60 Heart Touching Good Night Messages for Friends | Good Night Friend Quotes

70+ Emotional Good Night Messages for Friends | Good Night Friend

Heart Touching Good Night Messages for Friends: Ask any individual and he will say that friends are the most amazing and happening part of his life. Friends are the real-buster, sweet trouble creators, and partners in crime who give meaning to your existence and create unforgettable memories till the end. To pay due homage to your love, cranky, amusing, and emotional friends, we have created a sweeter than sugar collection of emotional good night messages for friends that will make them feel gobsmacked and blessed.

Heart Touching Good Night Messages for Friends

Only a true friend like you take time out of his busy schedule to talk with an old friend and share everything. It’s a pleasure to have such a darling friend like you in my life. I really am proud of our camaraderie. Good night my best buddy!

Even the most scary dream can’t shake my soul a bit because I have a lovely buddy like you to preserve calmness in my life. You are the never dimming start of my life. Good night friend!

May the spell-binding moonlight refresh your mind, body, and soul to the core. May you taste the glimpses of consciousness in your deep sleep. Good night my treasured friend!

Heart Touching Good Night Messages for Friends

Hey buddy, I genuinely wish you savor every bit of this magical night by sleeping to your heart’s content. Whatever dreams you have at night, may all those come true in no time. Good night, my sweet friend!

Hey friend, do you know why God created the nighttime? So that you can throw away all the stress of the world and share your love and problems with friends and family members. Good night, dear friend!

Before you hop on to the bed at night, take a little time and thank all those people in your life who stand by you in every critical situation. May you embrace the blessings of God. Good night, buddy!

One of the best parts of nighttime is having those dreams that create ripples of excitement in your existence. May you have inspiring and exuberant dreams in sleep. Good night and sleep tight!

Hey friend, I always wanted to tell you that you are the prime source of inspiration behind all my achievements. I have replicated you at every stage and become the person I am. Thank you for being my idol. Good night to the best friend ever!

A lot of people come and go from your life but the real ones whom we call friends, stay forever. You are one such friend who stood by me during all thick and thins. I wish nothing but magical things for you in life. Good night friend, and sleep tight!

You don’t have to worry about your daily dose of laugh when you have a hilarious friend by your side to rib-tickle your funny bone all the time. You are such a huge blessing in my life. Good night, buddy!

Life is good when your sleep is good. So my friend, have sweet dream and sweet sleep. Good night!

When you wake up in the morning, it is good to say someone good morning and when you sleep in the night it is good to say someone good night. So dear friend, good night! Magical dreams to you.

Someone’s true friendship is one of the most unique gifts you can have and cherish. And when you feel that someone is there for you waiting for your good night, it feels soothing. Good night my friend!

All the physical gifts don’t matter at all, what matters is that you can say someone your heart talk, that is what matters really. At the end of day you want to hear her voice someone close to you. Good night my friend. It is bliss to have a friend like you.

In life conversation is most important rather than anything else. My friend you are the person I love with my whole heart. I want everything best for you. Sweet dreams and good night!

I feel safe when I realize you are always there for me. You are a good friend and my treasure in the world I don’t ever want to lose. Have dreams and have no worry. God would take care of you. Good night!

In everything you do, you need to feel the truth, it is important. Even in any relationship you have. In your friendship I have realized and felt truth. Thank you for that. I always cherish such friendship of ours. Have best in your life always! Good night my friend!

The most unique and attractive thing about you is your loyalty which is rare to find in this world of double face people. I feel blessed I have you in my life. Sleep tight and never forget to bid me good night next time. Good night my friend!

You are the sweetest and dearest friend of mine. Since our childhood we have our friendship. I don’t want ever want to lose. Take care of yourself always. Good night my friend! Love you.

What I say about you! You are angry but honest. You are intelligent but eccentric. You are a perfect flaw in my life I always want to have. Love you my friend. Always go ahead in your life. Good night!

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Inspirational Good Night Wishes for Best Friend

Half of the problems in your life can vanish in no time if you have great friends to share your problems with. I am one lucky chap to have so many good friends in life. Happy good night to all my dear friends!

All you need is a few loyal friends in life to become an unstoppable force in whatever you do. When you have your friend’s moral support, you can sail the most turbulent sea of difficulties effortlessly. Good night dear friends!

God cannot be with everyone that’s why he created friends so that we all have someone with whom we can share all the highs, lows, happiness, sorrow, excitement, and other crucial moments of life without any hesitation. Have a beautiful and serene night my lovely friends!

Inspirational Good Night Wishes for Best Friend

It is stupid to consider money and materialistic things as the blessings of life. The true measure of blessings is how many friends you have on whom you can trust blindly. Friends are the real blessings and the gems of life. Good night to all my best friends!

Hey buddy, I just want to tell you that may lord endows serenity in your soul, love in your heart, and soul-refreshing sleep at night. Clear off your mind and sleep well. Good night friend!

I wish all the best and great for you. It is only for whom I wish such best and great. Otherwise I am selfish! Good night my friend. It is love to talk to you and say you good night!

I remember our those hangouts when we were in the college. Those days were unforgettable of our life. When I talk to you it feels near to you. I feel I have someone in life who is precious like a diamond in my life. Dream big my friend. Good night!

I wish you never lose anything in your life and only gain and gain what you want. Have a wonderful sleep my friend. Good night dear!

People need to create and live memories, best memories of their life. I wish you create your life as you want without any bound. Good night my friend! I love you.

It is so million dollar blessing of God to me that you are my wife and my best friend too. Good night my love! Having you is fulfillment of my life.

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Good Night Texts For Friends

So what if we live miles apart, our hearts are connected strongly, and our friendship is the biggest blessing of mine as well as your life. I just want to see you succeed in life. Good night dear friend!

There was a time when we used to hop on to random places, click photographs of each other, crack jokes, eat like giants. Now, we are living in different corners of the country and miss each other. I hope you stay well and opulent where you are. Good night to my best buddy!

Good Night Texts For Friends

Wishing good night to the most pivotal person of my life. Having a great and loving friend like you is indeed the biggest pleasure of my life. We will meet pretty soon and recreate cranky memories of our college days. Good night buddy!

May the toughest challenges of your life become the life-turning stepping stones. May you stay grounded, well-connected with your roots, and never drown in your ego. Good night friend and sleep well!

We are friends since childhood and our friendship is the perfect epitome of love, selflessness, and affection. May the lord keeps showering his blessing on our beautiful bond and continue to keep us together during the distressful time. Good night to my best friend!

You are the only person in my life whom I can trust with my eyes closed. Love you and hug you my dear friend. Sleep well and good night!

You never forget anything in your life. You are always on time. You are genius and of a noble heart. My friend how I describe you more? Love you and good night! Always be as you be.

With only a blink of eyes time passes and we don’t how. We spend our whole life thinking what to do and what to not. My friend, keep moving in your life and always try to gain what you love. Good night! Life is about moving ahead my friend.

Gradually as you near at the end of your life, you realize you don’t want anything. You just want the company of true friend with whom you can talk and party. Thank you for your friendship. Good night and take care of yourself always!

I thank God many times in a day that I find a friend and wife in the same person. Love you forever. Good night! While you away for the moment, I can be what I want to be! Love you.

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Emotional Good Night Quotes for Friends

Life loses half of its excitement and vibrancy when your friends make a fair distance from you. However, my luck is shining because all my friends miss and remember me like hell. Come soon buddy, we will have the time of our life. Good night and sleep well!

When I feel restless and sleepless at night, I close my eyes and think about all the heart-warming memories we have created and lived together. There ain’t love like the love of a friend. Good night my friend. Be high-spirited!

The eternal silence of night scares the hell out of me. If it weren’t for our friendship and beautiful memories, I wouldn’t sleep at night peacefully. Thank you for being the best sleep inducer. Good night and sleep tight buddy!

Emotional Good Night Quotes for Friends

How can I not sleep well at night when you are always hovering in my thoughts? I know we can’t meet because of geographical distance but we can remember each other at night and give solace to our hearts. Good night dear friend!

When the hope is slipping away, when the mind is in the constant state of turmoil when the body is not ready to rest and sleep, my dear friend, remember me and you will be in deep slumber. I am blessed to have you in my life. Good night best friend!

Remember my friend, this life is never going to come back. Hence without caring about consequences you say what you want to say to someone. Sleep well and be a courageous man. Good night!

With every night a new morning comes. When dark there is always light. So my friend it is what it is. Always be in light and go forward in your life without worrying. Good night and take care!

Your day can be anything but make sure your nights are always good. Be in the company of good. Be a wise guy. Good night dearest friend!

Don’t try to be a quote in your life and don’t quote your life. Just flow where you want to, do what you like to. Doing is important rather than result. Take note of it. Many hugs to you my friend and Good night!

Transformation is human power. You can transform yourself as you want to. That is the focus. Good night my friend! Love you and I wish you flourish in your life.

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Funny Good Night Messages for Friends

I so want to thank you for sending me inspiring messages every night but who send messages at 3 AM? You better check your timing and insomnia. Good night buddy and have horrible dreams.

It gives heart enchanting feeling when you know there is someone who remembers you every night. But I wish it would be my beautiful girlfriend not my ugly friend. Anyway, good night buddy!

I love to talk about our old tales of the school and college days every night but you never have sufficient balance in your phone. So I prefer to sleep and dream about hot girls. Good night my friend!

May the unfathomable darkness of night enters in your and never let you sleep peacefully. May the demons beneath your mind pinch you with pernicious weapons. Good night my lovely friend!

I never really had a sleep problem unless you start coming in my dreams. I mean what horrible face! I am joking buddy. I wish you good night with a lot of beguiling dreams!

Nothing is permanent in life. You are not also. I am waiting for the day when you would be an end! Fakely love you. Good night in your pillow and pee before you sleep! Good night my dirty fellow!

The most annoying thing in you is that you don’t brush. So pungent your mouth is. I wish you were not my friend. But a great disaster has happened with me and it is you. By the way good night! And never meet me tomorrow!

I wish at the end of every month you give your salary to me. This is the proof of friendship you can show to me and I need it if you are my true friend. Love you and love your money! Good night!

You are a kind of cockroach which is crawling in my life and under my bed of which I want to get rid of. You understand who you are.!? Good night cockroach!

Love you and the reason for this that you pay my credit card bills. I love you till you do this. Else you mean nothing in my life. Good night! And it is boring to message you every night!

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