50+ Graduation Messages for Son from Parents

50+ Graduation Messages for Son from Parents

Graduation Wishes for Son: It is the heartfelt dream of all the parents to see their son graduate with good numbers from an eminent university and begin his career on a high note. Cracking the graduation examination with distinction is a tough nut to crack, however, if your son has achieved this feat, you must congratulate him immediately on his laud-worthy achievement. When your son will receive immense appreciation and blessings from you, he will be more than motivated to do better in the future. In this post, we have come up with some of the finest graduation messages for son and graduation wishes form parents for son that will convey your feelings to him in a crystal clear way!

Graduation Messages from Parents to Son

Heartiest congratulations to my sagacious son for bringing one more laurel to the family. I am extremely happy about your graduation completion. Let’s set eyes on the higher goals!

Dear son, you intentionally enrolled yourself in the toughest course and cleared the graduation with jaw-dropping numbers. This simply proves that you love challenges and you will achieve unbelievable things in life. Happy graduation, son!

Graduation Messages from Parents to Son

My lovely son, your graduation completion has given us a reason to toast and be cheerful. Thank you for making the family name proud in front of the whole world. Happy graduation to my lovely son!

Dear son, I must say the amount of hard work and dedication you have put to top the graduation examination is unbelievable. With this level of dedication and willingness, you will go places in life. Congratulations on graduation, my son!

We are super grateful to god for making our son competent enough to topple every monumental challenge in life. Hey son, God has a wonderful plan for you. Just believe in yourself and keep grinding. Mighty congratulations on your graduation, son!

Dear son, you have tasted success at such an early age which is actually an astounding thing. However, don’t let this success boost your ego. Thank you for filling your father’s chest with the utmost pride. Happy Graduation, son!

I know you must be the happiest soul today, but, resting on only one achievement is the sign of a lousy person. Set your eyes on higher achievements and make us proud again and again. Congrats on graduation, son.

Dear son, sending you oodles of love, best wishes, and blessings on topping the graduation examination. One day you will become a very fabled and successful professional. God bless you and happy graduation!

We laud your daunting hard work and thank god for your super successful graduation. Hey son, maintain your sincerity, diligence, and vision if you want to go higher in life. Congrats on your graduation!

You are the one who has graduated but it feels like we have tasted real success. Thank you so much son for giving us one more reason to be proud of you. I congratulate you on your noteworthy achievement. Happy graduation son!

It is so much worthwhile that how you are improving in life creating landmarks of success from which this graduation is one of them. I from the bottom of my heart congratulate you on your graduation. May you always touch the sky of your desires!

Creating a life that you want is the success everyone wishes for. I am ecstatic that you are creating what you want. You have grown up and growing. On your this journey, congratulate you on your graduation. It would open lots of doors of opportunities in your life. 

When parents see their child stepping forward in his life, that is the best gift their child can give to them. And you have given us my child getting graduation. So many thanks to you. You have made us proud and so many best wishes on your completion. 

You are always an obedient son and sincere too. But you are stubborn too for what you want. You are very sharp eye person for your targets, and one of them you have completed, your graduation. Love and hugs to you and congratulations on your graduation!

May God always lift you up giving you ropes of hope when you are down in the dearth of darks! Congrats on your graduation my child! May you always receive best in your life! 

May lights always enter in your life and never leave! May you always follow your heart and become successful in all of your journeys that you boat! Congratulations on your graduation dear son!

Hard work never goes futile in life. And those one that have achieved great status of legends in life are the ones that have patience. This is the quality that makes them great. Congratulations on your graduation dear son! You are our best son. 

graduation wishes for son

May no hurdles and problems stop you from achieving! You are now a graduate, a title that all young people want to get. Best wishes to you and congratulations on graduation!

It is praise worthy that our dearest son has graduated with high appreciating marks. You have done victory in your life and getting first position among all students. Congratulations!

May God always give you his blessings! May you always have fruitful results in your life dear son! Graduation is a first step in the journey of your career. Wish you best luck. Always progress in life. Congratulations! 

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Graduation Quotes for Son from Mother

Dear son, thank you so much for making your mother proud once again. The dreams I couldn’t live and fulfilled, you are doing it on my behalf. I am blessed to have you as my son. Happy graduation, son!

Graduation Quotes for Son from Mother

For a mother, the biggest achievement of her life is making her son a successful and well-behaved gentleman. Today, you have become my ideal son in every sense. Congratulations on topping the graduation examination. May success forever be in your fist!

My beloved son, may you continue to climb mountains of success and add uncountable laurels to the family’s legacy. God bless you with everything you deserve. Congratulations on graduation, son!

Dear son, today you have raised the head of your mother by fulfilling mine as well as your dream. Always be successful, happy, and serene in life. Happy graduation to my obedient son!

Since your childhood you were much talented showing signs when you were playing in my laps. See what you have achieved. Congratulations on your graduation my lovely son!

Being your mother I know what you are good at and I know you are good at everything. So much love to you that you have become a graduate. Congratulations!

I have always dreamed best future for you where you are having all the wealth of life. And now I am seeing you have started to achieve. Congratulations on your graduation! May you always have the vision of forwardness in your life!

If what one wishes and one gets it; then it is the sign that Gods are with him. And God is really with you that you have done your graduation with flying colors. Congratulations my hardworking son!

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Graduation Wishes for Son from Father

A father is happiest when his son begins to fill his shoes and surpass him. Today, you have filled my heart with happiness and my chest with pride in front of everyone. I am damn proud of your achievement. Mighty congratulations on graduation, son!

Graduation Wishes for Son from Father

Congratulations to the newest graduate in the family! Your stellar achievement will surely inspire all the young blood of our family. I am proud of you son! Happy graduation!

May God bless you with divine energy so that you can continue to excel in your career and personal life. Many congratulations to my dearest son on completing graduation!

Dear son, you have carved yourself away for the blingy future by cracking the graduation examination that too with the highest marks. Numerous mouth-watering opportunities are waiting for you to grab on. Congratulations on graduation, son!

I have taken you on my shoulders and now I see your shoulders have become strong. Congratulations on your graduation dear son! Being your father I couldn’t be much happier. 

When first time you peddled your bicycle comfortably without falling; at that time I knew you would never fall and fail. Congratulations on your graduation my never failing son! You will reach all the mountains!

When you hold the degree of graduation, it is the best feeling in the world. Now you hold it and I can understand how you are feeling. Always loving you son. Congratulations on your graduation!

Best of luck for everything in life. May always be flowers in life whatever path you walk on! Congratulations dear son! 

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Funny Graduation Wishes for Son

Dear son, thank goodness you have graduated this year otherwise I would have to force you to sit in my shop and take care of the family business. Good luck with the glittering future and congratulations on graduation!

Funny Graduation Wishes for Son

Hey son, the amount of money I have invested in your graduation, I could have brought a goddamn villa with it. Thanks to god, you are a graduate but a jobless one. Congrats on your achievement!

Son, you have a special record to your name that no one has ever managed to achieve in the family. You are the only one who has managed to complete graduation in 3 attempts. Well done my boy for being a strong disgrace. Jokes apart, congratulations on graduation, son!

Getting graduation means now you can’t live longer in your parents’ house. You are up to your own. Congratulations on your graduation dear son! Start earning dear!

Cook your own food now. Feed yourself now. Because now you are a graduate. This is what it means getting graduation. Congratulations dear son!

Getting graduation means everyone would expect from you and you have to fulfill them. And then your life becomes frustrating. Welcome to graduation club! Happy graduation to you my lovely son! 

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