70+ Forbidden Love Quotes, Messages & Sayings

70+ Forbidden Love Quotes, Messages & Sayings

Forbidden Love Quotes: Falling in love with someone is not anyone’s under control. However, there are numerous unscrupulous elements in the society that try to forbid the love of true lovers in the name of caste, color, religion, social status, etc. When someone intervenes in your love life and tries to control it, you can see a rage of anger arising inside you and want to destroy everything. If you are one of those individuals who is facing the intervention in your life from external forces, this compilation of forbidden love quotes will give you hope and inspiration to fight for your love and win eventually!

Forbidden Love Quotes

The love that lasts longest is the love that is never returned. »W. Somerset Maugham

Gavin thought of Adante and how she was like a blue flame, so mesmerizing, so beautiful and as much as he wanted to touch her, he knew it would only hurt them both in the end. »Jasmine Angell

Forbidden love provides happiness when there is no happiness. »Unknown

There is no one that can make me look into their eyes and see the rest of my life. Only you. »Airicka Phoenix

Physical infidelity is the signal, the notice given, that all fidelities are undermined. »Katherine Anne Porter

I think things that i shouldn’t.I dream things that i shouldn’t.I want things that i shouldn’t and it’s all because of one thing– I do care about you. »H.M. Ward, Damaged

No adultery is bloodless. »Natalia Ginzburg

Fate was cruel to play this trick on her, although if she were honest she knew she only had herself to blame. She had taken the chance and now she had to pay the price. »Emily Arden

Adultery is the application of democracy to love. »Henry Louis Mencken

I’ve come to realize that love is tragic, somewhere down the line it’s inevitable. Fight for it. »Ann Marie Frohoff

Having something forbidden is exciting, don’t you agree? »Allan Dare Pearce

And the matron sighed over the destiny of ladies in good society, whose moral judgement led them to love unabashedly and whose depravity led them to pay for it. »Michelle Franklin

My last conscious thought was of my biggest mistake- not the boy beside me, but the one i could never have. »Jennifer L. Armentrout

If you come away with me, I can promise you pain and disgrace,” I said. “But I will love you like no other can. »Steven E. Wedel

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Even though we were never supposed to be together’I can’t be with anyone else, no matter the consequences. »Nicole Gulla

Oh. Once again, the penny drops. Damn, there’s been an awful lot of penny-dropping, and metaphorically, it’s sending me broke. »Kat T. Masen

Sinful and forbidden pleasures are like poisoned bread; they may satisfy appetite for the moment, but there is death in them at the end. »Tryon Edwards

He’d now officially become his brother’s bastard child who impregnated his stepsister. »Penelope Ward

I love him so very much, and he loves me. But we have to keep our love a secret from the world. I don’t know what to do, it’s breaking my heart. »Unknown

Two people, one city, different times; connected by a memoir. Can love exist in a city destined for decades of misery? »Ahmad Ardalan

I’m just like you. I enjoy the forbidden fruits in life, too. »Mike Tyson

Love being the only flower that opens and reaches for the light. Light will always come, because it longs to be reached for, and darkness is put away. »Tanna Marie Angers

Forbidden pleasures alone are loved immoderately; when lawful, they do not excite desire. »Marcus Quintilian

Anything forbidden takes on a significance that draws us into its embrace. »Chloe Thurlow

Our hearts have already been broken. Maybe I can help to heal hers, even if it means ripping mine to shreds when she leaves and I have to say good-bye. »Debra Doxer

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We always long for the forbidden things, and desire what is denied us. »Francois Rabelais

Just for tonight, let’s pretend I’m not a priest and you’re not crazy. We’re just two normal human beings having a good time. Just a man and a woman at a rip-off carnival, living in the moment. »Nancee Cain

There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable. »Mark Twain

Bitter always follows the sweet, especially when it come to love. Especially when it come to forbidden love. »Karina Halle

His hands are saying that he wants to hold her. His feet are saying that he wants to chase after her’ He’s probably forgotten that I’m here, beside him. »Ai Yazawa

Love is love, even if it is illicit; like light remains light even in the darkness. »Munia Khan

When unrequited love is the most expensive thing on the menu, sometimes you settle for the daily special. »Miranda Kenneally

Loving him is a sin; of that I’m fully aware. But a sinner I am. »Bella Jewel

She hated that she was still so desperate for a glimpse of him, but it had been this way for years. »Julia Quinn

Broken hearts made faults and fools of us all. »Natalia Jaster

Because what’s worse than knowing you want something, besides knowing you can never have it’ »James Patterson

And most of all…I learned that even in the darkest of nights, the stars will always shine. »Lynn

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To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves. »Frederico Lorca

We can’t do this on so many levels,” she whispered. But I don’t care.” Vee, The Way You Bite, »Zoe Forward

How can you simply be friends with someone when every time you look at them, you’re thinking about how much more you really want’ »Dawsons Creek

Like the perfect collision of oils on a canvas. She was a walking piece of art. Words and all. »Candace Knoebel

There is a kind of love, the excess of which forbids jealousy. »Francois de la Rochefoucauld

She looked at me, and she saw something no one else did. Even I don’t know what. -Landon »Ella James

It is not the most lovable individuals who stand more in need of love, but the most unlovable. »Ashley Montagu

He was fast becoming the excitement of a tomorrow I never used to look forward to. »Candace Knoebel

While forbidden fruit is said to taste sweeter, it usually spoils faster. »Abigail Van Buren

He was desire, and I was his prisoner, chained up by his kisses. Submissive to his touch. »Candace Knoebel

I think things that I shouldn’t. I dream things that I shouldn’t. I want things that I shouldn’t and it’s all because of one thing; I do care about you. »H.M.Ward

As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to stay far away from her. Being with her makes me feel like I’ve been starving for so long. Sofia has given me a taste of something I didn’t know I wanted. Something I am now desperate for. »Her. E.R. Wade

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My eyes are tempted by the smile of an angel, and your lips whisper secrets of forbidden love. »Natasha Harvey

Because that was the problem with society. It cared too much about who you fell in love with but never about why. The why matters. »L.J. Shen

Love that we can not have is the one that lasts the longest, hurts the deepest and feels the strongest… »Kay Knudsen

I swore that I wouldn’t kiss you again. Obviously I can’t keep my promises, even to myself. Not when it comes to you. »Katharine McGee

I couldn’t shake this feeling that I had uncovered more than something ordinary. »Nicole Gulla

I never thought that sex was wrong, sinful, dirty. When you take away the thought of things being dirty or forbidden, then you can really enjoy your sensuality. »Giaconda Belli

So I learned not only that your loved one may be forbidden you, given away to someone else, but also that though you love someone they may run from you, and you may open your arms but they shall not come in. »Edward Carey

If love be not thy chiefest motive, thou wilt soon grow weary of a married state, and stray from thy promise, to search out thy pleasures in forbidden places. »William Penn

His kiss is a broken promise on borrowed time. His touch is faulty fuse struck with the hottest match. We possess all the potential in the world without an ounce of fulfillment. We are a lost cause, doomed before our inception. »Evie East

Adam was but human— this explains it all. He did not want the apple for the apple’s sake; he wanted it only because it was forbidden. »Mark Twain

She nodded, breaking every promise to herself, loving him. »Katharine McGee

An affair wants to spill, to share its glory with the world. No act is so private it does not seek applause. »John Updike

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To avoid mistakes and regrets, always consult your wife before engaging in a flirtation. »E.W. Howe

Her head was pressed against his chest and she could hear the erratic beat of his heart, its pulse matching her own. She felt it too—the exhilaration, and underneath it the thin electrifying undercurrent of fear, at the forbiddenness of what they were about to do. »Katharine McGee

Great passions, my dear, don’t exist; they’re liars’ fantasies. What do exist are little loves that may last for a short or a longer while. »Anna Magnani

She was an ocean, and he was just a sinking man lost in her waves. »Giselle Beaumont

Nuptial love maketh mankind; friendly love perfectecth it; but wanton love corrupteth and embaseth it. »Francis Bacon

Don’t you want a relationship like your parents have? They look at each other with love and heart, not just as an asset. »Salvatore from The Tutor by Kailin Gow.

Be careful of love. It’ll twist your brain around and leave you thinking up is down and right is wrong. »Rick Riordan

He was my addiction and once I got that taste of him I wouldn’t want to stop even if I was getting eaten alive with guilt for doing it. »Taylor First

One reproaches a lover, but can one reproach a husband? When his only fault is that he no longer loves? »Madame de La Fayette

He was usually confident with women, but this whole situation with Crystal unnerved him and he knew he needed to tread cautiously. »Laelia Starla

It is better to be unfaithful than faithful without wanting to be. »Brigitte Bardot

It is sinful to cherish those whom heaven has doomed to destruction. »Horace Walpole

No lover, if he be of good faith, and sincere, will deny he would prefer to see his mistress dead than unfaithful. »Marquis De Sade

Nothing about their intimate escapades of the previous night felt wrong at the time, nor did they upon further reflection. »Laelia Starla

Adultery is the most conventional way to rise above the conventional. »Vladimir Nabokov

Nobody had ever looked at her like that—as if she were filled with such lethal sweetness that craving could be synonymous with ruin. »Nenia Campbell

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I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul. »Pablo Neruda

We were doomed from the start. A lost cause. A losing battle. And yet, in that narrow instant, I didn’t give a single fuck. »Julie Johnson

Her skin smells of vintage books and pale moonlight, exotic things, forbidden loves and rainy nights. »Melody Lee

It was terrifying to love someone who was forbidden to you. Terrifying to feel something you could never speak of, something that was horrible to almost everyone you knew, something that could destroy your life. »Cassandra Clare

Bitter always follows the sweet, especially when it comes to love. Especially when it comes to forbidden love. »Karina Halle

He embraced me, and said into my ear, ‘I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.’ I lost my breath. It was crude, it was unexpected, and it set me on fucking fire. »Leah Raeder

He can touch your soul. And there is a difference between having your heart break and having your soul shatter. »Cassandra Clare

Mind and night will meet, though in silence, like forbidden lovers. »Philip James Bailey

If he touched her, he couldn’t talk to her, if he loved her he couldn’t leave, if he spoke he couldn’t listen, if he fought he couldn’t win. »Arundhati Roy

Sinful and forbidden pleasures are like poisoned bread; they may satisfy appetite for the moment, but there is death in them at the end. »Tyron Edwards

Jace looked as if she had slapped him. “Why are you determined not to believe us?” “Because she loves you,” said Valentine. Clary felt the blood drain out of her face. »Cassandra Clare

He didn’t know what it was like, wanting something you could never have; how impossible it was to un-want it once you’d let the feeling in. »Katharine McGee

There is no pretending”,Jace said with absolute clarity.”I love you,and I will love you until I die,and if there’s a life after that,I’ll love you then.” She caught her breath. He had said it-the words there was no going back from. »Cassandra Clare

Do people always fall in love with things they can’t have?’ ‘Always,’ Carol said, smiling, too. »Patricia Highsmith

The act of forbidding lovers from expressing love in front the society is prevailing since time immemorial. Parents and the different sects of the society ensure that their young blood doesn’t elope with the individuals of the different religions and castes that’s why they restrict their children’s love forcefully or politely. However, what they don’t understand is love cannot be bound by anything. Love is an uncontrollable and inexhaustible flame that purify souls and burn all shackles binding lovers to become one. Check out all the forbidden love quotes mentioned above and share the best ones with those who believe in the power of love.

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