Sad Breakup Messages for Girlfriend & Boyfriend | Best Breakup Quotes

Sad Breakup Messages for Girlfriend & Boyfriend | Best Breakup Quotes

Breakup Messages: Breaking up with the love of your life is perhaps the most painful experience a person can have. After spending so many years together, when you get to know your partner don’t want to live with you anymore or have cheated for another person, it really crumbles the heart of any individual. Any sane individual would breakup with the girlfriend or boyfriend if they come to know about the betrayal.

To make the excruciating painful process of breakup easier for you, we have compiled a colossal selection of sad breakup messages for boyfriend & touching breakup messages for girlfriend that will make her cry. Pick the appropriate and send to the person with whom you want to breakup.

Touching Break Up Messages

For every relationship to work out well, loyalty, trustworthiness, and love are needed from both sides. However, you weren’t putting even a single effort to save this relationship. It’s better to break up with you and restore my mental peace.

I seriously have no idea how the hell things messed up so quickly. We both gave everything we could to save the relationship but I guess we are not made up for each other. It’s better to part our ways now. Goodbye, and I am breaking up with you.

Touching Break Up Messages

I gave you all my heart, soul, and body. But what you did? You cheated me just to satiate your physical lust. God will surely do justice to me. For now, I don’t want to see your face ever and I am breaking up with you!

The reason for our drastic breakup is not cheating, breaking of trust, or physical abuse. It’s just our goals and ambitions are different, and we both are obsessed to achieve them at any cost. We definitely don’t deserve each other. Better breakup right now.

Over the years, you have given nothing to me in our relationship except disappointments, heartbreaks, and disgrace. It was my sheer mistake to tolerate your abuse, bad talks, and haughtiness. Get lost from my face because it’s a breakup from my end.

I don’t know what has happened between you and me. We still love but it is better to move apart for some time, perhaps it could be more.

I thought to live my life with you but I think your ego is most important to you and I can’t live with that always pampering you all the time. We should depart from each other’s life.

There are so many differences between you and me and with that so many similarities too. But I don’t know what spike has come between us that you are not understanding me. It won’t work like this. So babe, we should leave each other to our own self path.

Love is not about being perfect all the time. Love is always imperfect happening with imperfect perfect people. But you demand a lot from me. I can’t change myself. I am as I am. Accept me or leave. Your choice, thanks, bye.

We have the connection deep like in heart so much deep. But we have a problem too. You have ego, and you never say and express yourself with words rather always gesturing which is not understandable. In love you have to say, you have to speak. I can’t tolerate it much. We should leave each other.

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Positive Break up Text Messages

We really had created some of the best memories of life together. However, fate has planned something different for both of us. But I am happy that we are breaking up without holding any grudges. Good luck with your future endeavors!

While you love a life of illusions and show off, I prefer to live low-key and taking care of loved ones. You just don’t understand my aspirations and neither do I. It’s better to say goodbye to you along with breaking up our hollow relationship.

Positive Break up Text Messages

The only soothing thing about our breakup is that it won’t give bad memories to both of us whenever we will think about memories of the past. I wish we don’t cross paths ever in life. Enjoy breakup!

It is quite easy to walk away from years of nurtured relationship but it is difficult to hold on to each other during tumultuous times. Breakup is something I don’t want to do but it is the need of the hour and good for both of us.

It’s better to separate and suffer alone than to be together and double the suffering for each other. We are great friends but can never be great partners. I loved you but the breakup is the best for both of us.

Our love is eternal and you and I both can never erase it from our hearts. We are away for a while perhaps a long time but I am sure we will definitely meet again and forever will be in each other arms. For some time we should go into different direction. It will be better for us.

Love is progression and then regression. It is always like this. But then there is a silence and then after it a spring comes as it would come in our life. We will meet again. But for this time we depart from life.

We are two forces never to surrender to each other. We are colliding, and once we would become restless and at peace then we finally come to each other becoming one forever. But now for the moment we should leave.

Life is not perfect and not we are too but I think after knowing I love you deep and only I can then you would come to me forever. Till then I will wait and we should leave now for some time.

You would regret if you never come to me. Later in life you will remember the poem I have written for you, and reading those lines you would realize how much deep I know and love you. I know our new beginning will take up place. But now we leave.

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Breakup Messages for Boyfriend from the Heart | Sad Breakup Texts That Will Make Him Cry

I had showered every bit of love on you but you were the right person who deserved my love. I will definitely cherish all the enchanting memories we have created together, but I will never be with you again. Good luck and take the breakup.

It is crumbling my heart into a million pieces to tell you that we cannot be longer together anymore. I got nothing left for you in my heart. All the mesmerizing feelings once I had have faded away. I don’t want to be in touch with you again. Please accept my breakup with a heavy heart.

Breakup Messages for Boyfriend from the Heart | Sad Breakup Texts That Will Make Him Cry

We have a lot of things in common. We share the same level of enthusiasm for life and work. However, romance is not my repertoire and you are a hopeless romantic. I have no longer romantic vibes for you. I badly want to break up with you!

What kind of a boyfriend you are! You can’t even protect my dignity and respect. All you think about is your goals and how to achieve them. Our relationship is nothing but a profit-loss sheet for you. Get lost from my life because I am breaking up with you.

To nurture this relationship, I have lost everything: my identity, ambitions, aspirations, and spark. You are a lovely person but your presence is energy-draining for me. I really need a big break and a lot of personal space right now. It’s a breakup from my side.

I don’t know how I say but I know and you know too how much I love you but I think it can’t go further and me too with you. I am going, leaving this mess for forever.

So many years of relationship I don’t know would end like this and you would go without saying anything. I have given you many chances but I think it won’t work with you. It is better to leave.

You are generous and humble being I have ever met. But you have one flaw I can’t bear and it is understanding. It is not between us and not working. For us it is better I leave.

Life has turns so many and so as our relationship. I want to go. I am feeling suffocated in this. For time being or perhaps forever.

Nothing matters as much as you to me but sometimes the dearest thing we want in our life is the reason for sadness. That’s why I am leaving you.

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Sad Breakup Messages for Girlfriend That Will Make Her Cry

You are a lovely and charismatic girl but you only think about your comfort, well-being, and aspirations. I am nothing more than a boy toy in your life. Screw you and your sugar-coated words. I am breaking up with you right now.

How could you do this to me? You planned your future with me but romancing with another guy just for the sake of having fun. You are a woman of low morale and vicious nature. I am kicking you off from my life. Goodbye and deal with this breakup.

Sad Breakup Messages for Girlfriend That Will Make Her Cry

Our relationship was moving at such a fast pace that we barely slowed down to contemplate where we are heading. I don’t think this is the right time to take our relationship to another level. I need a break.

We have talked numerous times, we have taken sessions from experts, we have given our relationship so many chances, but nothing has worked till yet. Maybe we are not made for each other. The only relationship we can have is the relation of friendship. I am breaking up with you.

It’s high time we should say goodbye to each other because there is hardly anything common and exciting left between us. You are one heck of a manipulative and mean woman. Go to hell and give me a break!

I know that it won’t be easy and it can never be. But whatever it is I think we have to move on now ahead without each other.

I never thought this time would come when I would leave you. I still can’t understand how something is not working with you. I think you don’t want to work on this relationship. I am leaving.

I think it is getting over now between you and me. It is not good to adjust ourselves in each other. It is like strangulating. I want to get out from this relationship. Bye.

You are always best for me and always stand by me. You are my truest love and always will be. But I come to realize I am different. I can’t be for you. That’s why I am leaving you. Sorry.

I just want to go. No reason I want to go. I think you can understand. I want a breakup!

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Breakup Messages for Him from the Heart

The only thing that hurts like hell to me is when I was in a messy state you were nowhere to support me emotionally. What is the point of having a relationship like this one when your partner is not connected with you on any level? I am having a breakup with you!

My feelings changing for you is not a momentary phenomenon. It was your years of ignorance and the lack of affection that break my love and compassion for you. Moving on from this relationship is the best thing for me right now.

Breakup Messages for Him from the Heart

Till the last moment, I loved you like a maniac. However, as soon as I heard the news you eloping with someone else, I dropped you off from my heart immediately. May you rot in hell. I am breaking up with you.

I know this breakup is going to change my life to a great extent but I am ready to endure all the pain of the world. Your personality is not tolerable to me anymore. Goodbye & never show me your face.

At one point in time, you were the entire world to me. But you always wanted to live life on your terms and conditions, and you have nothing to do with my feelings and well-being. There is no point in keeping this relationship going on. I want a breakup!

You are very intelligent and nice human. But I think you are too nice. That’s why I don’t think it will be right for us for being together.

You have everything but you don’t have romance and money is not everything I want. I am going forever. I hope you can understand.

The physical appearance is not everything to me. You just don’t speak well. You are too stubborn and over ambitious. It won’t work with me. Bye.

I don’t know how I say this. We can be good friend but we can’t be lovers, and of course not life partner.

I like generousness you have. I like all the qualities in you but I don’t like your anger which is out of control and I can’t handle it anymore. I can’t be with you.

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Sad Breakup Messages for Her That Will Make Her Cry

It’s quite okay to have your personal space and chase your dreams like a maniac. But it’s not okay to ignore the love of your life and treat him like shit. I think it’s time for me to move on. I am officially breaking up with you.

You came into my life like a gentle breeze but you destroyed it like an uncontrollable tornado. Why did you come into a relationship if your intention was to play with my heart? Get lost and I am breaking up with you.

Sad Breakup Messages for Her That Will Make Her Cry

I don’t want to and I will never understand your cooked-up reasons for cheating me. If you wanted to be with someone else, you could have told me. What was the point of breaking my heart and disrespecting my love? I want a breakup!

You don’t deserve an explanation when you haven’t thought a bit while hooking up with a random girl. Is your definition of love limited only up to satisfying physical lust? Shame on you! I am breaking up with you!

The terrible things you have done to me can never be erased from my memories. You don’t deserve anything but sheer condemnation, hate, and my anger. Screw you and your diabolical thoughts. I want a breakup!

Bye forever. I think it can never work with us. It is time now.

You are too sneaking. I don’t like this. You don’t trust me. And answering everything is not my cup of tea. It can’t work with me. Better for us to leave.

The strength of relationship is belief in each other. I don’t have it for you. Thank you for everything whatever you have done for me but I can’t be with you.

You were my relief. But now you are my cage. It can’t be forever for me. I just want to go, want to leave you. Bye.

I wish you live the life you want and find the partner as you want and dream. But we are not for each other. I am leaving.

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