Emotional I Miss You Messages for Him | Miss You Quotes for Boyfriend

Emotional I Miss You Messages for Him | Miss You Quotes for Boyfriend

When your better half becomes an integral part of your little world, a single moment of separation can cause boundless pain and agony in your heart. Both of you become so deeply entangled and in love with each other that you can’t see anything beyond your lover. However, sometimes, you have to get away from your boyfriend or husband because of personal and professional reasons. To cope up with loneliness, you can send touching I miss you messages for him and let him know how you are feeling incomplete in his absence. The below stated compilation of romantic miss you messages for him is perfect to express your feelings.

I Miss You Messages for Him

Hollow is my heart, dry is my eyes, lifeless is my body, and thoughtless is my mind. My existence is meaningless without your presence. I miss you, my baby. Come back soon!

I can’t imagine living without you for a single moment and now you are going for the 10 days business meeting. What will I do without you? Honey, please roll out from there as soon as the work is done. I am badly gonna miss you.

I never thought I will miss you so direly. I have always taken you for granted but now I understand the significance of your presence. I love you sweetheart and I miss you every moment.

I Miss You Messages for Him

Now you are miles away from me, all the enchanting memories we have created revolving in my mind, again and again. I am deeply and madly in love with you. Moreover, I can’t stop myself from missing you.

Hey my Poppins, how dare you leave me without my knowledge? Who will give me hugs, kisses, and cuddles now? I am dying to be in your arms and missing your mesmerizing aroma. I miss you so much.

When you are not near, I don’t feel me. It is heartache and the pain is like a nuclear bomb exploding in my heart. I miss you a lot my love. Please come to me soon.

I know you will come to me in a time but what do I do without you now? The distance is like a deep ocean in which I don’t want to drown. Please come to me soon. I miss you my love.

Even for a second I could not think about any other thing. It is always about you. The warmth of you I am missing. I just quickly want to get into your arms and get smeared. Come to me soon my love. I miss you.

Sky is not sky when it has no birds. It is birds that make it beautiful. And you are that bird of my heart sky. Come quick. I miss you a lot. I can’t hold it more.

Now for my whole life my this life is entirely with you. You are my soul now. Come soon to me. This distance is slowly breaking me. Without you I am nothing. I miss you my love.

Once in life you get to meet a person for whom you want to sacrifice your everything, and for me that person is you. Come to my arms again. I miss you like millions of times in a day.

Nothing is impossible in this world if one wants to do something. But I am impossible without you. I love you. Come real quick to my heart. I miss you my charm.

It is easy to say it is just ten days when you are not with me. But these ten days is like ten years for me. Come to my heart, it is weeping without you. I can’t hold it more. I miss you my life.

Life is pain but only you are the joy in my life. And I can’t live without this happiness. I don’t want to stare the moon waiting for you. You just come. I am missing you my love and life.

Everything is barren in my life. The only water is you. You are that elixir which shines my life. I miss you. Without you I would feel deserted. I miss you my love. Come quick.

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Emotional Missing You Text for Him

Only those who are in love can understand the excruciating pain of staying away from a lover even for a moment. When your souls dissolve into one, even the separation of a single moment is unbearable. I miss you badly.

Like the morning cannot happen without sunrise, my life cannot function without your existence in it. I need you like a drug addict who needs intoxication to survive. I am blank right now. I miss you so much.

Emotional Missing You Text for Him

Right now I am not in the condition to express my inner turmoil. I don’t have big words to say. I don’t even have the strength to speak. All I know is I need you right here and hold my hands. I am missing you like hell.

The moment you went out of my sight, it felt like the energy in my body is going away. I was standing like a dumb kid with no idea what to do next. It’s hard to deal with loneliness with you. I miss you, love.

The more you go far away from me, the more my sorrow and anguish amplify. Living without you for a single second is like spending eternity in hell. Come home fast sweety, I miss you.

I love to die with death but I can’t live without you. Without you it feels like dying every second. Come my love as quick as you can. I miss you my love.

Nothing I want in this life as much as I want you. I am insanely in love with you. Without you it is impossible to live. I am starting to hate this clock and calendar that remind me again and again for how many days you are away from me. I miss you. Come to me again. I am waiting.

Before you when you were no in my life. There were so many things that were favorites of mine but now you are only. And I can’t live without my favorite thing. I miss you so much with the depth of my heart. Come to my arms again. I love you.

You are bliss of my life and I want it forever near me. Why you go again and again leaving me? Change your this job. I can’t live without you any more days. I miss you and love you madly.

Actually this life is for one person, the one who wants you entirely. I want you entirely. I miss you. Come leaving everything to me. I can’t wait more.

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Romantic Miss You Messages for Him

Though roses and thrones are opposite of each other, they grow in the same stem. Similarly, we both are poles apart in nature yet we complement each other like no one else. I miss you, my handsome man.

I try my level best not to think about you but such is our bond and sweet memories that tears start rolling out of my eyes when your thought pops up in my mind. Come back soon, sweetheart. I miss you like hell.

Romantic Miss You Messages for Him

A single moment away from you feels like I am living millions of years. When you are away, I peek into our vibrant and quirky photographs to kill time. In your presence, I feel like a free being. I miss you like I love you.

Wherever I look, be it the sky, the ocean, or the mirror, I see only your reflection. Like a devotee can see god in every atom, I can see you in every bit of this existence. The more I live with you, the more I want you more. I miss you terribly.

Seriously, your business tour sucks because they keep me miles away from you. Can’t you skip some insignificant work for your sweetheart? I am sick and tired of living alone in this big house. This loneliness bites me now. I miss you, honey!

My life is devoted to you. You are my god. A devotee can’t live without her god. Please come with storm speed to me. I miss you. Love you madly.

Life is waste if you have not found a person for whom you want to do everything and want to be with forever even love to die. You are my that person. I miss you.

The way you used to caress my hairs and every strand of it, the way you layer your fingers on my cheeks and lips, the way you used to see into my eyes; I miss all these. I miss you. When you are coming to me?

Without saying anything, you understand everything of mine. You feel my breaths. You feel my heart. Then don’t you understand I miss you. Please come to me hurriedly.

Love is painfully sweet and I am feeling this when you are not near. But I don’t want to feel it for a long time. I just want the sweetness of love but not the pain. I miss you my magic of life. 

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I Miss You Messages For Him Long Distance

I used to live my life one moment at a time. So spontaneous, so frenzy. You came and brought stability to my life. Now you are gone and I feel numb and purposeless. A single thought about you creates ripples of excitement in my body. I miss you badly.

I wish I would be in the same profession as you are. In that way, I would get to spend more time with you and savor your charm. Anyway, try your best to come home soon because I am getting impatient. I miss you to the moon and back.

I Miss You Messages For Him Long Distance

I wish I could go back to the future and steal some time machine. After that, the physical distance wouldn’t be a concern for both of us. Whenever I begin to miss you, I would have jumped straight into your arms with the help of a time machine. Only my heart knows how profoundly I miss you.

I know missing someone is more of a mental phenomenon than a physical one. But unconditional love is such a big storm that it makes me lose all my senses when you are away. I miss you so much. Please come back so that we can do a hell lot of romance.

What is the point of having those moments in life in which you are not present? When we are two bodies and one soul, for me, only those moments are countable in which both of us are loving each other. You are my universe. I miss you!

These distances between you and me are long and this is the only problem. Even for a second I can’t bear it. Please leave everything and take me into your arms. I am just dying to be with you. I miss you every day and second.

God has made this love but God has also made these distances that increase our love painfully. The year to be with someone whom you love wholeheartedly is overwhelming. My love I miss you so much that everything seems to me tasteless. Please come and hold me again.

Sometimes I think I was alone good. But since you have come into my life I can’t live alone. I need you always near me every minute of my life. This long distance game can’t run long. I just need you. Missing you is so heartache and this ache is breaking me. Come and breathe me again.

It feels nice to read poetry in love but difficult to live. I don’t want to be a poetess in your love. I want you near me every moment of my life. I want to spend my whole life talking and romancing with you. I miss so deep. Come.

I miss your kisses. I miss your smiles. I miss your those stylish hairstyles. I miss the way you dress yourself. I miss your poems. I miss everything of you. These all missings are making weepish. I miss you my only love. Come to my life and do the magic again.

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I Miss You paragraphs for him

There are a billion reasons to miss you but the biggest one is your gentle touch. The way you make love to me, take care of me, surprise me, no one has done so many special things to me. Please come back soon because my cravings for your kisses and hugs are uncontrollable. I miss you.

Like a sick person needs medicine on a timely basis, I need your affection to keep me sane and alive in this bustling world. You are like serene sunshine in my stormy world. Come back soon and blow me a great kiss. I miss you, sweetheart.

When you will come to the home, put one of your hands on my heart. Then only you will realize, only you can make it beat faster and induce excitement in my life. You are the only cure to my pain. I love you and I miss you like hell.

You are the real-life Instagram filter for me because your presence beautifies my existence. You are the vivacious rainbow that adds uncountable colors to my monochromatic life. Come back fast and erase emptiness from my life. I miss you like a fish miss water.

We are not away from each other by chance. It’s the circumstances and the hectic work schedule that keeps us separated most of the time. Life sucks hard. Let’s take a break and go on a long vacation at some exotic location. I am dying to be in your arms again.

In your absence I can write a whole book, an entire epic and thousands pages of paragraphs missing you. But I don’t want to because reading them increases my pain more. I don’t want to go through it. Not physically but my heart every day writes a letter to you send through winds to you. I know you feel it. Then why you ignore it? Understand my pain and come. I miss you like heaven without gods.

Life is love. Love is life. And in life you find someone to love to with every inch of your body and heart. When this kind of love you have in your life, it becomes fulfilled but when this love goes away from you, you feel lifeless which is brutal. My love I miss you with my heart in my hand. Come, I want to be in your arms again and forever now not letting you ever.

When you are in love everything seems to you so red warmth that you feel you always want to be in it. When you are in love, it seems everything is talking to you and this whole world seems happiness. You are in constant joy of which you don’t how infinite it is. Oh my love I miss you so much. Everything is around me silent when you are not by my side. I miss you, come quick.

The rivers, the streams, the trees, and even this sky miss you and your touch. They are all in pain. When they are so much in pain then how couldn’t I? I am feeling so sick without you. My time is like fever and this sun and moon ever could not able to make me happy. Come my darling. I just can’t able to live without you. I miss you and you can’t fathom the depth of it. Please come.

Since I am in love with you, it is whole everlasting ecstasy of my life that I can’t hold of it. It is when you are with me I feel powerful and at ease. I do without you. Even the existence of me is nothing without the presence of you. With all my heart I want you and miss you. Come my charm of life, I miss with my every beating of life.

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Funny I Miss You Messages for Him

The pain of missing you is always less than the happiness of shopping with my girls by using your credit card. Jokes apart, I miss you all the time.

At one moment, I miss you like I am going to break down. Another moment, I think there is nothing greater than the freedom of an individual. Your love is my obsessions baby. 

It takes a lot of courage and strength to stay away from you and pretending I am terribly missing you. I hope you won’t beat the hell out of me. Missing you, my buttercup!

Missing you is a surreal feeling that I want to experience every moment but couldn’t because shopping and gossiping keep me so busy. But seriously, I miss you baby.

I miss you like Lionel Messi misses the Champions trophy. All the time!

You are away for a long time so that’s why I want to tell you that please change your hairstyle it looks like a pig having a spiky style. Yes I miss you but your hairstyle is cringe dear.

I like your beard but why this every time looks to me like of a rabbit or more precisely like a mouse. Please get it trimmed otherwise I would not kiss you. By the way I miss you a little less these days.

I like the way you dress but when you walk with me I feel like a donkey is walking with me. Don’t mind it but it is how I feel. When you are coming to meet me again? Even though I don’t miss you but what goes in saying I miss you!

I like you but I don’t like because you can’t crack a single joke. This is absurd but as I have spent time with you I have come to know you are the biggest joke and you don’t need to crack one! Love you. By the way I don’t miss you and you don’t need to come soon to me.

I miss you my love and this is so funnily serious but I don’t know why I miss you! How could I miss a snorty person like you! I don’t know how could I miss you!

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