To my super cool guests and relatives, we are more than honored to have you all at our wedding ceremony. You guys have no idea how special we both are feeling right now. I thank you all from the core of my heart for all the love, kindness, gifts, and blessings.

Wedding Thank You Messages for Host

I can’t describe in words how awesome I have felt that you have hosted our wedding so well that everyone at the wedding enjoyed it. Thank you for hosting my wedding awesomely!

Thank you my wonderful friends for hosting my wedding. I have never thought it would go so well. Your presence at my wedding and your way of hosting it have made it memorable.

Wedding Thank You Messages for Host

In what emotions I should thank you because I really don’t know how. You hosted our wedding like a magic. Everyone was so thrilled, happy and enjoyed the wedding. Thank you for magical hosting and to magical host!

In really charismatic way you introduced us in our wedding that every guest was talking about us. Our love story the way you presented is so felt like filmy and we loved it. With love and affection thank you for hosting our wedding and making it a hundred crore filmy affair.

I swear that you really hosted my wedding like a rock star and made us feel also so special that we can never forget it till our next seven births. Thank you for hosting my wedding in an unimaginable way.

Wedding Thank You Notes For Parents

If it weren’t for your parents, our wedding ceremony wouldn’t be an enchanting and gobsmacking affair. Thank you so much mom and dad for all the hustle, suggestions, support, and handling the major to minor glitches. I love you, mom and dad!

Yes, a wedding ceremony is all about the unification of two complete strangers. However, it is parents that consistently walk with you on every path to make sure your journey remains seamless from scratch to end. Thank you so much parents for all the care and unconditional support!

Wedding Thank You Notes For Parents

After doing a lot of introspection, I have arrived at the conclusion that if my wedding ceremony was a seamless and happening affair, it’s majorly because of you guys. May your blessings be forever on my side and your keep guiding us on all walks of life. Thank you so much, mommy and daddy!

Hey parents, I literally don’t have perfect words to thank you guys for involving so deeply and friskily in our wedding ceremony. With you guys, our wedding wouldn’t be a lively and soulful affair. Thank you so much for making our big day sumptuous!

When I was walking down the aisle, I got quite sentimental when I saw both of you shedding tears and smiling at the same time. I am sure I have made you super proud by tying the wedding knot with the right life partner. Thank you so much parents for all your blessings, support, and love.

We are from you. You are always first for me than God too. I don’t know how I thank you that how well you arranged whole wedding making it even for my friends so special that they were appreciating for all the efforts put into it. Thank you papa for becoming the special part of my wedding!

You know how much your presence means to me and from your busy schedule you have come to arrange everything here at my wedding. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you mother and father for always being my side and gracing my wedding!

Thank you mom and dad for preparing all the wedding! I was really worried how all it would go but you handled everything so properly that everything felt so perfect fit at the wedding. Thank you for everything!

Wedding without parents couldn’t be imagined. Their blessings and prayers mean everything to their children and so as your mom and dad. You did all the decoration at my wedding. You made my whole wedding giving your personal touch. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you my dearest mom and dad!

What I say! Thanks are less and everything is less for what you have done for my wedding. As being my parents you have done everything for me since I took birth in your lap. Thank you my lovely mom and dad for doing my wedding fantastically.

Thank You for Wedding Invitation Messages

The moment I received your wedding invitation, I started jumping like a baby out of sheer excitement. Not only I am happy to receive your wedding invitation but also I have started planning in advance about your wedding. Thank you for inviting me!

We will be more than happy to join your wedding ceremony and ensure to make it as scintillating and startling as possible. Thank you so much for throwing us the beautifully decked-out wedding invitation card.

Thank You for Wedding Invitation Messages

It would be a great pleasure as well as an honor to see the powerful couple getting married in style. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending a wedding invitation. My whole family will definitely come to grace your wedding ceremony!

Thank you for considering my name on your wedding invitation list. I am literally dying inside to attend your wedding ceremony and add stars to it by using my quirky pranks. Thank you for the sweet wedding invitation!

Inviting us for the wedding ceremony means you don’t have to worry about other errands because we will be available all the time to assist you and take care of other aspects as well. We are thankful to you for including us among the guests for your wedding.

Thank you for inviting us at your wedding. Your wedding invitation has made us feel special and we are with all our heart looking forward to attend your wedding.

Thank you for inviting at your grand wedding. We are so pleased and happy to receive your wedding invitation. We are coming with all the zest to rock your wedding.

Love you going to be bride and groom. Wishes and prayers for your going to be wedding. And thank you for your wedding invitation. You have really made us feel that we are part of your family.

In words I can’t express the joy of receiving your wedding invitation. Even your wedding card is so beautiful then I can imagine how attractive your wedding is going to be.

We bless you going to be bride and groom. We are waiting for your wedding invitation and it has just arrived. Love you dears. We are coming to attend the wedding. It is all going to be memorable.

Wedding Thank You Cards Messages

Hello dear, your lively presence, a big smile, and the wedding gifts all have made our wedding ceremony a truly remarkable affair. I hope you have enjoyed it to the fullest. Thank you for joining us and showering heaps of blessings!

We both are feeling more than honored to have your stunning presence, greetings, support, and time at our wedding function. In addition to that, your stand-up comic act added so many funky vibes to the occasion. Thank you for joining us making our wedding an extra-special ceremony.

Wedding Thank You Cards Messages

Not only did you attend our wedding ceremony on such short notice but also took care of essential things like welcoming guests and managing transportation for everyone. I don’t know how to say thank you to you and your whole family!

This wedding thank you card and the message inside it is just a small gesture to tell you that how significant your presence was in our wedding ceremony. I am grateful to you for all the things you have done to make our ceremony a fairy tale affair.

Your gracious presence was more than enough to add all the much-needed glitter and exuberance to our wedding function. Not only did you shower all the blessings of the world on us but also brought such a valuable gift that would help us in day-to-day life. Thank you for joining us!

Thank you my dear friends for your attendance at my wedding. You don’t know how warmed I felt seeing at my wedding. It is so love of you that you were there for me.

Thank you my dearest uncle and aunt for giving me so wonderful gift on my wedding. I want to tell you I love you and without you this wedding couldn’t be possible. Thank you for your time.

Thank you my dearest and cutest friend for giving me a memorable gift that I can’t think of. You have always been part of my life and without you nothing is possible. You have always encouraged me and I dearly love you. Thank you for being at my wedding.

Thank you my loveliest maternal uncle and aunt for making my wedding so mesmerized affair to remember. Your wedding gift is same as you are, lovely. Your blessing and prayers mean a lot to me. You are family and you know it.

With whole my heart I want to say I love you my friend. From your busy schedule you came to my wedding and did prepare it too. You are like my big sister and I can never forget that at every step of my life you have helped me. Thank you for being at my wedding.

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