60 Emotional I Miss You Messages for Her with Images: Ravishing Miss You Texts and SMS for Girlfriend

60 Best I Miss You Messages for Her with Images: Ravishing Miss You Texts and SMS for Girlfriend

When you are in deep intense love, like that of soulmates, it is impossible to remain separate from each other. At that time, we miss the touch and presence of our partner, which is like a heavenly blessing. In this post, we have drafted for you lovely I miss you messages for her. If you are missing her and it is totally impossible for you to not live without her even for a second, then you can send these beautiful messages. It is your choice how you send it. But we suggest that it would be a lot better if you give it your personal touch if you want to send to her. And it also depends on the chemistry that you have.

In relationship, all types of stages come, whether of love, pain, fighting, quarrel, dispute or any other else. They are all there to strengthen your love, while not weakening for it. If she is, somehow, angry with you, then send these I miss you messages for her, and convince her about your love, that how much you love her. And yes, you have to say it. Those three words, you have to say it. Yes, you know that you love each other and you know it at heart but you have to say it. Just an advanced tip, which you are already aware of but never applying.

Emotional I Miss You Messages for Her/ Missing You Message for Girlfriend

I have been missing you since we stopped talking. I wanted to talk to you but could not. I am still missing you my love. Please understand me and be mine again as we were.

I know that I have done a mistake but it wasn’t intentional. When in love, sometimes we don’t have control on yourself and things happen. But I love you and miss you. Please don’t stop talking to me.

Between you and me love is forever and will always be there. Whether this time we are not talking but I know you love me, though you pretend not to. I miss you and somewhere in the corner of your heart you miss me too.

I Miss You Messages for Her

The first time I saw you fell in love with you. There was an intense connection I felt every time when I was near you. I love you and you know that. Come again and be mine. Love you my love!

I don’t know whether we would be able to talk again or not. I don’t know what has happened between us and how. But whatever it is. It could not lessen our love. I miss you.

My intentions were not to hurt you. As much as you are hurt, me too. I want to resolve it but it is only possible when you want. Please let go off your ego. I miss you my life!

I would wait for you till the time when you understand my love. Though you have but something is stopping you but one day you will admit. I miss you my love!

This human life is not for immortality. We are here only for moments. So it is better that we make best of this life and make mend between us. This time never gonna come again. Miss you darling! Please come again in my life!

Whatever between you and me was love and still is. We are soul mates but you are not admitting to this. I feel you intensely at my heart and you too. Be mine and we make our world wonderful! Miss you my love!

Many times I have come to talk to you to resolve the matter. And every time you turn out different. I love you but I won’t tolerate it again. Come again in my life back. I really miss you my love!

Miss You Message for Girlfriend

I still miss your that giggling laughter that you used to do. I really deeply love you. Whatever has happened, just let it go. Couldn’t we become together again?

You show different. You talk different and sometimes you are different. You say you love me and don’t admit it. What is this? Don’t make these distances reason for our separation. Miss you my girl!

When in different hair styles you came in. I love them. I love the way you dress yourself and speak. Why this turmoil between us? I miss you so much. Please come again!

Without you, I could not imagine my life. And constantly every time I am thinking about you only. We haven’t been talking for so long, but I miss you love.

I just don’t want to live in your memory only. I want to live in reality with you. It is only single life. Forget your ego and come. I’m waiting for you.

Between you and me; love was, love is and forever love will be. I can’t forget you. We are one soul. Come and we would live together. Miss you!

When you were in the office, it was not easy for me to spend the day without you. I was missing you and still.

Ego and self-respect are the greatest barriers in the matter of love. When you love someone, you just love her. Miss you my moon!

I know that you are also pretending to live happily while you are not. Tell me and express yourself. Without each other we could not live. Miss you my rose!

I wrote for you a poetry. And it was my love that I have written in it. I promise that I would never leave you. come and be in my arms my love!

I Miss You Text Message for Her

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Miss You Texts for Her / Miss You Sms for Girlfriend

We still have in our hearts that fire you know burning. Please be in my life again! I miss you love!

I Miss You Texts for Her

The life without you is no life. It is just dullness and boring. I so much miss you!

I miss going with you. It feels that happiness has gone out from my entire life. I miss you love!

The way you used to see me pretending that you are not seeing. I miss your that naughtiness. I deeply miss you!

I miss our ride bikes. I miss you. Love you darling!

I miss those coffee shakes that we used to go together and you curling my hairs. I still remember that. Miss you love!

When you used to come late and I yelled at you and then you lovingly convinced me for everything. I miss you. Please come!

That rain in which we first became wet and I kissed you and that reverberations that ran through our whole body. I miss those moments. I miss you darling!

You remember how we used to count stars together. I used to come at your terrace in nights. Between you and me still love is. I miss you. Please be my again!

Our love is not vapor that so easily could diminish. We have that deep love connection. You know that. I miss you. I’m waiting for you!

I miss sleeping in your lap and beneath your hairs. And that perfume that you used to put. I miss all. I miss you!

Miss You Sms for Girlfriend

I know that not everything is good between you and me but it doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. I miss you love! Come back!

I know that love has its own way. But it is better for us that we don’t give pain to each other. I love you. Missing!

That rose which you gave me on my birthday I still have it. Just has become dried but still has the fresh fragrance. Same as ours is. Miss you so much!

Love is not about perfection. It feels always soulful in imperfection. Be mine. I miss you. Couldn’t live without you!

Fights, disputes and quarrels are all the elements of love that strengthen it. Same has happened with us. why you so angry? Miss you my fox!

For my whole life I would cook for you. I promise. My queen come again. I miss you everywhere and every time. love you!

It is so much pain whole day that I am having. I don’t want to have it for whole life. Miss your hugs and you!

I miss those love letters that we used to write each other intentionally. I miss your presence!

In one second, it is so much love. In other seconds, it is nothing. Love is always like this. You’re my world. Miss you!

Miss You text Messages for Girlfriend

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Long Distance Miss You Messages for Her /Miss You Messages Long Distance for Girlfriend

However away you go but I know that your heart always beats for me. I miss you. Come back again!

Long Distance Miss You Messages for Her

I still miss our eyes to eyes talk where we didn’t say anything yet we understand everything. Miss you darling!

That shirt that you bought for me, I am wearing that shirt again and again these days just to feel you. From the bottom of my heart I miss you!

Everything was good between us. I don’t know from where storm has come. But we still have that flower of love in our hearts. Miss you darling!

I am sitting there where we first met. The place where I said I love you to you. I miss you my everything!

The walking under the tress shadow I still miss. I miss the deep conversation, that soulful deep conversation I still miss. When you coming?

I miss going to restaurant with you. Our favorite restaurant. I am waiting for you. Miss you love!

I promised each other to live forever. We could not break it. The shine of my life has gone. Miss you dumb!

You are mine. I’m yours. Then how could be without each other? I miss you. I have said you many times. I miss you hundred times!

You remember, in sari you look so gorgeous. And with a bindi, you are so magical. Miss you my cat! Love you!

Miss You Messages Long Distance for Girlfriend

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I miss the taste of your hand the way you cooked for me my favorite dish. I miss you! I miss as you got used to be angry of me. I love you.

Between you and me nothing is common. Only our uncommonness is best between us. And I miss that!

I miss you caressing, that how you put your hand on my face and used to slap me lightly childishly. I miss that. I love that.

What world says it doesn’t matter. What matters between us is what we think. Come back to me. I miss you!

Forgive me. I won’t hurt you again. I miss our talks and fights. Be in my arms again!

I care you. I worry for you. Not even a second I could imagine without you. I miss our window shopping.

I promise I would do as you say. I follow your every instruction. Come back. Miss you!

I miss your binge eating and Netflix. I can’t watch without you. Love, come back. Miss you!

I miss you. I miss you. I miss you and I miss you. I love you.

You know that we are inseparable. Then why so much distances. It is mundane everything without you love.

Miss You Quotes Long Distance for Girlfriend

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Nowadays it has become a little bit cumbersome to maintain relationship. Because people have trust issues, hidings and all that you already know. One doesn’t need any ingredient to spice up romantic life. While all you need is, belief and trust and fidelity for each other. In above post, we have written original I miss you messages for her that you can her with your warm love. There is no any reason that why you should not send her if she is away. It is love babe and in love, you have to do some certain things which are necessary. And all men must have to do it for their better half. It is their right and your duty. Because these little-little moments that you do for each other become your love memories that you reminisce in your old age. It is the romance. Talk and conversation is the romance. Besides all, if she is away and you are missing her, then send these I miss you messages for her to express your love. And tell her that how much you love her. Girls always like it.