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60+ Engagement Wishes for Friend and Best Friend

Engagement Wishes For Friend: Engagement is an auspicious occasion. Every couple in this world prays that they must be able to celebrate this day with their desired partner. If your friend is one of them then, you should make this special day even more special by sending them an emotional congratulation message. If you’re searching for some of the best engagement wishes for your friend; this is your destination. 

We’ve got all sorts of engagement wishes, from regular wishes to funny and sarcastic ones, from warm wishes to heartfelt congratulations, we’ve got it all. So, what are you waiting for? copy these engagement wishes and send them to your friends. These may be mere words but they also have the power to go into a person’s heart and reserve your permanent spot there. Celebrate this beautiful occasion by sending them these beautiful engagement messages and Congratulations For Engagement Wishes For Friend be a part of the beautiful start of their new journey. 

Engagement Wishes for Friend

Finally, you’ve found someone who’ll stay with you through the best and worst phases of your life. Happy engagement, dear friend. 

May the lovely bond between you two grow stronger every day and you may complete each other in every possible way. Good luck, with this new phase of life.

Engagement Wishes for Friend

You two have finally got tied to each other for the rest of your life. May God makes sure that this knot may not get loose, instead gets tighter with every passing day. Happy engagement, to both of you.

There aren’t enough words in this world to describe how beautiful you two are looking as a couple. May God always make sure that you stay as you are. Best wishes to both of you. 

Engagement is the first step towards an eternal bond, marriage is second. Congratulations on completing the first step. Best wishes!

You’re among those few people whom I consider a friend and today’s your engagement. May you have a wonderful life ahead. Good luck with the new beginning. 

You’re the only couple who’s looking this much beautiful on this beautiful occasion. Happy engagement, love birds.

I may not be the first one to wish you but trust me I am the most delighted one. Good wishes on your engagement. 

On this auspicious occasion, I wish to god that he fulfills all the wishes of this beautiful couple. Best wishes for your engagement. 

I am getting quite emotional writing this, cause I’ve seen you grow. First, as an individual now I’ll see you grow as a couple. Always be happy, my friend. 

May you two flourish as an ideal and fun couple. Don’t forget that there’s always a friend praying for your happy life. Good wishes for getting engaged. 

Happy engagement, my friend. There are not enough words to express my joy on your engagement news. Always be happy and compliment your partner’s presence.

You both are looking so lovely as a couple. May God protect your happiness and always keep you two, together. Best wishes for your new future as a couple. 

May you two be the best person to ever exist in each other’s life. Always be happy and lively. Happy engagement. 

I never thought that a couple can look so good until I saw you two together. Good luck on this beautiful occasion. 

As a friend, I know that you’re the best person that anyone can ever find. Your better half is lucky to have you. Good wishes on your engagement. 

As I remember our friendship, I can only recall beautiful memories. May you have more beautiful memories on fire in the coming days of your life. Have a great experience, getting engaged. 

May you have an amazing time with your partner and that time stays a whole life. Good wishes on your engagement.

You’re getting engaged, may god make this a beautiful decision and make you both flourish as an amazing couple. Happy engagement, dear friend. 

On this beautiful occasion, I pray to God that he may give you all the happiness he can bestow. Good luck to both of you on starting a new journey as a couple. 

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Happy Engagement Wishes for Best Friend

It’s unbelievable that you’ve found another person who’s aware of how rare and beautiful you are. Happy engagement, bestie. 

As your best friend, I know how amazing of a person you are. May God always keep you and your partner happy and cheerful. Good luck with this new start.

Happy Engagement Wishes for Best Friend

Dear bestie, you couldn’t have found a better person to accompany you when I’ll not be there. May God bestow eternal happiness to both of you. Happy engagement. 

Do you remember how we’ve planned our weddings as a child? Well, you’ve got yours. May the Lord flourish you and your partner with all the love and warmth you both desire and deserve. 

As your childhood friend, I deserve to be treated extra luxuriously or else I’ll share all of our dirty little secrets with your fiancé. Happy engagement, best friend. 

Trust me when I say that I’ve never seen two people looking so cute, just by standing together. May God give you both all the things that you desire and deserve. 

I may make fun of how your partner looks. But in my heart, I know that you’ve found a beautiful fellow traveler on your journey of life. Good wishes on your engagement, buddy. 

Being your best friend, I’ve seen you going through the ups and downs of your life. Happy to know that you’ve got one more person to support you through your journey of life. Best wishes on your engagement.

On your engagement day, I want you to know that you both are looking lovely as a couple. May God always keep you two together and happy. 

Dear bestie, you’re getting engaged and I can’t express how happy I am for you. Make sure that both of you live every day of your life, with laughter and love. Happy engagement. 

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Funny Engagement Wishes for Best Friend

Dear friend, don’t feel lonely. I am here as you’re saying goodbye to your freedom and singlehood. Just don’t expect me to lie when your fiance asks where’re you? Happy engagement, dear prisoner. 

I hereby mourn as the bachelor squadron lost another one of their good soldiers. Good luck with your engagement, private. May God give you the necessary strength to fight for your life. 

Funny Engagement Wishes for Best Friend

Dear friend, I want you to know that you’re damn lucky cause you’ve found another fool who’s ready to tolerate you for the rest of their life. Good luck to your fiancé/fianceé.

I am so happy that you’re getting engaged. From now on, I am free from all of your drama and PJs. Happy engagement, dear friend. May God give strength to your partner. 

Normal people celebrate getting out of imprisonment. But you’re celebrating turning yourself in. Good luck with this new start and an end to your happiness, my friend. 

I heard you’re getting engaged. My biggest concern is how a person got ready to engage such a spectacular fool. Just kidding, happy engagement, dear friend.

I was more shocked than surprised when I heard your engagement news. I mean how could you score such an amazing partner with a face like yours. Joking, happy engagement, dear friend. 

How can I make fun of you on your engagement day? By telling you how funny you’re looking. Hahaha. Just kidding, happy for you, my friend. 

Most people think that prison looks like an old building with restrictions and security. For me, it looks like an engagement ring. Have a cheerful engagement, friend. 

Is it true that you’re getting engaged? Well, if yes then my friend you’re doomed. Now, get ready for a boring but somehow happy life. Good wishes on your engagement, buddy. 

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Congratulations For Engagement Wishes For Friend

I am happy that both of you have finally found a person who’s ready to share their smiles and tears with you. Congratulations on getting engaged. 

I can proudly say that when I found you I also found one of the best people on this planet. Happy to know that you’ve found yours as well. Congratulations on your engagement day, friend. 

I am happy to congratulate both of you on your engagement day. May God give you all the happiness and make your life heavenly and happy.

Congratulations on the wonderful day of your engagement. May you both grow as a couple and set a new example of a perfect pair. Happy engagement. 

My words may not be enough to express how happy I am seeing you both get-together and start a new chapter of your life. Congratulations to the couple on their engagement. 

May you both be the ideal companions to each other for the rest of your life. May the invisible bond between you strengthen with each passing day. Congratulations on starting a new phase of your life. 

I know that your bond will pass through all sorts of phases in life. And you both will understand how beautiful a person’s mere existence can be. Happy to congratulate both of you

I haven’t got enough words to tell you how happy I am to know that two of my good friends got engaged. I am happier because they are engaged with each other. Congratulations on your engagement, love birds.  

Feeling quite happy that I got the chance to congratulate you on your engagement. May you both lead a happy and lovely life, together as a couple. Best wishes on your engagement. 

How lovely it is that I know that your marriage will last as long as our friendship will last; an eternity. Happy engagement, dear friend. 

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Engagement status for friend

I know that both of you will enhance the beautiful persona of each other. May you both always stay happy and laughing, even at silly jokes. Have a blast on your engagement. 

May god makes sure that the couple exchanging the rings always be together through the easy and difficult phase of life. Sending best wishes to the couple on the aisle. 

Even God knows that I am praying wholeheartedly that both of you may always stay together and always be there for each other. Happy engagement, my friends. 

Relationships may not be the perfect bonds, but you can make them perfect by adding the right amount of love, trust, and respect for each other. Congratulations on your engagement.

May god give you the opportunities needed to grow as a couple. I know that you both are an ideal example of the best and cutest couple in the world.  

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