212 Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Messages

Best Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Best Anniversary Messages & Quotes For Couple & Friends

Wedding Anniversary Wishes: Sometimes I think that why the celebrations in our life? Why we celebrate? The reason is simple- to live again, to rekindle again what gradually being forgotten. Any celebration is for remembrance, rekindling and for energizing. In simple, to zest up. Keeping this in mind, we have written for you some of the nice wedding anniversary wishes, that you couple want to say to each other on your wedding anniversary. Some people also call it marriage anniversary. Although whatever they call but mean the same. Besides all that we should be thankful to all those whoever they are that first time celebrated something for something. Because due to them, the tradition of celebration has been being continuously transferred and transported to one city to other, one country to other and vice versa. Still, wherever we see people and communities are adopting different and various celebration days whichever they like to respect and honor them, as well as enjoy them.

Wedding anniversary wishes

Wedding anniversary wishes are all the best wishes for couples that they can recite for each other poetically and romantically. And why not you do that, because, of course you do that because it is your wedding anniversary, the day on which you tied the knot of your unity for forever. It is the day that reminds you of your vows that you took for each other to pay them for each other with faith, belief, trust and commitment. Hence, for you all, here are all the wishes for your wedding anniversary. Enjoy!

Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Couple

Thou art my paradise love and in there I want to grow, in your heart. Happy wedding anniversary!

I like your lovely pinkish cheeks and I forever want to kiss there. Happy wedding anniversary my love!

Perhaps my karmas are so good that you come in my life and completely made it vibrant. Thank you for that and happy first wedding anniversary!

Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Couple

The best thing I did in my life is to make you my permanent room partner of my heart. You don’t need to pay rent there my love. Just love is with interest! Happy wedding anniversary!

Love is really you my darling and no one could be in my life. Happy first wedding anniversary!

Books say that love word has from Sanskrit language. I say love word has come from you and its meaning you are my fabulous love. Sweetest wedding anniversary to you!

In nights, the stars you see, they are there for you. You know why? Because they just want to get a glance of your beauty! Happy wedding anniversary my moon!

The best couple definition is you and me. Loveliest fourth wedding anniversary my darling wife my life!

When you speak innocently, it flabbergasts me like a stream has reverberated my whole body. Happy wedding anniversary my innocent love my wife!

There are days, tomorrow, yesterday, today, nowadays; but you for me is forever and always will be. Happiest wedding anniversary!

I made of you and you made of me. Without you nothing I be. Glorious seventh wedding anniversary to you love birds!

So lucky you’re both that you find each other. You are really true soulmates. I have just read this word but today I’m seeing in real. Love to you both lovely couple and truest happiest wedding anniversary!

There is a soft peaceful and transcendent music humming in my year since I met you. And I knew you are the person I’m going to spend my life. Happy wedding anniversary my soft music!

However many love words I say to you, they are not enough to describe you. In the end everything surrender to your beauty. Best couple in the world. Happy wedding anniversary!

Saying ‘No’ for marriage when I first met you would be my gravest mistake if I would. You’re my whole world now. Wonderful eight wedding anniversary to you!

You both look like two beautiful rare flowers unattached. Most beautiful couples in my eyes in the world. Awesomest second wedding anniversary to you both!

You both are a very good phenomenal example of a good married life. My blessings to you both. Live long! Happy auspicious seventh wedding anniversary to both!

You both are just the holiest couple in this world. Whose worship if someone does, they instantly get divine. Best of the best wedding anniversary to nicest married couple!

May I bless you all you both that whatever grave circumstances come in your life, you never lose faith in each other. Bless you both. Glamorous your life and happy wedding anniversary!

May the breeze of love forever flow in your hearts. May you be eternal couple forever together. Love you both and zestiest seventh wedding anniversary to you both!

Wedding was just a formality. We were already written for each other. And in next birth we still be together. Wishing you happy wedding anniversary!

I want to give you all and everything. But when you say I’m your everything. It makes my day. Love you my love. Happy wedding anniversary!

Perhaps I have done very good karmas in previous life that I have found you as my life partner. That’s great blessing my love. Wishing happy wedding anniversary and all the charms of life!

What I wish for you? As you have everything. I wish I have you for eternity. Long life to you and ravishing happy wedding anniversary!

You are not just beside me but you are inside sitting my heart throne and reigning. May you ever be so like this! Happy wedding anniversary my forever love!

Even pearls’ shine less before you dear. I just want to say I love you. I never want to lose you. Wishing happy and awesome wedding anniversary!

For me everything is empty unless you are there. May I fulfill every wish of you! Happy wedding anniversary darling dearest!

The definition of real true love is you are. May you be a glorified figure in the world! Wishing happiest wedding anniversary and my love abundant!

I just don’t admire, adore or love you. I worship you. Charming wedding anniversary my heart!

This whole world is jealous of me because I have you. May you be the queen of night and reign all! Wishing happy wedding anniversary my only and first love!

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Heart-Touching Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother/Brother-in-Law

Leaps of love you get. Flourish you in every path with her. And divine you get. Happy wedding anniversary brother!

So grandest and wealthiest and craziest wedding anniversary to you my brother. May your married life always be blissful!

May you married life be as concrete as a brick of stone. You will never be apart and remain strong in every situation. Happiest wedding anniversary brother!

Heart-Touching Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother

May God shower blessings on you both. May you both be bathed with the nectar of immortality. May your love eternal as you ever be. Sweetest and cutest wedding anniversary to my brother!

Fame, wealth, achievements, health and strength; all you get. You get what you think and thought of. Love you my brother. Warmiest and huggiest wedding anniversary!

When we were small, you always used to take care of me and my happiness my brother. I wish for you and your wife from the bottom of my heart happy wedding anniversary!

What is strong in this world? Then I say my brother. Loveliest wedding anniversary from a good sister to sweet brother!

You and she both be zenith stars of each other’s worlds. May your love never be less and every day and night increase abundantly. Craziest wedding anniversary brother!

May I wish that every choice you make in your life come fruitful and productive. In sky your name may echo with fame and name. Bless you both. Happiest wedding anniversary brother!

May you remain trustful brother of mine forever and trustful partner of your wife. Amazing life and wedding anniversary brother!

I pray to God that you always be each other’s hearts’ lords. Everlasting glow in your relationship and your married life brother. Graceful ninth wedding anniversary to you!

I wish that in every birth you find each other and become of each other. Sweetest wedding anniversary brother!

You both are like sour and sweet candies. A perfect combination of partnership. Happy tenth wedding anniversary brother!

May you become the epitome of faith and trust of married life. May you get respect in everyone’s eyes. And your love climb high. Happy wedding anniversary brother!

You both only see dreams of each other. When you see you only see each other. Happiest wedding anniversary brother!

Your wife always be your best companion in every journey of you brother. Hugs and kisses and starry wedding anniversary to you!

May your love forever grow and never decrease. You are both each other’s verge and each other’s ends. Lovely wedding anniversary brother!

Such a bliss God pours on you both that when you say something, you only take each other’s name. beautiful soulmates. Amazing wedding anniversary brother!

It is just so phenomenal that whenever I see you both, the fragrance and aura of wind becomes so sweet. Such divine you’re both! Happy wedding anniversary handsome brother!

I wish that promise of togetherness that you have done to each other may never get broken. Best life to you both and sparkling wedding anniversary brother!

Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Brother

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Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister/Sister-in-Law

May you be blessed, may you be in zest, may be all what you want with your husband and your beautiful thoughts. Happy wedding anniversary sister!

I still remember you always give me your candies when I want more. You always took care of me and never let a drop of tear come from my eyes. Happiest wedding anniversary to my big sister!

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister

Oh my sister, I want to say you’re like a mother to me. And I pray to God that you get more than you think. Sweetest wedding anniversary to my big sister!

Such a pious and beautiful heart, I have never seen anywhere else in the world as of you sister. I want to wish you joyful life and peaceful married life. Happy wedding anniversary!

What is most beautiful of you sister is your kind heart that cares for everyone. May Lord care for you. Great amazing second wedding anniversary!

You are my most beautiful sister and I wish for you a beautiful married life. Sparkling wedding anniversary to you!

You’re the star kid of our house. You’re the joy of our house. You’re everything of our house. May you be same everywhere with many fold abundance. Happy wedding anniversary my sister!

May you get sky to fly. May you get earth to run. May you get all trees for fruits. May you get rainbow life. Bestest wedding anniversary to you!

How we, when little children, played together. And I snatched your every toy. Yet you gave with happy face. Today I give you sister and pray for you everything. May I become so able that I can give you everything. Happy wedding anniversary!

I wish success for you every time. Gold, glitters, silver, platinum and all the precious metals may God shower on you. Happy married life and happy fourth wedding anniversary sister!

I wish God tie you both in your destinies for everlasting joy and love. Happy wedding anniversary sis!

May the love of your husband never lessen for you. May it increase and only increase. Happy wedding anniversary sister!

I simply wish for you happy married life. Peaceful and joyous journey for you. Wonderful wedding anniversary sister!

No wound come in your married life. Healings you spread and kind you be for everyone. Lovely wedding anniversary to lovely sister!

Whomever house you go, you become the blessings for everyone. Such your aura spread sister. Happy seventh wedding anniversary!

May stars keep adding to your smile sis and you illuminate joy in everyone’s life. Craziest wedding anniversary sister!

You always remain a magic in your husband’s life. Always surprise him you true benign. Love you both! Gracious sixth wedding anniversary sister!

May you become the mother of cute children and truest wife of your husband. With bottom of my heart happy wedding anniversary sister!

May God bestow you with all kinds of boons and your journey remain forever cherishing. Happy wedding anniversary sis!

May you be forever the queen of your husband and reign over his heart. Wishing you sweet wedding anniversary!

Happy anniversary sister

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Happy Wedding Anniversary For Friends

May you live longer my friend and your married life more longer and prosperous. Prosperous wedding anniversary to you!

May your wife look younger than you. May you lose your all hair but you both never lose your love! Loveliest couple and happy wedding anniversary!

Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend

Be always happy and cherished and abundance of love you get and wealth too. And please never forget me. love you and happy wedding anniversary friend!

I wish you give me your all wealth and everything!!! But you always keep the love for your wife and she for you always. So many blessings and best wishes on your wedding anniversary!

May you never get hurdles in your life path, no short comings in your married life and love from every side. Best wishes to you my friend on wedding anniversary!

May you have the sweet home, a happy home filled with love and your children’s noise and your wife taking care of you all. Happiest third wedding anniversary my friend!

May I pray to God whenever I see your face, I always see you smiling and always worry free. Wonderful wedding anniversary to you!

May you always be together. May you never misunderstand each other. May you feel the same way as felt when you first time met. Craziest wedding anniversary my friend and warm wishes and hugs!

What I wish for you? I wish to God may you meet again in next birth and in every birth. I wish you and her for each other. Best wishes and warm regards on your fifth wedding anniversary!

Oh my friend may you never lose a best friend like me!!! And you invite me in your every wedding anniversary!!! Greetings and wishes to you on your best second wedding anniversary!

I still know that how in my struggling time you supported me helping me in all possible ways. Wonderful wedding anniversary my friend and love you!

I wish that your bond with your wife lives unbroken and our friendship lives for eternity. Happy eight wedding anniversary friend!

May your everlasting generousness towards all be. May God be generous towards you in your all works. Wishing you eternal happiness and wedding anniversary!

No vices come to you and all virtues get bestowed on you my friend. Mirthful wedding anniversary to you!

I wish that you live the life as you want and what you want. Happy tenth wedding anniversary my best friend!

What I wish for you? I’m confused. So I wish everything for you my generous friend. Best wedding anniversary to you!

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Best Wedding Anniversary Messages

You are kind, beautiful, lovely and helpful. You have all the virtues of a complete perfect woman. You are an epitome of it. Wishing you happy wedding anniversary!

How I describe you? You are ineffable. Wishing you best wedding anniversary!

I don’t say you complete me, rather I would say you fulfill me. Your presence brings peace and joy to me. Lucky to have you my love. Wishing you starriest wedding anniversary!

I am completely in awe of you since I first saw you. Gosh! We are together otherwise you would have died! So much love and appreciations. Wishing you happy wedding anniversary!

Sometimes I get anxious if I ever lose you. But I wish before losing you I may lose myself. Every particle of me wishing happy wedding anniversary to you!

You are such a graceful woman. An aura of gloriousness and greatness you have. I wish May you be a world leader! I love you. Happy wedding anniversary!

I feel comfort when you are near me and a kind of completeness with you. You are my critic and lover both. And I like your truthfulness. Wishing you awesome wedding anniversary to you!

In your love towards me I see a pure loyalty. That’s what I crave for. I wish May you always win and never lose! Happy wedding anniversary and hugs, roses and my love to you!

You are phenomenal like a unique magic for me. You are charismatic and kindest both. I love you my love and wish everything for you. Wishing heart touching wedding anniversary to you!

Happy wedding anniversary! I wish you always smile unconditionally.

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Marriage Anniversary Quotes & Sayings

No marriage can last long if there is no love and a deep level of understanding between couples. I am glad we never let someone’s opinions and beliefs dictate our relationship. Happy wedding anniversary to the loveliest woman of my life!

When the time is right and you are ready to share love, the right individual automatically appears in life and you were that person for me. You are dearest to me and with you, this world would be barren. I love you and happy wedding anniversary!

Time and tide wait for none except our wedding anniversary celebration. However, this pandemic won’t let that happen in a grand way. No worry, as long as your shadow is protecting me, even the tiniest surprise or celebration is more than enough for me. Wishing a happy marriage anniversary to my lovely life partner!

I wish a jovial anniversary to the person whose mere presence works as a magical potion for me. I love you from the bottom of my heart and I want you to be happy, healthy, and successful forever. Happy wedding anniversary!

It’s our 10 anniversary and yet it seems like we got hitched today. You are the one who has been maintaining freshness and liveliness in the relationship. Thank you for all the cherishable memories sweetheart. Cheers and happy wedding anniversary!

Today is the day to look back and contemplate over all the magical and heart-tugging memories we have created together. What a fine life I am living with you. Happy wedding anniversary to the sweetest husband ever!

I firmly believe our life partner is chosen by the almighty to make our life better and fulfill a higher purpose. No one can take your place in my simple life. Thanks sweetheart for serene, grateful, and amusing moments. Happy wedding anniversary to both of us!

I don’t want to live the next 100 lives with you. I want to live the next 100 lives in this very life with you. May you always be cheerful, healthy, and successful with me. Happy marriage anniversary, love!

When you are by my side, I feel like I have the biggest treasure with me that I could even have. You are my lady luck and also the backbone of my life. I am feeling more than happy to wish a wedding anniversary to you.

Congratulations on successfully bearing one more year with the most lunatic and lethargic person on the planet. As long as we both are together, I will keep praying to God to endow you strength to tolerate me and my crazy family. Fun apart, wishing happy marriage anniversary to the queen of my heart.

Marriage is two people’s journey that becomes one. I wish you travel in this journey well without hurdles. Wishing happy marriage anniversary!

Marriage has many strings. The string you play it produces a single beautiful sound. But when you play it together, it produces a beautiful rhythm. That is what married life is. Happy marriage anniversary dear!

Wishing you from deep of my heart all the best wishes to you on your marriage anniversary! May your love increase day by day and you live beautiful.

Marriage is a raga of infinite loop and in this loop you walk hand in hand together. I wish awesome marriage anniversary to you both. May you always rise in love!

May you live a comfortable life! May you have all what you desire! May no evil touch you both! Wishing lovely marriage anniversary to you happy souls!

When you marry, you don’t just marry someone’s goods while you marry his/her flaws too. I wish you have each other forever. Wishing happiest marriage anniversary to you both!

I pour my heart out to wish you happy marriage anniversary! I wish and pray May nothing separate you! My all the love to you both.

Marriage is the promise that must never be broken. You are the perfect example of this. Wishing blissful happy marriage anniversary!

May you grow together! May you flow together! May your love be eternal! Wishing loveliest happy marriage anniversary to you!

May the marriage of you never end with your love! May you both be in all the love and life! Happiest marriage anniversary to both of you!

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Wedding Anniversary Greetings

We all need a trustworthy life partner to sail the humongous ocean of life. I am glad to have such a humble and compassionate partner with whom life seems a surreal affair. Happy anniversary, love!

May the love we have nurtured over the years for each other keep amplifying till our last breath. May we live for each other and die for one another. I am feeling more than ecstatic to wish you a jubilant marriage anniversary!

No marriage is perfect but even the imperfections of each other in marriage seem beautiful when there is boundless love between husband and wife. I am falling madly and deeply in love with you every single day. Thank you for all the love, care, attention, and oodles of kisses. Happy wedding anniversary!

So what if we had countless fights during our 5 years of togetherness, our love for each other has also grown by leaps and bounds. May the blessings of eld12 er keep consolidating our beautiful bond. Wishing a happy wedding anniversary to my cutie pie!

For me, you are like the first ray of sunshine that blossoms everything. Happy marriage anniversary, my first and the last love of life!

It’s because of your patience, love, and devotion to grow this relationship, the 10 years of our relation passed happily. You deserve everything in life and I will make sure that happens. Happy marriage anniversary, sweetheart!

We surely had more than an exuberant past but our future has to be glittering and hopeful. Congratulations to both of us for tolerating each other for so many years. Happy married life, honey!

12 years together and not a single moment happened when I cried because of you. I love you honey and respect your contribution to keep the relationship lively. Happy marriage anniversary to both of us.

Either you can keep the marriage running or you can break it, you can’t do both at the same time. I am thankful to you for ignoring my mistakes and encouraging me throughout the turbulent phase. Cheers to our more than filmy wedding life!

If I had to choose between 100 billion dollars, all the luxuries of the world, and you, I will choose you every single time. You are way more valuable than all the infinite universes combined. Wishing a happy marriage anniversary to my ever gorgeous wife!

We wish all the prayers and blessings on your wedding anniversary. May you have always a well cherished life and make a good family!

May what you begin always bring you fruit! May what you end always bring you satisfaction! Best wishes on your wedding anniversary!

Collecting all the fragrant flowers from beautiful garden I wish you flowerest happy wedding anniversary dear! May smile never fade from your lips!

May you cherish and enjoy each moment together! May you never see separation and if May your love grow multifold! Wishing lovely happy wedding anniversary to you both!

I wish everything for you. Best wishes on wedding anniversary to best couple!

It is already written in the destiny you are for each other. Wishing happiest wedding anniversary to both of you and all the love of mine!

As moon shines and stars twinkle I wish you both always shine. You are a rarest couple in true love. I love you both. Happy wedding anniversary dears!

This whole world is magnetically mesmerizing but you both are more than that. I admire your relationship and the way you leading and living life. Wishing from the core of my heart happy wedding anniversary!

May your life be a beautiful poetry which when recited always brings joy and mirth! Wishing my best people happiest wedding anniversary!

May adventure in your life never end! I pray you live wealthy healthy and ambitiously. Best wishes and warmth on your wedding anniversary!

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Happy Marriage Anniversary Status

Unlike movies, in real life, happy endings do happen. Mine is one fine example. Cheers to our swoon-worthy married life!

I am maybe not your first love, but I am glad I am going to be the last and forever one. Let’s wine, dine, and refine our relationship today. Happy wedding anniversary, my apple pie!

We have talked about every possible topic, we have eaten almost all the dishes, we have traveled everywhere, yet doing all the things again with you seems so boisterous. This is what I called true love which both of us have for each other. Wishing a much-awaited wedding anniversary to my life!

For others maybe you are just a beautiful and talented woman, for me, you are the fucking universe. Accept my heart-moving anniversary wishes and pop up some fine champagne!

After the marriage, you have taken care of me like a little baby and caressed me like a father. What else a woman wants apart from these two things? Happy marriage anniversary, hubby!

Even if you were the laziest and the most ignorant man on the planet, I would have still chosen you as my life partner because your heart is purer than anything else. I love you baby and happy marriage anniversary!

There is no fun in crossing the various destinations and achieving the coveted milestones if you are not with me to share the joy of achievement and accolades. You are the best life partner I could ever have. Happy wedding anniversary, my love.

Like our love, I eagerly wish the happiness, deep understanding, and the level of respect between us also grow by leaps and bounds. Happy marriage anniversary, darling!

Before life partners, we were and we still are fantastic friends. Our relationship is a fabulous example of how friendship can turn into love without envy and misunderstanding. I am blessed to have you as my partner in crime. Wish you a marvelous wedding anniversary, my dashing hubby!

Here comes the day of our union and one more opportunity to share happiness with you and all the loved ones connected with us. Thank you for making my life a swoon-worthy affair. Happy wedding anniversary, darling!

Happy marriage anniversary to you both! Live long live real.

Best wishes on your marriage anniversary! You are an awesome couple.

Pouring infinite wishes and love on marriage anniversary. Blessed to have you in my life!

I need you every second of my life. Happy marriage anniversary my life!

I never want to miss you ever. Wishing happiest marriage anniversary my love!

Kisses and hugs on our wedding anniversary! Never want to feel the absence of you.

Without you nothing matters to me. Wishing loveliest happy marriage anniversary!

May our love story be immortal as we are! Best wishes and love on marriage anniversary!

I love you all my life. Starriest marriage anniversary darling!

Future, present and past all with you my love. Loveliest marriage anniversary to you!

Roses, lilies and daffodils all for you. Happy wedding anniversary my everything!

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Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes & Messages

God gives everyone at least one chance to save themselves from the trouble. You were bestowed that chance right after our engagement and you slipped it. Bear me and my heart-wrenching pranks for the rest of your life. Happiest wedding anniversary, my angel!

So what you are the boss of the house, I am the boss of my office and I will never let you conquer my only territory. Oh sorry! I forgot you are also the boss in the office. Damn my life! Happy marriage anniversary.

I understood the formula of a successful married life very quickly. Say sorry even when you are right and shopping is a stress-buster for women. Wishing a joyous marriage anniversary to my honey bunny wife!

The most daunting task for married couples is where to eat on weekends. But that’s not the problem with me because my wife knows how to splurge my hard-earned money. Happy wedding anniversary to my one and only budget wrecker.

Marriage is an institution where one party asks for essentials and another party brings everything except essentials. These parties are known as husband and wife. Wish you a boisterous wedding anniversary, my life!

A marriage anniversary is the perfect time to pause and contemplate about all the sins you have committed accidentally and now paying for them. Happy wedding anniversary my raunchy wife!

For a married woman, there is no person better than a husband to share secrets and kinks because a husband doesn’t pay attention anyway except sex. May you guys have a blissful marriage anniversary!

My life is wasted with you. Otherwise I would be a rockstar. Though still I’m with you. Happy wedding anniversary dear!

On every wedding anniversary I find multiple strands of white hairs on you! Though I love you darling. Happy wedding anniversary!

I seriously try to ignore you but the thing is you are irresistible. But this is the joke darling! By the way wishing lovely wedding anniversary to you!

On our wedding anniversary I want to take you out to a famous restaurant but darling it is lockdown in the whole city! That’s my money saving love dear. Wishing you happiest wedding anniversary my charm!

I think I have done a great deal of mistake marrying you! Otherwise I would be happier having you as my girlfriend! Best on wedding anniversary dear!

Whenever I see other beautiful girls I fall in love with them. But when I see you my love I just dive in you completely. Wishing you all my love and best wedding anniversary to you!

You are totally a stupid girl. Why do you take care of me a lot? Wishing buckets of love and happy wedding anniversary! Roses and hugs too.

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Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

May we wish that we forever and ever celebrate your wedding anniversary together dad and mum. Happy wedding anniversary mummy and papa!

May you be always together and smiling in each other’s arms. Happy wonderful wedding anniversary mom and dad!

It is so phenomenal dad and mum that you are still together living happily. You are an example of a good married life. So more blessings and happiest wedding anniversary mom and dad!

Dad, could you please tell me a way of tolerating wife sweetly and without complains?! And wish you and mum a wonderful 80th wedding anniversary!

What is the recipe of happy married life Dad? Just never complain of your wife what she says and admit to her every time!! Loveliest couple and happiest wedding anniversary!

You are both sweet mom and dad and you have done everything for us wonderfully and abundantly. Thank you for all that and happiest warmiest 70th wedding anniversary!

May we wish God, dad and mum that you both forever look young. Just don’t overuse black color to color your hairs!!! Awesome wedding life and phenomenal journey and best of the best wedding anniversary!

May we wish no evil eye could touch you. May we wish you forever be healthy and strong. Blessings from God and happy 60th wedding anniversary!

May you fall in love again with each other. May you always feel energetic. May old age never could touch you mentally and you be the charm of everyone. Starry wedding anniversary mom and dad!

May you love life more. May you get peace and remain calm. May you never be separated. May you again become our parents. Loveliest 50th wedding anniversary mom and dad!

We still the purest form of love in you both. Such a blessing of God to you both. It always be with you. Happy wedding anniversary mom and dad!

You both are the world’s best mother and father. We are lucky to have you. Joyful wedding 50th wedding anniversary to you both!

The best thing about you mom and dad, that you always treat us like friends. Thank you for this. And glorious 60th wedding anniversary to you.

You both are such Gods like figures to us mom and dad. We pray you may never leave us. Happy wedding anniversary!

May you both chant each other’s names in the garland of each other’s breath. Such immortal love of you. Happy 25th wedding anniversary!

Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Parents

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Anniversary Wishes For Son And Daughter In Law

Happy wedding anniversary to the most beautiful and jaw-dropping talented daughter-in-law. You are a woman with great luck and happy vibes. God bless you with beautiful kids and gargantuan success!

It is giving us immense pleasure to wish a happy marriage anniversary to one of the cornerstones of this family, our lovely daughter-in-law. You have taken the happiness, grace, and respect of this family to another level. We can never thank enough to you for your sacrifices and contributions to this family!

When we look at both of you, we can clearly see burning and inexhaustible love for each other. May your true love always remain intact and your companionship, forever. Wishing a happy marriage anniversary to the cutest son and daughter-in-law.

Cheers to our highly admirable son and daughter-in-law for completing a decade of togetherness. Just a few pieces of advice for both of you; always trust each other, be willing to sacrifice for each other, be passionate about each other. Happy wedding anniversary to both of you!

Both of you ooze sexiness and elegance in heaps when you guys walk together. What a damn fine and beautiful couple you are. May you forever be protected from diabolical things and always find solace in each other. Happy marriage anniversary!

I wish the coming years you live peacefully and rightly. I wonder how you have lived all these years being married! Though happy wedding anniversary my son!

I think now you have understood the real meaning of being married! It is always saying yes to your wife! Just wishing you happy wedding anniversary my lovely son!

I wish you both live forever a good life and as you have wished. I admire your relationship and togetherness. Happy wedding anniversary my dear son!

The day you got married the day you become man. That day was of great joy. I wish both for you a beautiful and fulfilled future. I pray for this. Happy wedding anniversary!

May you be a man of your words to your wife! May you take care of her every time! I

wish always a happy and prosperous married life. Happy wedding anniversary my lovely son!

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Happy Anniversary Wishes for Daughter

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Daughter

Wherever you go my daughter, there you always spread love, peace and serenity. May you be loved by all. Happy wedding anniversary my daughter!

You’re my little rose whose petals, I wish never fade, whose fragrance never gets dull and you be elixir for everyone. So many blessings and love. Wish you a very happy wedding anniversary daughter!

I want to wish you a very gracious third happiest wedding anniversary my daughter. May you be blessed a daughter like you.

How quickly you have grown! It seems like yesterday matter. I love you so much my daughter. Wishing you a wonderful second wedding anniversary!

I’m lucky to have a daughter like you that takes care of everyone, loves everyone and so kind. Sweetest wedding anniversary to you!

When you came in my life, my life became sweet and prosperous and still is just because of you. You are my luck my daughter. Happy fire-crackling wedding anniversary to you!

May God always protect you from all evils. May you be always safe and sound. May you achieve and get everything your life. Wishing you third happiest wedding anniversary daughter!

May all your loved ones be trustful to you. May you never get betrayed and deceived. Wherever you go, may you be everywhere well received. Blissful life and happy first wedding anniversary daughter!

With flowers and roses, with stars, sun and moon, with wind, breeze and birds; all bow to you and with me wish you a wonderful married life and fourth wedding anniversary daughter!

May you always get the true love in your life. It is rare thing. I love you my daughter. You’re my silvery and lucky shine and always will be. Loveliest sixth wedding anniversary!

You are like an angle to us. We wish that you always be like an angel to everyone and be treated like this. Happy second wedding anniversary daughter!

All be nice to you. All be generous to you. All be understanding to you. All be love to you. All be to you as you want. Happy wedding anniversary dear daughter!

No lessness may come to you and your family. You be abundant of everything and everyone. Happiest first wedding anniversary to our sweet daughter!

We pray to God no sadness come to our daughter. You be a magic of laughter and joy to everyone. Happy second wedding anniversary!

You forever get the love and respect of your husband. And we wish your husband always follow your command and orders!!! Wishing you first wedding anniversary!

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