Sleep Well with These 171 Positive Good Night Quotes & Bible Verses

Best 2020 Good Night Quotes for Everyone: Good Night Quotes for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Friends, Inspirational, Wise Quotes and Many

Wise Good Night Quotes With Images

Do good and it becomes wise. Good Night & Sweet Dream!

Your heart always tells you the true and right thing to do but mind always creates the duality. Up to you what you choose. Good Night!

Wise Good Night Quotes With Images

The silence of the night is life a power which brings silently the new hope to see a new dawn… Good Night and pleasing dreams.

Hey, It’s bed time Come let’s feel the bliss in today’s good and bad times Let us bid farewell to those mistakes We did today and Welcome a warm sleep Let us spare few minutes For those pretty faces we came across today Sleep tight. Sweet Dreams.

Take risks in your life and become successful. When you become successful, your every decision is wise. Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.

I tried many, None lived together throughout life. Realized on the deathbed, Forgot relationship with myself. Good Night!

Just believe and keep faith in yourself and you would reach wherever you want to reach. God bless you and good night.

A sky full of stars, A dark sleeping city, An unnatural silence, Inform you, now it is time to sleep. Good night and Sweet Dreams.

When you are in love, there is no wise and unwise. Just do what your heart speaks for. Have a blessed good night sleep and sweet dreams!

Lay low on me Lay down with me.. A tight cuddle Will be alright, Let’s enjoy each others warm If you’re tired tonight.. God bless and goodnight.

You can’t love someone wisely, you can only love someone madly. Good Night Dear!

Let go of your thoughts when the night falls and enjoy the subtle world. GOOD NIGHT.

There is no right day and right moments to do your stuff. When you want it, just do it. ‘God bless you and good night.’

The time which is only yours,is called Night. So, sleep tight. And it’s time to say Good Night.

Keep always hope. Never lose it. It is the only wise thing in the world. Sweet dreams and sleep tight!

Your bed is ready to give you a hug. You should be ready have a rest and say goodbye to all the stress. Good Night !

Don’t take advice from anyone or everyone. Just explore yourself and find your path. Good Night!

If everyone would have known what rights lie for them, they never have faced failures. While there is no great man in this world exists that have never faced failures. Have a restful night.

Rather than reading quotes on Instagram, just go and do the thing that you wish to do. Good Night, God bless and sweet dreams!

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Good Night Quotes for Friends

Hey buddy, have sweet dreams and find a girl of your dream and never forget to share her number with me! Good-night dear friend!

All I wish a sheet of clouds for your bed and bright crystals for the stars. While you sleep, may the angels play sweet songs that bring you bright dreams. Good Night… Sweet Dream..

Good Night Quotes for Friends

Look, failure is not the end of anyone’s life. It is just another opportunity and enhancement to better yourself. Goodnight my friends. Talk to you soon.

Be like a bright Moon in a dark night …Good night buddy!

I am always there for you whenever you need me. Sweet-dreams dear.

The Moon is so high Shinning amber in dark night sky, I bid sorrow good bye. Good Night and Have restful night!

Your friendship is a best gift for me that I never want to lose ever in my life. 

After months of Nightmares and insomnia… One night, she slept peacefully … !! . The dream-catcher & the sleeping pills together couldn’t do… what his one “GOOD NIGHT “☺ :’) ❤!!

You have great potential in you that you never know. You just have to believe in yourself and rise to your zenith. Good Night Dear!

Stars are shining bright Moon is presenting the beauty, Dreams are making there way, Cool breeze is calming the night…. Sweet dream dear.

Hey! My friend, never chase so many girls. Chase one that can give you the combination of many, and one who truly loves you. Good night have a peaceful sleep.

Don’t just only think and think, while you should do. By doing you would get quick result. Good night!

Be nice and do what you want to do in your life. Be a man of character and value rather than shady and shadowy. Good Night!

Meet everyone but keep your circle of friendship close and wise. Because wises are few. Good sleep and sweet dreams..

Have faith and belief in yourself. With these two words, you can get anything in your life and in this universe. Good night god bless you!

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Cute Good Night Quotes With Pictures

I live in your heart and I only want to sleep there.Good Night Dear!

As you caress my hairs, I just go into ecstasy and slowly sleep in your arms. Good Night My Friends!

Cute Good Night Quotes With Pictures

I don’t know whether it is my destiny or luck that I have found you. Or perhaps God has written you for me. Good night god bless you!

Your eyes are the place where I see my dream coming into reality. And it is just because of you that I am here successful, just because of you. I love you. Good Night My Love!

While raining, under an umbrella I want to walk with you, hands held hand in hand. I want to feel this beautiful feeling. Good Night, Have a sweet dreams.

At that time, you looked so cute when your cheeks were pinked and reddened and you were smiling. So cute you were. Good Night!

When you put mascara in your eyes, you look awesome like moon is resting in your eyes. Good Night my sweetheart!

Wherever you go, just take my heart with you. I can’t without you. Good Night.

With you life is always a beautiful dream that I never want to get out from it. Good Night.

As breeze flows, I want to flow with only you. Good Night Friend!

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Sweet Good Night Quotes for Love/Lover

What name I give to this love when you are already given to me. It feels eternal with you. Good-night, my baby, goodnight.

Real love gives you courage to do anything. Good night, see you tomorrow, I love you!

Sweet Good Night Quotes for Love

If you see true love in someone’s eyes for you, never leave that person. Wishing you a good night and I love you.

Deep down in this earth, beyond sky, beyond mountains; it is your love only. Good night, my true love.

I want to thank God I found you early in life otherwise people are still searching for their true love. Sleep, my love, dream happy dreams.Missing you, my love. Good night.

On your lips my name written and in your heart me written and we for each other in destiny written. Goodnight, my love.

Every walk with you is like remembrance. Good night. Sleep awaits those of us who dare to dream

Simply for me, you are my world and only in your world I can live. To me, you are perfect. Good Night. I love You.

A kiss on your forehead means a lot to me. Good Night, Love you.

When in love two souls are, there is no awareness. Good Night My love.

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Romantic Good Night Quotes for Him, Sweet Dream Quotes For Husband

I love you and you are in my all dreams and memories, my love. God Night Mr. Perfect!

Whenever I see in your eyes, I get intrigued by it but when I see them closely I always find me in there. Good Night Sweetheart!

Good Night Quotes for Him

When I come to your arms, I feel protected and a kind of warm love that I always feel in you. Good Night Handsome, I love You!

With you my nights are always glimmer midnight. Good Night Sweetheart.

I love to talk with you. The way you say always convince me. It is so artistic and always like when we first met. Good Night hubby!

You never know how much I love you. I love you more than anything. Good Night sweet dreams my love.

I want my every night to be ended with your kiss. Without it I cannot live. Good Night Hubby

I wish that you get more and much than you imagine. Good Night My Love.

When I walk with you, it feels like I am walking with a king. And I know I always will be your queen. Good Night Dear My. Perfect. 

In every birth I just want to be of you. Good Night, Sweet Dreams. I Love You.

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Romantic Good Night Quotes for Wife

This message is for the sweetest, the kindest and beautiful person on the earth with the following attachments, tightest cuddle, warmest snuggle, sweetest kiss and coziest hug. Good night and sleep tight.

I hope you already know how blissful and honored I am that you are my wife. I wanted to tell you this before you fall asleep tonight. Love you the way you are.

Looking at the moon’s shine, I can surely say you are the most beautiful thing in this universe. Good night wifey!

Every night I want to see you sleeping next to me, your embrace makes me complete. Sleep tight, my queen.

My darling, you are a caring wife, lovely daughter-in-law, and the best companion a man could deserve; I love you much, and I assure you my love for you will remain the same. Sweet dreams.

If I have to choose between looking sunshine or your face first in the morning, Of course, It would always be your face. Good night to the loveliest wife!

If I was a baker, I would make your cake extra sweet and fluffy just like you have made my life. Wishing you a sweet and peaceful night!

I could not wait any longer for the day when we started our lives together. I hope you are just ready as I am. May this be the last night we are apart; I am prepared to be with you forever. Good night darling.

You are the lotus that makes my ordinary life beautiful. You are the fragrance of my soul. Good night lovely wife!

You are my fantasy, my life and my dreams, wishing you a good night’s sleep.