Best 2020 Good Night Quotes for Everyone: Good Night Quotes for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Friends, Inspirational, Wise Quotes and Many

91 Best 2020 Good Night Quotes for Everyone: Good Night Quotes for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Friends, Inspirational, Wise Good Night Bible Verse Quotes and Many

Life is what?, what we make it, it is that thought. Moments and memories, and beautiful words what we say to one another only make the life worth living for. Like it is inquisitive if you ask yourself that what we do from starting of our birth to end of our life? We just do the conversation. It is only the conversation we do, with others and with ourselves. With that nice conversation, we have brought you beautiful nice good night quotes that you can say to one another. 

All the day hackle of life that we struggle with in daylight, nights bring us a sooth joy with your partner, family and friends that you talk about philosophy, literature and most importantly the question that always have been tickling your mind, and us too, that what is the purpose of this life, that you think every time when you say good night to your wife. 

Good Night Quotes for Everyone

Mundane and dull life no one wants. Words, lines and stories that inspire you are necessary to live and run this life. That’s why from that good collection, we have brought you sweet good night quotes, that before you go to bed, if you say to yourself or to your partner or to whomever you want to say to, make your life and sleep crisp which take you into a land of dreams. 

Sweet Good Night Quotes

It is a good tradition whoever had made it to say good night before you sleep. Who said it first good night words and to whom? Perhaps the history of it is deep and unfixed. Whoever it is, we want to say thank you to him or her, and with that we have for you sweet good night quotes that you can say to your love or to anyone whom you love. 

Sweet Good Night Quotes

When life is sweet, everything is sweet and when life is sour, everything feels sour. However much we try it. It feels like a kind of near end but it is not what we think always. There are always immeasurable horizons waiting to be explored by us. And sweet words are our charioteer that keep us running. So however sweet and sour your day has gone, before you bed, you every time say sweet good night quotes and keep smile on your face. 

When I want to wake up, I want to wake up every time in your lap, my love. 

I’m awake because waiting for your good night wishes with your sweet voice.

Dark is in only in our eyes as we see it. When you close, it is dark and when you open, it is light. Keep your eyes always open. 

Dreams are dreams only till they are in your eyes.. They become goal the day you decide to work on them..

Sky is vast. You can fly wherever you want to fly, just keep you wings strong. 

This moon remembers me…..the olden days When my mom shows the moon in the sky to complete my dinner…❤ Good Night ❤

Your success is not in your destiny while it is in your ‘will’ that what you want to be.

Everyday when we sleep! We accept all the challenges for the next day!!

good night quotes with images

Fly like an eagle. Always above than any bird, that you can notice where others are flying.

Listen to good music, dance to good beats and you feel no heat in your life. 

You find life bit saddening after failure, and every failure. Only the courageous people can rise up. So who are you?

It is extremely the real truth in life, that you rise there only where you fear the most.

Innumerable numbers of quotes you read. But nothing is going to happen until or unless you move yourself. 

It is every time insecurities that hinder the progress. Erase your insecurities by working on them. 

The real pleasure is not in gaining lots of financial wealth. While at the end of life you always count the memories. 

So how you like our these sweet good night quotes that we have written for you, not copied and taken from anywhere else. It is our sheer pleasure that you like them and we guarantee you that you really like them. 

good night Images quotes

Hence when you going to bed, before sleep say these sweet good night quotes to whomever you want to say with love and smile. You can say to yourself too. Talking to oneself is one of the greatest pleasure in life. Walking under the stars, talking to yourself and experiences of life is never fading joy. We hope that you really have liked our good night quotes. Love you guys all there.

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Inspirational Good Night Bible Verse Quotes

When you get down in your life or in your career, it is only inspirations out there that make you rise again, and you can see it anywhere around you. There are stories and quotes with which the world library is filled with. But at the end it is just up to you how you take it, your life. Besides all, as a tradition, you always should, must say yourself inspirational good night bible verse quotes before sleep. It brings you great dream of your success. 

Inspirational Good Night Bible Verse Quotes

So dull and sometimes so joyous life seems to me that makes me really unable to distinguish that what it is really. But we want to say, you don’t bother yourselves with it because the more you do, the more confused you become. Besides all, to inspire yourselves every time before bed, you must say to yourselves inspirational good night bible verse quotes that definitely and gradually would change your life and vision towards it. 

He made all the stars—the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the constellations of the southern sky (Job 9:9)

In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat—for he grants sleep to those he loves. -Psalm 127:2

He [God] speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds (Job 33:15).

When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. – Proverbs 3:24

The heavens proclaim the glory of God…night after night they make him known (Psalm 19:1,2).

You will lie down, with no one to make you afraid, and many will court your favour. – Job 11:19

The Lord merely spoke, and the heavens were created. He breathed the word, and all the stars were born (Psalm 33:6).

Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping. – Matthew 8:24

You [God] send the darkness, and it becomes night, when all the forest animals prowl about (Psalm 104:20).

The sleep of a labourer is sweet, whether they eat little or much, but as for the rich, their abundance permits them no sleep. – Ecclesiastes 5:12

Indeed, he who watches over Israel never slumbers or sleeps (Psalm 121:4).

It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night…for God gives rest to his loved ones (Psalm 127:2).

By his knowledge the deep fountains of the earth burst forth, and the dew settles beneath the night sky (Proverbs 3:20).

You can go to bed without fear; you will lie down and sleep soundly…for the Lord is your security (Proverbs 3:24, 26).

People who work hard sleep well, whether they eat little or much. But the rich seldom get a good night’s sleep (Ecclesiastes 5:12).

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Good Night Bible Verse Quotes

Don’t see out there, just see in yourself what is hindering you. Only you can make rise yourself. 

Don’t overthink. Thinking only does thinking while doing does doing. So do it what you want to do.

All the great and famous people are successful because they have one thing common- they do what they like and belief in what they are doing.

In simple terms, it is just your mindset how you take things. As you take it, as they become. 

You only have to keep one word in your mind and it is just “Rise”.

Don’t ever expect about the results and outcomes. Just do and believe in the process you are doing. 

After failure, it is despair that surround us and it is natural. But you just keep faith in what you doing and you would achieve what you want to achieve. 

You always remember no one is going to come with you always. It is your journey only. Have strength to walk alone. 

Emotions pain much. If you know how to control them, you can control everything. 

Don’t count the numbers how many times you do the thing that you like whether you achieve success or not. If you like, just keep doing. 

Everything great that has become great has evolved from human mind. Understand the power of your mind and channel it into the right direction. 

Hence how you like these inspirational good night bible verse quotes? Don’t you find them different than other ones? They are and some of the best that you can say to your spouse before going to sleep or yourself. Life is always and everyday finding about new inspirations that make your life better and worthwhile to live. 

Good Night Motivational Quotes

We have for you best good night bible verse quotes that you never find original on any other website. You all find it new here. Whether you just say or text to someone whoever you want to, it is your choice but you never forget to share and say and spread the word about original good night bible verse quotes that you can find on this website. 

How you like our stuff you say in the comment section below and anything new and other occasion you want us covered then write in the comment section below. We write for you the best good night bible verse messages and sayings. 

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Wise Good Night Quotes With Images

Wise decisions in life always lead to wise ways and best of your life. So it is always said that you should always take wise decision, even try to whether they at the end become wise or not, it is your destiny! So with wise decisions in your life, we have for you wise good night quotes that might bring you wise dreams!

Wise Good Night Quotes With Images

If seen from different perspective, there is nothing wise and nothing unwise in our life, just the results are what they are. Life is really strange. The philosophies, stories, peoples, idols, dreams that you follow only make your life wise. No one gonna knows what going to be wise or not, just do it and do it only. Though we have for you very wise stuff, wise good night quotes that always go right. 

Do good and it becomes wise. Good Night & Sweet Dream!

Your heart always tells you the true and right thing to do but mind always creates the duality. Up to you what you choose. 

The silence of the night is life a power which brings silently the new hope to see a new dawn.. ..

Hey, It’s bed time Come let’s feel the bliss in today’s good and bad times Let us bid farewell to those mistakes We did today and Welcome a warm sleep Let us spare few minutes For those pretty faces we came across today Sleep tight

Take risks in your life and become successful. When you become successful, your every decision is wise. 

I tried many, None lived together throughout life. Realized on the deathbed, Forgot relationship with myself. Good Night

Just believe and keep faith in yourself and you would reach wherever you want to reach. 

A sky full of stars, A dark sleeping city, An unnatural silence, Inform you, now it is time to sleep.

When you are in love, there is no wise and unwise. Just do what your heart speaks for. 

Lay low on me Lay down with me.. A tight cuddle Will be alright, Let’s enjoy each others warm If you’re tired tonight..

good night quotes romantic

You can’t love someone wisely, you can only love someone madly.

Let go of your thoughts when the night falls and enjoy the subtle world. GOOD NIGHT.

There is no right day and right moments to do your stuff. When you want it, just do it. 

The time which is only yours,is called Night. So, sleep tight. And it’s time to say Good Night.

Keep always hope. Never lose it. It is the only wise thing in the world. 

Your bed is ready to give you a hug. You should be ready have a rest and say goodbye to all the stress. Good Night !

Don’t take advice from anyone or everyone. Just explore yourself and find your path. 

If everyone would have known what rights lie for them, they never have faced failures. While there is no great man in this world exists that have never faced failures. 

Rather than reading quotes on Instagram, just go and do the thing that you wish to do. 

So wise people out there, these are all the wise good night quotes that you read for yourself and for whomever you like to. You can give them all to your spouse day by day in a series of small greeting cards just booting her confidence every day. It is a kind of daily dose that you can do with each other and a very good exercise it is. 

good night images and quotes

Life is always about taking wise decisions and all want to do. Tell us who doesn’t want his/her decisions wise. But sometimes life goes awry or not in the way we want it, and it happens with everyone but doesn’t mean you go completely dejected in your life while you should boost yourself up. Whether read inspirational stories or quotes, we just want to say keep your life always running rather than making it stagnant at one place. 

Romantic Good Night Quotes for Him, Sweet Dream Quotes For Husband

A good and trusted relationship between a husband and a wife is a gift to themselves that they both give to each other. These days it is rare where a lot of turning infidel which is not good. Although this is the other case. For you loving husband and wife, we bring for you good night quotes for him, your husband, that you wife can say to him before sleeping. It is a just a kind of wish and quote.

Good Night Quotes for Him

We think that husband and wife only find time for each other during night. We mean all day long they busy in their work, perhaps could not talk properly. In nights, a soulful conversation means a lot. These are the memories to be treasured, and you must because it is never going to come back, and when you find such moments with your husband, you must never lose it and get into the juice of it. And when your conversation ends, never forget to say him good night quote that is another part of your love. 

I love you and you are in my all dreams and memories, my love. 

Whenever I see in your eyes, I get intrigued by it but when I see them closely I always find me in there. 

When I come to your arms, I feel protected and a kind of warm love that I always feel in you. 

With you my nights are always glimmer midnight.  Good Night Sweetheart.

I love to talk with you. The way you say always convince me. It is so artistic and always like when we first met. 

You never know how much I love you. I love you more than anything. 

I want my every night to be ended with your kiss. Without it I cannot live. Good Night Hubby

I wish that you get more and much than you imagine. Good Night My Love.

When I walk with you, it feels like I am walking with a king. And I know I always will be your queen. 

In every birth I just want to be of you. Good Night, Sweet Dreams.

How you like these best good night quotes for him or your husband? These are like just says but good ones that you can say to your hubby when you are in bed with each other arms in arms talking about your day how it got spent. There should be always conversation must be done between two partners. Without conversation it feels dull. 

Sweet Dream Quotes For Husband

I have heard of my friends who always say that they can’t get time to talk to their partners because of their busy schedule, which should not happen. You guys just take time to talk to their partners because life is not only about work. It is about enjoying, cherishing and creating beautiful memories that you can remember and say to yourself that you have spent some of the best moments with your love whether it is just about saying sweet good night quotes to him with your total and true heart with smile on your face.  

Good Night Quotes for Friends

Losing a good and best friend is one of the greatest losses of this human life if it has happened with you. If it has, then please go back to your friend and try to explain him or her whatever misunderstandings that have taken place between you both. Besides all, we have for good night quotes for friends that you can say to him or her in nights. Though friends never sleep, they just talk.

Good Night Quotes for Friends

I have many good friends that I have lost because of misunderstanding. It is always better to talk because you don’t know whether you could meet them again or not in your life. So just don’t take anyone for granted and respect one another’s feelings and enjoy your life getting and achieving in life whatever you want to without forgetting our some of the best good night quotes for friends. These always will be good in furthering good conversation. 

Hey buddy, have sweet dreams and find a girl of your dream and never forget to share her number with me!

All I wish a sheet of clouds for your bed and bright crystals for the stars. While you sleep, may the angels play sweet songs that bring you bright dreams. Good Night 💤🌙 😊 Sweet Dream..

Look, failure is not the end of anyone’s life. It is just another opportunity and enhancement to better yourself. 

Be like a bright Moon in a dark night .💓

I am always there for you whenever you need me.  Sweet-dreams dear.

The Moon is so high Shinning amber in dark night sky, I bid sorrow good bye.

Your friendship is a best gift for me that I never want to lose ever in my life. 

After months of Nightmares and insomnia… One night, she slept peacefully … !! . The dream-catcher & the sleeping pills together couldn’t do… what his one “GOOD NIGHT ” Text did ☺ :’) ❤!!

You have great potential in you that you never know. You just have to believe in yourself and rise to your zenith. 

good night quotes to friends

Stars are shining bright Moon is presenting the beauty, Dreams are making there way, Cool breeze is calming the night….

Hey! My friend, never chase so many girls. Chase one that can give you the combination of many, and one who truly loves you. 

Don’t just only think and think, while you should do. By doing you would get quick result. 

Be nice and do what you want to do in your life. Be a man of character and value rather than shady and shadowy. 

Meet everyone but keep your circle of friendship close and wise. Because wises are few. 

Have faith and belief in yourself. With these two words, you can get anything in your life and in this universe. 

As we have said above that best friends are like treasure that you should never at any cost lose, and just appreciate and praise them for what they are and what they have. And never forget to share and say best good night quotes for friends 2020 to them just before sleep. It is a kind of wish for them that they achieve what they want to achieve in their life. 

cute good night quotes for friends

These quotes, wishes and messages are little smiles or what it can be said, little sparkles of happiness that you can share with your friends. I used to remember that to my best friend, I always messaged her incessantly. Though she could not answer all but tried to always, and she knew that I want instant response so she always tried to do so, and sometimes not. Now she is married happily but we are not now in contact because of some misunderstandings that could never get resolved. 

Though I always wish for her good and happy life, always glowing and fruitful. And yes, at that time, we used to say always good night to each other. 

Cute Good Night Quotes With Pictures

Everyone likes cute and chubby people because they are likable. So like them, we have for you cute good night quotes, chubby and sweet. People always want to be around cute things whether it is cute people or cute puppies, and cute and beautiful girls too!

Cute Good Night Quotes With Pictures

Besides all, if you want to share any kind of cute moments of your spouse or friends related to good night, you can share with us. Whether it is funny talk that you might be having around bonfire or any other late night talk in which your friend shared something special with you that you still remember. If you want to then you can do in the comment section below. 

I live in your heart and I only want to sleep there. Good Night Dear!

As you caress my hairs, I just go into ecstasy and slowly sleep in your arms. Good Night My Friends!

I don’t know whether it is my destiny or luck that I have found you. Or perhaps God has written you for me.

Your eyes are the place where I see my dream coming into reality. And it is just because of you that I am here successful, just because of you. I love you. 

While raining, under an umbrella I want to walk with you, hands held hand in hand. I want to feel this beautiful feeling. 

At that time, you looked so cute when your cheeks were pinked and reddened and you were smiling. So cute you were.  

When you put mascara in your eyes, you look awesome like moon is resting in your eyes. 

Wherever you go, just take my heart with you. I can’t without you. 

With you life is always a beautiful dream that I never want to get out from it. 

As breeze flows, I want to flow with only you. Good Night Friend!

good night quotes to my love

So gals these are all the swoon worthy cute good night quotes that you can use to say to your partner or love of your life and just in reverse you boys can do the same. If you are in distance relationship, then always say good night and good morning to each other because in distant relationship conversation is must. And you must do it. People say conversation is the only key to relationship longer for time. If it gets lost, all lost. Good night to all, have sweet dreams!

Sweet Good Night Quotes for Love/Lover

 Love and for lover, whole literature is dedicated there. Really love is indescribable feeling that can only be felt, and so far it is said that real love is telepathic. To whom you love and who love you, you can feel each other from thousands of miles. You just feel it in your heart and your whole body becomes warm. For such love feelings, we bring for you good night quotes for love 2020 that you can say to your lover. Because you always want to talk to them. 

Sweet Good Night Quotes for Love

Love makes so mesmerized two partners in each other that they could not see anything, and they just want to feel each other only, breath and everything. You can see in John Donne poems that how he has described love in various ways. I always wish that those two lovers who are in love, they always must find each other and say what they feel for each other rather than just keeping the feeling inside. 

And don’t try to define this transcended element of love because no one could not. Just feel it and enjoy it. Here for you best 2020 good night quotes for lover. Say your love loud and high!

What name I give to this love when you are already given to me. It feels eternal with you. 

Real love gives you courage to do anything. 

If you see true love in someone’s eyes for you, never leave that person. 

Deep down in this earth, beyond sky, beyond mountains; it is your love only. 

I want to thank God I found you early in life otherwise people are still searching for their true love.

On your lips my name written and in your heart me written and we for each other in destiny written. 

Every walk with you is like remembrance. 

Simply for me, you are my world and only in your world I can live. 

A kiss on your forehead means a lot to me. Good Night, Love you. 

When in love two souls are, there is no awareness. Good Night My love

These 2020 good night quotes for love are romantic and full of love that you can read whole for each other. We think that couples must reach love quotes or love lines from novels for each other. It just a kind of increases love and bonding between you two and we think it is a kind of good habit that you can look for.

Romantic Good Night Quotes for Lover

How after marriage life is? Like you feel settled or feel for more, something else in your life, a kind of craving, that could be towards anything, like for career. Overall question is how you feel after marriage and how after marriage love is. We want to know your views in the comment section below. Love after marriage and love after marriage? And you never forget to share and say our originally written good night quotes for your love. 

Beautiful Good Night Quotes for Girlfriend

Oh my girlfriend where you, where you have been busy all day, not picking up phone and answering the call. Hundreds of messages I have done to you piling up in your inbox. This is always normal between a girlfriend and boyfriend. But we have bought for you 2020 good night quotes for girlfriend that you can say to her. Though she must see your message in inbox. Oh dear our girlfriends, just see your boyfriends’ messages and please try to reply them. They are dying because you are not replying. 

Beautiful Good Night Quotes for Girlfriend

You are my wings. How without you I could fly.

I like freckles on your face that I want to caress with my fingers. Love you.

What if we were birds, flying together and crossing millions of miles together, always flying.

It is beautiful feeling being your boyfriend. Always be mine and shine. Love you. 

Being away from you makes me always sad and with you it is always heaven. 

For you, I will always be there. Love you my love.

Roses, lilies, daffodils, all kinds of flowers I bring for you every day whenever you step out from your house. I always be holding them for you. 

I always with you see the moon standing with you on the terrace. Glittering moon with you. Love you. 

Never go away from life because I could not breathe without you. 

Always remember that in every birth I want to live with you only.

Boyfriends, these are the good good night quotes for girlfriend 2020 that you can bid them before your nightingale go to sleep. And never forget to peck your love on them cheeks. Girls like this romantically when done. And rather than just saying I love you to her every time. Try something always different for saying them in which your love woven. Good night to you all!

Romantic Good Night Quotes for Him

The relationship that you have with a girl, always keep it mesmerized with love whether it is of friendship or girlfriend. It is always necessary to have a woman in your life, because a woman always gives a different perspective to every situation and condition. She is a feminine energy that thinks differently and a man or a boy should always take view on decisions he is going to take. A woman in life is necessary whether it is a good friend or girlfriend. It is must. She changes your life direction with shimmers. 

Lovely Good Night Quotes for Boyfriend

Who woo a girl if not boy, then animal? Here we bring for you 2020 good night quotes for boyfriend that you girlfriends can bid to them just before they go to sleep or whenever they want to because for girls, their boys can do anything. It is their duty! Yeah we think that being a girl’s boy is like a duty or obligation that you have to pay and with time it increases! And no one could say in what degree. 

Some boyfriend and girlfriend are like temporary and some are like permanent, made for each other, making plans for marrying in future. It is an unexplained chemistry, though many say it is solved but it is not. What works in relationship and what not, no one could day. Some say girls go to good boys like good in values and manners.

Lovely Good Night Quotes for Boyfriend

But we think that everyone has a dark side. Like if you ask me that what kind of girl I want to have in my life, then I would say, that one who can understand my anger, my weaknesses and real me, rather than just understanding my good habits or manners. Everyone likes good, who doesn’t? Being of someone is like accepting him with everything, not only of his good sides but bad too. Everyone has it. I want my girlfriend to understand me completely, not just being proud on my good things and hating bad ones.  Look there is difference between word when you understand someone or hate something. 

For you, here are some best good night quotes for boyfriends. Best lines these are. So you girlfriends never forget to send to your boys. And tell us in the comment section below what kind of boyfriend you want to have in your life or want to be with him. We really are interested to know.

Your hairs are like, I like them so much when they wave with wind. And I just want to see them waving.

Love for you in my heart always remain fresh like a rose that always look fresh and beautiful. 

Being with you makes me complete and when I am near you, I just feel you and nothing else. 

Love of you gives me confidence and a raise that I feel myself upwards. 

The way you smile always makes me crazy. I could not take my eyes off from you. 

You are really a man of strong character that always makes me fall for you. And this thing I like in you.

I never leave you. It is a promise I swear for you.

I want to be always in the cage of your heart where love is in abundance. 

In your eyes I want to drown and I want to see where my name written there.

I just want to stop this time and want it to flow without aging us. I would always remain young and forever in each other’s love. 

good night quotes love for her 2020

These are the really awesome good night quotes for boyfriends. You girlfriends do not ever forget to send to your boyfriends. Because boyfriend like caring when their girlfriends do for them, and yeah they really like this.  How girlfriends when they caress their uncombed hairs, put fingers in them like making them right and stylish. Boyfriends always want this. 

How is your relationship with your boyfriend? How you met him and how you are going? If you want to share anything interesting about your boyfriend, you can share with us in the comment section below. It would be interesting to know about them whether funny or serious one. And for you all we have written for you best 2020 good night quotes. 

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