80+ Painful I Miss You Love Messages for Girlfriend/Boyfriend

80+ Painful I Miss You Love Messages for Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Bearing the pain of the absence of your loved one is one of the most heart-wrenching things in the world. Your whole world seems an absolute mayhem and vapid when you are not with the love of your life. However, there is a way to let your partner know how badly you want him/her back again. Sending I miss you love messages to your girlfriend or boyfriend is one alluring way to make your partner feels the pain of his/her absence from your life.

You can send sweet I love you messages to your love via Whatsapp and text messages whenever you miss her and make her think how lonely you feel without her. This post comprises the most romantic yet painful I miss you love messages that surpasses the realm of emotions.

Cute I Miss You Messages for Lovers

Whenever I am away from your magical and full of warmth, I feel so vapid and incomplete. I don’t know what is that feeling but you complete me. I miss you so much, darling. Come back asap!

What’s the point of embracing that morning when I wake up and you are not in my arms? From the bottom of my heart, I miss you badly. May I be together with you soon!

I keep counting every single second relentlessly as long as you remain away from me. One second away from you is so unbearable for me. I miss you, sweetheart.

Cute I Miss You Messages for Lovers

Though you are always in my deepest thoughts and the wildest dreams, I can’t tolerate the pain of being away from you physically even for a moment. Please come back honey pretty soon. I miss you, baby!

It feels so complete and surreal when you hug me tightly and embrace my whole being. I so miss your gentle touch, sensual kiss, and lovely hugs. Come back my love. I miss you!

It’s been only 2 days since you have left for the trip but I can’t get over from the fact that you are away from me. Why don’t know why I am missing you so badly. I love you and I miss you more!

First time in my life I have experienced homesickness all because of your absence. I didn’t know I am so deeply attached to you. I miss you so much my only love of life!

It pains a lot in my heart when you are away from me for so many days. Your unconditional and unwavering love is what I crave for every moment. Please, never ever go away from me like that. I miss you outrageously!

Be it the glittering morning, the gentle noon, the breezy evening, or the spine-chilling night, I think only about you at all the phases of the day. May you be super happy wherever you are. I miss you my honey!

Passing a topsy-turvy day seems no big deal to me when you are in my arms. I just hate it when I want to shower my love and you are not there to have it. I miss you badly my sweet girlfriend!

Hey baby, I just want one and the only promise from you. I won’t ask for anything else after it. Never ever say goodbye to me. I miss you my sweetie pie!

Like a flower cannot blossom without proper proportions of water and sunlight, I cannot experience the real joy and completeness of life with your presence. I am missing you like hell sweetheart. Please come back as soon as possible!

Not only I count months and weeks but also I count every single second until you return and give me a tight hug. Never ever leave like that. You have no idea how badly I miss you!

A person only understands the true value of someone when that person is permanently gone from his/her life. Now I understand your real value. Please forgive me and come back into my life again. I miss you, my love!

Whenever I close my eyes and put my mind at peace, I see only your face revolving in front of me. Though you are miles away from me, I can feel your vivacious presence all the time. I really miss you, sweetheart!

I sincerely wish you were here with me and hold my hands tightly. No matter how far away you live, the bond I share with you never dwindles. You will always live in my heart. I miss you baby doll!

You are the never-fading source of light in my life. Surely, I have taken some terrible decisions that hampered the growth of our relationship but it doesn’t mean everything is finished. I will keep hustling to revive our relation till the end. I miss you, my sweetheart!

The more I see your pretty and innocent face, the more I deeply fall in love with you. The distance can never ever overcome our relationship. I miss you now and I will keep missing you forever!

Without you, my existence is as futile as the asteroids spinning in the solar system; it just keeps going aimlessly. I miss you my barbie doll!

cute I Miss You text Messages

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Your charming presence is the only thing to put a big smile on my face. I have a sincere request for you; never give up on our love. We can only be happy when we are together. I miss you my apple pie!

How can I manage to live without that person who used to add numerous colors to my life? You are the quintessential basis of my life. I miss you every passing second. Always be happy where you live and come back soon if possible.

I don’t text you all the time doesn’t mean I don’t miss you or care about you. No matter where I live or what I do, you are in my thoughts all the time. Baby, I really miss you like hell!

Even the entire words of the Oxford dictionary will fall short when it comes to expressing how terribly I miss you. I try really hard to forget about you by indulging in numerous errands but everything is futile. I miss you so badly.

In every fiber of memory, only you exist. In my every breath and blood drop, your love flows like strong air. You are the soul of my heart. I miss your babe!

In the meantime, whenever I peek into our crazy memories, tears roll down from my eyes and I start missing you badly. What have I done to you and our relationship? Your absence bite me every single moment!

The only thing I want to hold for the rest of my life is your hand. Your entrancing personality never ceases to amaze me and make my heart smile. I miss you, honey!

I have no idea what is dearer to me: you or your memories. Everything about you makes me go gaga for you more. In no time, you became an indispensable part of my life. I miss you so much, my lovely girlfriend!

Every time I hear a beep on my cell phone or ring at the door, my mind thinks it’s only you. The calm breeze, the fragrance of the rose, and the serenity of the night remind me of you. I miss you, sweetheart!

Just when I thought I have got over from you, I start missing you more. I miss everything about you; the way you kiss, cuddle, and touch me. I miss you, baby!

How can I think about enjoying life when you are far away from me. Darling, dissolve all the grudges and comeback pretty soon in my life. I miss you, my princess!

Even when I am in deep sleep, your name automatically pops up from my mouth. Such is my love for you that I can’t even swallow a single bit without remembering you. I miss you my sweetie pie!

The distance of millions of miles can’t stop me from thinking about you and your love all the time. Now I have realized that my existence is of no value to you. I miss you, darling!

Hey sweetheart, you must find a way to get you out from my head otherwise I will go mad pretty quickly. Be it the gleaming day or the gloomy night, all I think about is you. I miss you, baby!

I don’t crave for all the wealth and luxuries of the world. I don’t seek heavenly pleasures. I only wish for your presence and support that I don’t have. Please come back soon and be mine again. I miss you!

I am seriously sick and tired of sobbing all day and night missing you. I want to sleep in your arms and get lost completely. You only deserve me, nothing else. I miss you, honey!

Your absence from my life for a long time has made me a numb and emotionless creature. You better hop on in my life again or else I will die. Everything I want to do in my life is only for you. I miss you, my lovely wife!

I want to embrace and savor your lovely presence again. I want you to grab my hands, place them on your waist, and land me a great kiss. You make my heart beat faster and faster. I miss you!

Missing you every single day is something that has become an integral part of my lackluster life. However, missing you is the only thing related to you is prevailing in my life. I miss you my baby doll!

I badly miss the taste of your lips, the smell of your mesmerizing personality, and your sweet and kind words. You are the epitome of beauty and magnanimity. I miss you girlfriend!

I still can’t get over from the fact that you are not in my arms anymore. There was a time when we used to be together 24 hours a day, now it’s only your memories with me. I miss you to the moon and back!

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I Miss You Messages for my love

Romantic I Miss You Love Messages

Your smile, your stubbornness, your hairs styles, the way you dress yourself; all I miss. Come back soon. I just want to hold you in my arms and want to tell you how much I love you.

It doesn’t matter whether we are written in each other destiny. The thing is; I just want you only. My heart only feels for you. Come back soon. I’m missing you dearly.

I don’t feel myself when you are not near me. The voltage of my heart is always so high when you are not near. I miss you my love!

Romantic I Miss You Love Messages

It has been so hard that I could not live alone. But since you have gone, I am feeling I can’t live without you alone, not even for a single second. Miss you my love!

My love is true. And you are the only girl I have loved genuinely. You are the only one I love you forever. I miss you my eternal love. Come and be in my arms again.

I miss the way you used to talk to me, the way you used to fight with me, the way you used to be angry; I am missing every bit of you. I love you my love. Come soon!

It has been almost two years since you are far away from me. I can’t tolerate your absence now. It is unbearable for me to be away for so long time. I miss you so much. Come back!

You can ask my heart how much it misses you. It can’t sleep and not me too. My mind is in constant thoughts of you like a rain just happening of you. I miss you darling. You just come to me.

You are the only sole bearer of my soul. And when you are away; how could I live. Please come soon. Otherwise I go forever missing.

The stars, the moon, the birds, the butterflies, the flowers are all asking about you when you would come? So much than them, I miss you every day. Come my life, come. I just want to be with you. Miss you!

I miss the touch of you every day, each day passing. I just can’t live without you. I miss you so much. Come dear. Once you come, I never let you go.

The way I used to sleep in your lap, and the way you used to stroke my hairs caressing them, and then I got into slumber. I miss all these darling. I miss you with so much depth. Come my love.

Our journey is written together. Our life paths are written together. Our everything is written together. Then why you are away? Come dear, I miss you heavenly.

Nothing is important for me as much as you are. My every morning starts with you. My every evening ends with you. I miss you seeing the moon. I can’t do it every day.

I don’t know when we would meet again. But all these years and time I miss you very much. You just were constant to me. I could not ever drop you off for a second.

The love between you and me is of another level. You are my soul mate and I am yours. Then why are these distances? Erase them all and come back to me. I miss every time every second.

Every day I feel volcanoes in my heart. I just fire up every day missing you. Only when you come, they get to ease. Come darling!

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sweet I Miss You Love Messages

I want to hug you. I want to talk to you. I want to fight with you. I want to resolve our every matter with you. I want to eat ice cream with you. I miss you my love, I miss you. Come quick!

Missing you is pain. And I can’t tolerate it more. I love you my girl. You just come. When you are not near me, I feel weak. You are my strength. I miss you my beautiful love. Come to my arms.

This heaven, angels, and all the gods know that how much I love you. You are in my veins. You are my breath. I miss you dear. Come!

You are my rose. Without you, it is difficult to imagine my life. Even the existence is not possible. I miss you and I immensely love you.

In my every beautiful dream you are. Then how I could not miss you more? Come my dearest love and give me all the hugs I want and miss of you. Unfathomably I miss you.

Everything is possible in this world. But me without you is not possible. I miss you dearest.

I can lose all the treasure for you. But I could not lose you. I miss you my real treasure! Love from my heart to you.

Our long walks, our deep conversation, and all the arguments that we do whole nights. I miss them all my love. Standing alone on the balcony is so lonely. Come back quick. I am missing you.

My love is that rose whose fragrance would never fade. You are my that rose; my love. I miss you.

Nights seem to me longer. Days seem to me broader. When you are not near me, it is all tougher. I miss you.

I just want to see you in real; not in pictures and not in video calls. Come dear. I miss you so deep.

When I am with you, I have all the positivity in my life. My presence is required for me. You are my medicine. You are my drug. I miss you dear so much.

I miss your coffee. I miss the sweetness of you. I miss your handmade cookies. Oh my dear love where are you? Come quick. With every breath I am taking I am missing you.

You are my home dear. You are the only person with whom I forget every worry in my life. I miss you. I promise I do cook for you. Please come back.

I don’t know why between you and me such distance has come. With days passing it is increasing, and I am missing you much.

I don’t need to go any heaven or paradise. Because it is all in you I have found. I love you my love. I miss you girlfriend!

Even the wind was asking about you, and all the leaves of every tree missing you. Then how could I not miss you when this whole Mother Nature missing you.

I don’t know when we would unite again. It is only the test of our destiny that how we last. But you don’t know and perhaps would understand or not; that I miss you so much; that sometimes I think my whole existence is a lie.

I can’t show the depth of my love. But when you come near me, you just dive into it. It is so deep and pleasure that you feel all the ecstasy. I miss you darling.

This moon is also longing for you, coming every night for mere a glance of you. Why you killing us? Come quick my dear love. I miss so much in this entire world.

You are my belief. You are my faith. You are my strength. You are my everything. Then how it is possible to live without you? Oh my love I miss you. Come and embrace me. I am missing your care.

I am forever with you till the utmost end of our life. Even after that, I don’t live you. You and me are eternal. You and me are forever. You and me are infinite. Miss you my love! You are mine!

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