151+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister | Sweet & Short Happy Birthday Sister Quotes

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister | Sweet Birthday Messages for Sister

To help you make your sister’s birthday stand apart, we bring you an enticing and sweeter than sugar selection of heart touching birthday wishes for sister, Emotional happy birthday messages for sister-in-law, and funny birthday quotes for sister. For brothers and sisters, an elder or younger sister holds a special place in their life. Since childhood, a sister plays a plethora of roles in her life. The role of a daughter with parents, the role of a mother for her kids, the role of a mother-in-law for her daughter-in-law, and the role of a sister for her brother. It doesn’t matter what roles she plays, the thing that matter is, sisters shower unconditional love on brothers.

As sisters shower so much love and blessings on brothers, it is the responsibility of a brother to make his sister’s birthday enchanting and magical. How it could be done? By giving exorbitant gifts, throwing a birthday party full of grandeur, and injecting other stuff in the party. However, there is one more thing that weighs more than all the above-mentioned things. Yes, we are talking about happy birthday wishes for sister. Sending sweet and frolic birthday messages to sister on her birthday are fine ways to respect her and make her feel more than blessed on her special day. However, jotting down ingenious birthday wishes for sister on your own is a cumbersome task. To save you from the hassle of creating original and emotional happy birthday wishes and messages for sister, we bring you a rare selection of more than heart touching birthday wishes for sister that are the perfect combination of various emotions like funny, sassy, witty, cool, sentimental feelings, etc. Let’s get started.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister | Birthday Messages for Sister in English

heart touching Birthday Wishes for Sister

Happiest birthday to the most annoying yet the most adorable sister of the world. Your love and sacrifices are the biggest strength for me. Happy birthday sister!

People will come and go. Friends will come and go. But the sister will always be there to take care of her brother. Happy birthday to my source of inspiration and role model!

Growing up with you was such a bliss sister. We had our fair share of banters, lovely moments, scoldings of parents, and so many things. Happy birthday to my one and only lovely sister!

You are one heck of a bossy but protective and caring sister. You are a woman with crystal clear vision and inspirational goals. Happy birthday sister!

When I look back at our childhood memories, I feel so blessed for growing up with a loving, sensible, and compassionate sister like you. Many many happy returns of the day sister!

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Hey sister, thank you for supporting my dreams unflinchingly and having my back during a tumultuous time. It’s your special day so let’s party hard. Happy birthday to my one and only sister.

If all the sisters of the world become like you, this world would become a hell for brothers. Jokes apart, happy birthday sister!

You are all in one sister. A caring friend, an inspiring mentor, a loving mother-like figure, and an annoying sister. You bring cheerful vibes in my life. Happy birthday sister!

May the angels of heaven shower all the things you wished for in life. Happy birthday sister and I am quite lucky to have you in life.

I know you didn’t like to celebrate birthdays. But it’s your 18th birthday and you can’t say no. Buck up and throws us a goddamn good party. Happiest birthday my chubby sister!

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Sisters are indeed the most profound blessings of God a brother can have. They always hold a unique and special place in the heart of every family member. Sisters are chirpy, demanding, adorable, vivacious, and sometimes quite bossy. Like a mother, a sister idolizes her mother and take care of every member of the family, especially brothers. Sisters are the greatest friend, the most compassionate teacher, and a reflection of her mother. Finding or jotting down the right happy birthday wishes for sisters can be a bothersome task. To save your valuable time and the embarrassment of jotting down illogical wishes, we bring you a meaningful and ardor selection of heart touching birthday wishes for sister in English that will sure shot make her birthday stand apart from the pack.

Happy Birthday Messages for Sister

Sisters are nothing less than a bundle of mixed emotions. Sometimes, she can be very annoying, sometimes very sweet as sugar, sometimes quite logical, and sometimes preposterous for no reason. Your sister has been with you since your birthday. She has been an integral part of all your ups and downs and supported you unconditionally.

Happy Birthday Messages for Sister

Happy birthday of your sister is one of the best days to let her know that you also love and support her immeasurably and unconditionally. That can be easily done by sending sweet and full of love emotional happy birthday messages for sister. Send one of the below-mentioned heart touching birthday messages for sister to your pretty sister and make her birthday unforgettable!

I love you not only for being my sister, but I also love you for being a fantastic human being. Happiest birthday to the heart of my life!

Happiest birthday to the prettiest but the most parsimonious sister of the world. Your gift is ready but you gotta throw me a birthday party first.

A sister is someone who saves pocket money throughout the year so that she could spend it on her brother’s birthday gift. You are such an awesome sister. Happy birthday Sister!

Sister, you are living and walking source of happiness and vivaciousness. You make all of us feel cheerful and hopeful. Happy birthday to the rainbow of our family.

You are more than a sister to me. You are a ray of hope who helped me in surviving the darkest phase of my life. Happy birthday to my lovely sister and role model as well.

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From the bottom of my heart, very happy birthday to you, sister. May you smash all your goals and set up new benchmarks.

No one in this world knows me from inside better than you. I really appreciate whatever you have done for me over the years. Happiest birthday my life coach cum sister.

No matter how much you will grow and become successful in life, you will always be a cute, little, grumpy, but kind-hearted sister. Happy birthday buttercup!

Happiest birthday to the person who has enriched my life in so many ways. You are a multi-dimensional party who will go places in life.

Even though we weren’t great buddies in childhood, still our brother-sister relationship turned out to be fine. I wish you a sparkling future and a happy birthday sister!

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister-in-Law | Sweet Birthday Messages for Sister-in-law

Do you want to flabbergast your sister-in-law on her birthday? If yes, there is no better way to startle her then sending adorable happy birthday wishes for sister-in-law on her birthday. Here we have a monumental selection of happy birthday messages for sister-in-law in various categories like funny, emotional, inspirational.

All the happy birthday wishes for sister-in-law are handwritten and utterly original. These wishes and messages are a way to exemplary to let her know how significant part she is of your family.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister-in-Law

When I stepped into this house with your brother, you were the one who took care of me as a good friend. I owe you a lot. Happiest birthday sister-in-law.

It’s so blissful and profound to have a pretty and friendly sister-in-law like you. Happiest birthday to the sweetest sister in law.

May your this year birthday celebrations reach to the zenith, you get showered with immeasurable blessings, and your life be filled with happiness and laughter. Happiest birthday my beautiful sister-in-law.

You already have everything in life. All I can give you on your birthday is my best wishes for your brighter, frisky, and full of opportunities future. Happy birthday sister-in-law and have a great day!

Sending happy birthday wishes alone will not do justice to your birthday. I am also attaching my love, trust, and the invitation of a grand pre-planned birthday party of yours. Happy birthday sister-in-law.

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Today is your birthday and also a time for you to seize the day. You are the epitome of charm, beauty, and fashion. Happiest birthday to my fashionista sister-in-law.

Your valuable presence in your family is sufficient enough to give us the courage and motivation to pursue great things in life. Happiest birthday to my beloved sister-in-law.

Even the birthday candles glitter pales in comparison to your bright personality. You are my role model sister-in-law. Happy birthday!

You deserve every bit of happiness and success in life. Whatever you have done for our family’s upliftment is incomparable. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and helpful sister-in-law.

You are bursting with life. You see only positive in every person. Your compassion and love for every living being are godly. Here are happiest birthday wishes full of warmth and heaps of love!

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister from Younger Sister| Cute Birthday Messages for Big Sister

Wishing your elder sister on her birthday is a bit sensitive task. You have to take care of respect as well as emotions while writing happy birthday wishes for big sister. An elder sister is no less than a mother. Like a mother, she takes care of your well-being, education, needs, and wants. So for your dear elder sister, you should also compose original and heart-warming happy birthday messages for her to wish her on the birthday.

Now you don’t have to worry about composing the original birthday wishes for your sister. QWM is more than thrilled to present you varied happy birthday wishes for elder sister from younger sister that you can use to entice her on the birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

Happiest birthday to the sassy, classy, bossy, and the most badass elder sister. I hope you won’t make me work like hell for your birthday celebration preparation.

I am utterly blessed to have such an incredibly talented, compassionate, and beautiful big sister. You are one gem of a person. Happy birthday!

Today, I have the pleasure of watching my lovely elder sister turning 30. Giving you bundles of happy birthday wishes with surprising gifts.

I couldn’t ask for a better elder sister than you to God. Though you are a bit bossy, you are protective of me as well. Happy birthday big beautiful sister!

Happiest birthday to the most sensible, wisest, and full of life person I know. Your presence is a great motivation in my life.

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My goodness, you have turned 25 this year but you barely look 18. What’s the secret of your beauty and youth? Anyways, happy birthday my pretty elder sister.

We have our share of giggles, fightings, screams, lovely moments, and parent’s scoldings. And we will continue to make memories. I love you and happy birthday!

You are one fine example of how a girl should live her life: boldly, flippantly, and ambitiously. Happy birthday my idol!

I hope you have the most stellar birthday celebration of all time. Wishing my elder sister happiest 25th birthday.

On this day, the most overrated and bossiest member of our family was born. I am just joking big sister. Accept my heartfelt birthday wishes!

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister from Elder Sister | Heartfelt Birthday Messages for Little Sister

Little sisters are utter blessings. Nothing can make your day like the smile and vibrancy of your little sister. She expects a lot of things from her elder sister or brother like gifts on her birthday, unexpected surprises like chocolates on any day, lots of hugs and kisses, and the list goes on.

Are you searching for the best happy birthday wishes for younger sister from elder sister? If yes, hop on to our oceanic selection of sweet birthday messages for little sister and let her know how you feel about your little princess like sister.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister

I couldn’t be much happier today as it is the birthday of my dearest little sister. You are my sunshine and my moon pie. I love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday little sister!

Though you are the smallest one in our family, you are also the one with the biggest heart. Best wishes to my piece of heart!

Happiest birthday to the most sensitive, emphatic, and brilliant member of our family. Always aim high and shine wherever you go!

Another year passed, another birthday and you have become more mature, wise, and resplendent. To my dearest and the nearest little sister, happy birthday!

No one can handle your craziness, quarrels, and squabbling better than me. Wishing my mushy and chubby little sister a happy birthday!

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Hey little sister, today is a super special day for me and you. Of course, our birthdays fall on the same date. Did you forget mine? Huh! Anyways, best birthday wishes for my younger sister!

Thank you for being my partner in crime. Thank you for taking dad’s scolding when I arrived late at home. Thank you for sharing your chocolates with me. I love you my little pie and happy birthday to you!

Today, you have my permission to wear my favorite dress, use my makeup, and splurge my pocket money After 24 hours, I will snatch everything from you. Happy birthday cutie pie little sister!

Happiest birthday to the ardent listener of my blabber, my fashion partner, and my partner in crime. Best birthday wishes to my dinky little sister!

On your 18th birthday, I wish you a massively successful and pleasurable life ahead. Rock the world little sister and happy birthday!

Deep Birthday Wishes for Sister from Brother

It is quite essential for brothers to make sisters feel top of the line on their birthday as sisters do a lot of loving things for their brother without having any expectations. Brothers-sisters share a very scintillating and special bond. They both fight, tease, love, and share a lot of things with each other.

To shower compassion on your sister on her birthday, we bring you a gripping selection of deep birthday wishes for sister from brother that exemplifies how imperative and beautiful your sister is, and you will always be there to protect her.

Birthday Wishes for Sister from Brother

If perfection has a synonym, it’s my sweet and ambitious sister. Happy birthday to my lovely sister. May you have a glorious year ahead.

God knows what would I have done in my life you aren’t here for my support. My best birthday wishes are always with you my beautiful sister.

Hey sister, today is one of the most special days of your life and I want you to celebrate it in the grandest way. Happiest birthday my lovely sister!

As your brother, I have always and I will always protect you from vicious things prevailing in the outer world and make sure to keep you happy. Have a great birthday sister!

I may not be the best brother of the world, but I am certainly the most caring and protective brother of the world for my sister. Happy birthday beautiful sister!

You don’t need a man to tell how intelligent, smart, beautiful, and talented girl you are. You are the pride of our family. Happiest birthday my supergirl!

There is no doubt that you annoy the hell out of me. However, I still wouldn’t trade you for all the riches of the world. Happy birthday sister!

I say heartiest thank you to our parents for the quarrelsome sister like you in the world. You fill great happiness in my empty life. Happy birthday my power puff girls!

If I have one million blessings in my life, you are the reason behind all of them. A very happy birthday to the most wonderful sister in the world.

The role of a sister in the family cannot be described in words. It can only be experienced and lived. Happiest birthday my pretty sister.

Birthday Quotes for Cousin Sister

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister from Another Mother

Yes, we are cousins but you are more than a real sister to me. You are a cool and badass sister. Happiest birthday to the sister from another mother.

More than cousins, we are great besties who like to make fun of others and pull each other legs. Happiest birthday my lovely cousin sister!

We haven’t met for a long time. But our love for each other is stronger than ever. I am way too happy to be your cousin and a good friend. Happy birthday cousin sister!

Here is your another birthday where I won’t be able to mark my presence. However, my best birthday wishes are always with you sister.

We have created wonderful and worth-cherishing memories together. Now, before your marriage, we will create on more enchanting memory of your 25th birthday. Happy birthday cousin sister!

You are one of the wisest girls I have ever meet. Your advice and experiences have done wonders in my life. Thank you for guiding me in every phase and happiest birthday sister!

Yes, I love you more than my real sister. You know my secrets that even my real sister doesn’t. I trust you more than anyone in this world. Happy birthday to my lovely cousin sister!

To my all-time favorite cousin, I wish you a very happy and joyous birthday. May you have a phenomenal day ahead!

Hey cousin, on your birthday I just wanted to tell you that each birthday is one more opportunity by God to make your life useful for others. Happy birthday dear!

We share a kind of bond that is beyond the blood relation. We share a bond of unbreakable friendship. Happiest birthday cousin sister!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister | Hilarious Birthday Messages for Sister

What’s the point of having a grand birthday celebration for your sister if there is no fun factor at the party? Yes, funny elements, be it birthday wishes or other stuff are the quintessential part of a birthday celebration like birthday gifts, cakes, and the party.

Hilarious Birthday Messages for Sister

One of the best ways to inject funny vibes at your sister’s birthday party is by her funny happy birthday wishes for sister. If you have the dearth of words to compose hilarious birthday messages for sister, we are here for you. Make your sister’s not so happening birthday celebration super-happening by sending her funny birthday wishes for sister that are packed with wits, puns, and sass. These funny birthday wishes are created by wringing out all our collective humor of years. Note down the best ones and make her adore you even more.

Though you are an utter waste for our family, still, we have a big heart to accept you as one of us. Happiest birthday my grumpy sister!

I want to send the most awesome birthday wishes to you but then I realized, awesome word complies with me. Anyways, happy birhday sweet sister!

You are surely my lovely and the dearest sister. But if God gave me an option, I would love to have a brother. Happiest birthday my rabbit like sister!

Dear sister, you will be 18th this birthday and I want you to stop picking your nose now. That would be a great return gift for me. Jokes apart, happy birthday sister!

Thank you so much for all the crazy night outs, fights, giggles, and sharing your pocket money with me. However, mommy and daddy love me more. Happy birthday sis!

Happiest birthday my little sis! If you want your age not to be revealed, make sure I get the biggest piece of the cake.

How on the earth you have managed to convince parents for the grand birthday celebration every time? I hate you, but I love you also. Happy birthday dinky cute sister!

4 good things I remember about you: age, and I don’t remember the rest. Jokes apart, very happy birthday sister!

Did you know that you are adopted? Did you know that we pick you up from the roadside? I am just joking and pulling your legs sis. Happy birthday!

I was planning to render you a wonderful gift but then I thought, courier companies wouldn’t let me do that. Happy birthday my beautiful and lovely sister!

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Sister | Heart Touching Birthday Messages for Sister

Heart Touching Birthday Messages for Sister

Whenever I see your face, it brings a huge smile on my face and fills my life with immense joy. Happy birthday my cutie pie sister!

Since childhood, I have always heard that having a sister is a pure blessing. I guess all the people who said that are utterly right. You are the biggest blessing of my life sister. Happy birthday!

Today, on your birthday, I want to make one promise to you; I will never let that smile go out of your face. Happy birthday!

Thanks for holding my hand and understanding me when nobody was there. You are my biggest support system sister. Happy birthday to you!

Happiest birthday to the incredibly talented and the best emotions reader of the world. Happy Birthday Sister!

Happiest birthday my courageous sister! I wish this birthday brings a new set of opportunities and earth-shattering success in your life. We are so proud of you.

When you are in complete distress, nobody can give consolation and be emphatic like a sister. Happy birthday my bag of emotions!

I am so grateful to God for giving a sister like you. I will make sure your birthday celebration should be remembered till ages. Happy birthday sister!

Sisters are the harbingers of God whose sole purpose is to heal the pain of the family and inject happiness in their life. Happy birthday my lovely sister!

You are the reason behind our awesome childhood. I still remember your quarrels and the rabbit faces you make when you were caught. I love you sister, and happiest birthday to you!

Birthday Wishes for Sister Quotes | Birthday Wishes for Sister Messages

Birthday Wishes for Sister Quotes

All the good things in the world get better with the age, so do you, my lovely sister. Happy birthday and my blessings are always with you!

Wishing happiest birthday to my one and only sister who once was so quarrelsome and now an angel!

Whatever you have done in life, you have excelled in it. Wishing the happiest birthday to the champion girl of our family.

When we were little, you always used to get all the love, limelight, gifts, and hugs. Now is my time to steal all the limelight by making your birthday celebration grand. Happy birthday sister!

I wanted to put the number of candles equal to your age on your cake. But that’s too much sister. Happy birthday sister!

If I had your intelligence and the beauty, I would be ruling the planet by now. Happiest birthday to the charmer of the family!

Even words will fall short to describe the innumerable qualities you possess. Happiest birthday to the incredibly talented sister!

Happy birthday to the sister with the coolest attitude, warmest nature, and the spellbinding beauty.

Every hour I spend in your presence is ultimately making my life more qualitative. Happiest birthday sister!

The older you grow, the wiser and kind-hearted you will become. I always look up to you as a role model. Happy birthday sister!

Short Birthday Wishes For Sister

You are as short as a tadpole but your mind runs faster than a supercomputer. Wishing happy birthday to my genius sister!

Sometimes, I feel like you are born only to fulfill the purpose of embarrassing me in front of all our known people. But I am still OK with it because you are my sis and I can’t do anything about it. Happy birthday, sister!

Unquestionably, you are the perfect representation of evil on this god’s green earth. May you get married quickly and spare us from your diabolical quarrels. Happy birthday to my sweet sister!

The reason you are the most mature member of the family despite of being the youngest one is because you are the one with the biggest heart and the most empathy. Wishing happy birthday to my sister with the biggest and the most beautiful heart.

Mothers can’t be around all the time to take care of their sons that’s why God created sisters, and I am one lucky guy to have one in my life. Wish you a very happy birthday my pretty sis!

Being your brother was not in my hands but your protector and caretaker are something that I love to do all the time. I love you sister and happy birthday to you!

Earlier, I used to thought that I am so blessed to have a little sister but I was absolutely wrong. You are a highly enthusiastic little monster in the form of a sister. Happy birthday to my crazy little sister!

If I am the garden, you are the flowers inside it. We both are incomplete without each other. Wishing happy birthday to my forever beautiful sister!

Though we don’t connect at all on any level, still we both become restless if we don’t see each other even for a moment. Maybe that’s the brother-sister love everyone talks about. Happy birthday, sister!

I can’t promise to protect you from all the trials and tribulations of life but I can promise to stand with you whenever they come into your life. I am more than happy to wish a mirthful birthday to my super brave sister!

Birthday Wishes for sister from another mother

We have been in friendship for such a long time that people usually think you are my elder sister. May God keep bolstering our sweetest bond of friendship. Happy birthday to my sister from another mother!

Sometimes, I envy you a lot because my mother showers more affection and love on you than she showers to me. Anyways, I am happy that you are an integral part of my family. Many happy returns of the day to my sister from another mother!

I never felt the need of having numerous female siblings because you are a complete package on your own. Thank you for being the support system I needed all the time. Happy birthday sister from another mother.

Forget about being sisters, if it wasn’t for making fun of others, we wouldn’t have been friends either. But one thing I have to say, only you can tolerate my shitty attitude. Let’s celebrate your birthday like crazy bitches. Happy birthday sis from another Mrs!

I am one of those rare girls who got a classy and badass sister in her best friend. Looks like I have hit the friendship jackpot. Be you, be confident, and be happy. Happy birthday to my lovely sister from another mother!

It is next to impossible for me to function my life without your presence in it. My morning begins with your long call and ends with cheering vodka with you. May God bless you with everything you deserve. Wishing happy birthday to my sister from a different mother!

It’s my favorite bitch’s birthday! It’s time to hop on to terra incognita and spill as much mess as we can. I love you and I want you to live life to the fullest. Happy birthday to my sister from another mother!

If there is one friendship duo who defines the world BFF in a perfect manner, it would be definitely us. I firmly believe this birthday will stability and positivity in your life. I am more than happy to wish you a mirthful birthday!

Thanks for being the savage friend cum sister and saving me from stupid people and circumstances umpteen times. You are a gem in a world full of plastic personalities. I wish a jovial birthday to my sister from another mother!

Not only I am thankful to you for being in my vapid life but also express gratitude towards you for altering my negative mindset and turning it into an ultra-positive one. On this special day, wishing a happy birthday to my inexhaustible source of energy and positivity.

Birthday Greetings For Sister

From fighting over a little piece of bread to bagging down the top white-collar jobs, we have seen and done everything together. More than a sister, you are a motivator and a classic competitor for me. Happy birthday to my zingy little sister!

The jolliest sister deserves the most jovial and unique birthday wishes. Wishing happy birthday to the prettiest and the cutest sister in the world. May you always ride high on success and happiness!

Life is not fair but I don’t care because I have lady luck on my side and that is you, my mushy little sister! Wish you a very happy birthday with heaps of hugs, kisses, and gifts.

I don’t think there is any type of gift left in this world that I haven’t given you on your birthday. On your super special day, may the Lord bestows unearthly gifts on you. Happy birthday to my lovely sister!

Who needs a girl’s best friend when your sister is always ready to be your partner in crime? Thanks a lot my sis for being the friend in need. You have left indelible memories in my heart. Happy birthday and God bless you!

Hey sister, you have taught me one invaluable lesson that no university can teach me. Education is of no significance if it doesn’t uplift your conscience and teaches you humanity. Thank you for being a mentor like figure to me. Happy birthday to my brilliant sister!

No matter how successful and popular you become, for me, you will always be a little girl who used to pick up her nose all the time. Have fun like there is no tomorrow and happy birthday!

Sisters are there in life to make it more happening, blissful, messy, and intriguing. You have surely made my life a stellar affair. Thank you sis for all the support and encouragement. Happy birthday, sister!

Instead of a brother, God blessed me with a chirpy sister like you because he is certainly happy with me. May you always shine on me like god’s blessings. Happy birthday to my dearest sister!

Even if we weren’t born in the same family, I would have found you and made you my sister, by hook or crook. You are the cutest and the most precious gift god and our family have given to me. May you be forever happy and smiling. Happy birthday my pride, my sister!

Happy Birthday Status for Sister for Facebook & Whatsapp

Maybe you are a child prodigy, maybe your IQ is beyond Einstein, but for me, you will always be the cute little sister with whom I tussle a lot and share everything. Happy birthday to the dearest sister!

I hate to break it to you but I won’t be able to rock your birthday party this year. However, my warm birthday wishes and your long list of birthday gifts will reach you on time. Happy birthday to the heart of our family and my loveliest sis!

From being a caring big sister to protector from parent’s scoldings, you were my angel savior in life till yet. I eagerly wish our brotherly-sisterly bond continue to be this happening and strong till the end. May God fulfill all your intense desires and wishes. Happy birthday, sister!

Happiest birthday to the sister whose beauty knows no boundaries and intelligence way ahead of time.

If it weren’t for your patience, teachings, and determination, I would have still been a naive, aimless, and manners-less young bloke. Thanks for molding your brother into a fine and thorough gentleman. Happy Birthday!

Usually, sisters take pride in their brothers’ achievements but I am more than proud to call you my sister with unbeatable achievements and accolades. Thank you sis for giving me the honor of calling you my sister. Happy birthday to you!

It takes guts and unflinching determination to break shackles and chase your dreams. You are the only girl in our family who has garnered the courage to open her wings. On your birthday, I wish you prove all the cynics wrong and emerge as a victor. Happy birthday to my brave and bold sister!

The reason we got along so well so far is that we both share a hell lot of common interests. Our bond is one of its kind and keeps bolstering with each passing day. I am glad to have a fun-loving sister like you in my life. Happy birthday, sister!

Our brotherly-sisterly bond story should be published on all the prolific media channels. The story of the most profound enemies becoming the dearest friends. Anyways, happy birthday to my beautiful sister!

No matter how much we grow up, no matter how ahead we go in life, no matter how many times we squabble, the fact is we will keep caring and loving each other till eternity. Happy birthday to my drop-dead stunning sister!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister in Hindi

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister in Hindi

Chaand se bhi jyada pyaari, raat se bhi jyada shaant, aur sitaarono se bhi jayad chamakdaar meri behen ko janamdin mubarak ho.

Meri to bhagwaan se bus yehi dua hai ki tu humehsa khush rahey and tera daaman humesha khushiyoon se bhara rahe. Janamdin ki badhaai meri pyraai behen ko.

Buland rahe humesha tere sitaare, aur dur rahey saari balaaye tujhse, tere janamdin par yehi dua hain rab se meri pyaari behen.

Lakho main milta hain mujh jaisa bhai aur karodo main milti hain tujh jaisi behen. Happy birthday behen. Tu humesah yunhi hasti rehe.

Foolo ka bhi , aur taaro ko bhi, sabka yehi kehena hain ki ek hazaaro main meri behena hain. Janamdin ki badhaai ho behen!

Bhagwaan har jagah humare saath nahi ho saktey isliye unhone maa ko banaya. Aur maa bhi har waqt humara dhyaan nahi rakh sakti isliye unhone behen ko banaya. Meri pyaari behen ko janamdin ki bhut bhut badhaai!

Kismat waaley hotey hain wo bhai, jinki behen hoti hain. Tu bhi teacher bhi hain aur merri acchi dost bhi. Happy birthday behen!

Behena hona kisi bhi bhai ke liye khushnaseebi ka prateek hota hain. Happy birthday meri sweet pagli behen!

Dost aate hain aur jaate hain zindagi se. Par ek behen se accha dost bhai ki nahi mil sakta. Janamdin mubarak ho behen!

Jaan Jaan kehne waali gilfriend ho ya na ho, bhai bhai kehen waali behen jarur honi chaiye. Janamdin ki bhut bhut badhaai behen!