50+ Graduation Wishes for Brother from Sister

50+ Graduation Wishes for Brother from Sister

Graduation Messages for Brother: One of the happiest moments for any sister is seeing her brother graduating from a top-notch college and bracing himself to enter the corporate world. Your brother has completed the graduation and you must send him graduation congratulation wishes enclosing praising, love, and best wishes for the future. He will be literally on cloud nine after receiving the congratulatory wishes from her lovely sister and maybe he throws you a lavish party. Below is the collation of the best graduation wishes for brother that you can use to congratulate your brother on his graduation. 

Graduation Wishes for Brother

Congratulations on your graduation brother! Even though it is just the trick of your right hand but I know you have put your everything into it. I wish that you never fail in life. Best of luck. 

Where you put yourself totally, there you get success as you have got in graduation. Congratulations! And best of luck for your future. I know you make yourself shine brighter and brighter. 

Graduation Wishes for Brother

Nothing is easy in life unless you do the work necessary for it. And you have done it. Congratulations on your graduation! May your life always be fruitful my dear brother!

It is a great victory for you that you have gained your graduation degree. It makes you a qualified man. Congratulations on your successful graduation! May all stones get removed from your life and flower paths sewn! 

When you have concentrated focus to achieve something, you can achieve anything in life. Congratulations on your graduation! May you always touch the moon and stars in your life! 

May you never get failures and fall back in life! Congratulations on your graduation! May you always win in everything you play!

Brother, you are an inspiration for us. You can get anything in life we know that. Congratulations on your graduation! It is time for celebration. Let’s party!

I don’t have words to appreciate you. You have done the job smartly. Congratulations on your graduation! Now soon you will do a high white collar job. May you always shine! 

There are only a few people who have courage to accomplish their dreams and you are one of them. Congratulations on your graduation dear brother! Best of luck for your future and I know it is already bright. 

You are the man of your words. You have said us that you would complete your graduation with distinctions and you have done it. This is what the character is. Congratulations and love to you always. 

You are a genius. Congratulations on your graduation! You have done it in a single attempt. May God always show you the right path to get everything what you want! 

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Graduation Wishes for Brother from Sister

My handsome brother, you are as bloody good in studies as you are good-looking. Now you are a graduate and already bagged down a job offer, girls will surely run after you. Congratulations to my lovely brother on graduation!

The biggest stress for any student is completing graduation with a distinction. You have burst the biggest stress of your life by crushing the examination. Way to go, brother! Happy graduation!

Graduation Wishes for Brother from Sister

Hello brother, I am more than delighted and excited to congratulate you on completing your graduation. You better throw me a damn good party. I am super proud to call you my brother. Congratulations on graduation, brother!

The hustle you had was worth the result. I am touched to see your name on the top of the graduate’s list. May lord fulfill all your dear dreams and make you a force to be reckoned in the world. Happy graduation to my sweet brother!

Hey brother, you have literally no idea how proud the whole family is of your stunning achievement. You have surpassed our expectations and I know you will continue to do so in the future. Sending you the best congratulation wishes and oodles of love to my brother. Happy graduation!

Graduation is clearly the first step to enter into the corporate world. You are now a graduate from the most acclaimed university which means you are a hot prospect for all the blue-chip companies. Thank you brother for making us proud. Happy graduation and god bless you!

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Short Graduation Quotes for Brother

Dear brother, hearty congratulations on your graduation and thank you for adding one more golden feather to the family’s legacy. May you achieve unimaginable heights of success in your professional career.

Short Graduation Quotes for Brother

Hey brother, you can achieve many more successes like your graduation completion if your vision is crystal clear and willing to put in all the hardwork of the world. I am so proud of your achievements. Happy graduation, brother!

To be honestly speaking, I have never seen anyone hustling so hard to ace the graduation examination. All your hard work paid off and you are all set to step up the next ladder. Thank you for giving us one more reason to relish. Congrats on graduation brother!

My lovely brother, there is clearing the examination and then there is crushing the examination. You have done the latter one. You are a true rock star and real-life inspiration. Happy graduation to my damn intelligent brother!

Hey bro, your graduation completion is just the beginning of your wonderful career. Work with the same diligence and dedication in the corporate world and success will hug you for sure. Hearty congratulations on graduation!

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Graduation Wishes for Elder Brother

Hey big brother, I know that more than the completion of graduation, you are excited about the upcoming opportunities that will shape your career. I wish you happy graduation and good luck with your future endeavors!

Graduation Wishes for Elder Brother

When a little brother has a diligent and career-focused brother like you, the right guidance and umpteen doors of opportunities are already open for him all the time. I am so happy about your academic success. Congratulations on graduation, big bro!

Not only you are the best big brother but also a role model that I would love to follow in every walk of life. Your graduation success is just the beginning of your stellar career. Sending heaps of best wishes on your graduation, big bro!

My respectable elder brother; so many wishes for your future. May it get rocketed! Congratulations on your graduation! We know it is not easy as it sounds but you have made it. Well done. 

Everyone can take off easily but it is a bit hard to land right and comfortably and you have done it both in a one attempt. You are the man of mind. Congratulations on your graduation! Other victories are waiting for you elder brother.

In these years you have gone through several pains and sufferings and yet you have done your graduation excellently. You have made your parents proud and your brother and sisters too. Congratulations on graduation elder brother! 

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Graduation Wishes for Younger Brother

Happiness is when your little brother surpasses you personally as well as professionally. My little brother, not only you have graduated but also you have broken the record of the highest total marks ever scored in the history of graduation examination. Congrats on graduation my super-talented little brother!

Graduation Wishes for Younger Brother

Hey little champion, the whole family as well as all the neighbors are super proud of your achievement. We have special gifts and a lot of surprises already planned for you. Happy graduation, little brother!

I clearly remember the day when you hated going to school and now you are a graduate of the most acclaimed university in the country. Not a bad progress, brother. Anyway, happy graduation and good luck with upcoming challenges!

You are our younger brother but you have done big thing in life gaining your graduation degree. It is remarkable really. Congratulations and write your future as you want to. 

All relatives, friends and family are happy to know that you have become a graduate. Congratulations. It is a party time and a time of joyous celebration. May you always be victorious! 

You are not afraid of anything. You have confidence, patience and will to achieve anything. That’s why you have done your graduation so effortlessly. Congratulations! May your future always be brightened up younger brother! 

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Funny Graduation Wishes for Brother

Hey brother, I actually rubbed my eyes numerous times to check whether you have passed or not in your graduation examination. Fortunately, you made a hole in the wall. Congratulations brother on your graduation!

Funny Graduation Wishes for Brother

Thank you so much lord for helping my brother in passing the examination. I really didn’t have money to enroll you for the next term. Congrats to the new graduate in the family and let’s party!

After being a graduate, you are finally eligible to ask your girlfriend’s father for her hands. I wish you should try for a job first because there is no point in marrying a girl when you are jobless. Happy graduation brother!

Having a graduation degree means now you are eligible to pay your education loan. Happy graduation to you dear brother! 

People want to be graduate rather than skillful. It means after doing graduation, they go for higher degree and with all that their loan also get higher and the rest of life they pay their loan while thinking their degree is worth of anything or not? Congratulations on your graduation dear brother!

Doing your graduation degree doesn’t give you money. It just makes you eligible for job application queue. Congratulations on your graduation brother! 

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