150+ Heart Touching Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband | Romantic Quotes & Messages

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband: Love is sweetly an awesome feeling in which everyone wants to be in. But for some it is not easy to get out from it if any partner not interested as you are. Those who once get connected through hearts to each other, they remain forever there. For those soul couple, who are now husband and wife, we have carved for them heart touching anniversary wishes for husband, funny happy anniversary quotes for husband and Romantic happy wedding anniversary messages for hubby. Yeah from wife side, wishes for husband. Marriage is a special bond and it is a kind of settality that you feel when you marry the one whom you love dearly. It is a journey which gives smooth and bumpy ride both. There is a lot of fun in it and so intermittent and mesmerizing it is. When you have your dear partner beside you, what else you need in this world, the one with whom you can share everything.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

For the newly married couple and for those who are successfully married for years. For them we have brought for heart touching anniversary wishes for husband from wife. We hope that all wives out there who love their husband deeply and lovingly really would like these wedding anniversary wishes that they want to bestowingly say to their husbands.

Heart Touching Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Loving you is my most wonderful mistake of my life that I still cherish my husband. Happy wedding anniversary to you and love you!

You know the grace of your heart is as pious and God’s heart. I adore you for this. Today is our wedding anniversary. So happy anniversary to you!

I don’t know how I thank this universe that you came to my life and have made it awesomely wonderful. I love you for that. Happy wedding anniversary husband!

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Though I always say to you but today I want to say it many time that I love you so deeply that its depth could not be fathomed. Love you husband and rocking wedding anniversary!

I can do anything for you, anything that you could not imagine. You are my life. All metaphors are less for you. Happy wedding anniversary!

Whether it is written in destiny or not written. I always want you as my husband. Happy wedding anniversary my loveliest husband!

You are my art babe. My that painting whose aura and color could never ever fade. I love you limitlessly. Awesome wedding anniversary to you!

You are more beautiful than Dorian Gray. If Oscar Wilde might have any chance seen you. He would have written a novel on you. Glorious wedding anniversary husband!

It is our first wedding anniversary. I want to say from the bottom of my heart that I so dearly magnificently love you that you could not imagine. Happy wedding anniversary husband!

It is God’s grace that we met and fell in love. I still know how amazingly you proposed me that no one could ever have. Craziest wedding anniversary my love!

It seems that it is my second birth with you. In previous birth perhaps something remained undone with you. you are my wine my love. Big wedding anniversary to you!

I just want to be always together with you, always at whatever condition. In my veins, not blood but your breath flows. Forever good wedding anniversary to you husband!

You know what I like about you? that you never get angry. And you know how to spoil me. With my heart, a great wedding anniversary husband!

I like counting stars in nights with you. I just like always being beside you. With so many kisses, luxurious wedding anniversary to you!

May I wish that when you find any girl, you only find me and when you love always love me. Our heart knot never gets broken and our love may become immortal. Happy wedding anniversary to you husband!

You are my song that I forever want to sing for my whole life time for you. Love and blessings to you husband. Happiest wedding anniversary!

You are the kind of man who knows well how to treat a lady with respect, grace, and humility. If I have to choose a partner to live with for the next 100 lives, I will always choose you blindly. Happy marriage anniversary, my sweet hubby!

I was living a very dormant and ordinary life until you came and hold my hands. I got to experience the magic and power of true love all because of you. Thanks a lot darling for making my life a living heaven. Wishing a happy wedding anniversary to the sweetest husband ever!

Before you become my life partner, I used to think that a perfect marriage is nothing but a utopian and preposterous concept. Over the years, you have proved me wrong all the time and consolidated my belief in true love. Love you sweetheart and happy wedding anniversary!

Without a bit of a doubt, I love you more than anything else in this universe and I can probably go to any extent to prove my love to you. Thanks a lot husband for making me the Cinderella of your life. From the core of my heart, I wish you a happy marriage anniversary!

After tying the wedding knot with you, I have become more of you than more of myself. It’s the magic of your love that every fiber of my body chants only your name. I am so glad that you are mine forever. Happy wedding anniversary, my sweet husband!

With each passing wedding anniversary, our beautiful bond of marriage is getting spicier, succulent, and consolidated. Let’s take a vow today to keep our relationship as transparent and loyal as possible. Wishing a happy marriage anniversary to the apple of my eye!

There is no person in the world, not even my parents, who understand my dreams, ambitions, and aspirations as you do. Whatever success I am today is because of your support and push. Happy anniversary, my better half!

Thanks a lot darling for treating me like I am some queen of a majestic kingdom. You made me feel special in so many ways that I couldn’t thank you enough in this lifetime!

I can clearly see immeasurable and unconditional love for me in your eyes. I am extremely sorry for not loving you as much as you do, but I promise I will always be standing by your side. Happy anniversary, husband!

So far we have a great and swash-buckling journey together. I genuinely wish we both continue to savor and make this journey more thrilling and loving. Happy wedding anniversary to the sweetest husband ever!

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What anniversary you are going to celebrate this year whether first one, second or third? We think that as your anniversaries are coming you are understanding each other more maturely. It is the relationship where we understand each other perfectly. Love birds, soul mates or by whatever name you call it. Those who are deeply in love, they feel each other, like what kind of feeling and mood they are going through. It is unknown phenomenon that even scientists haven’t understood it and not any philosopher perfectly. Only those who are deeply in love, can understand it but can’t explain. Though don’t worry. We don’t need to understand, only need to enjoy it. That’s why we have written for you happy wedding anniversary wishes for husband that you wife can say to him when your anniversary come. When he religiously is praying his love to you, in return you must say him something unforgettable that makes your anniversary so memorable. Here are all the heart touching anniversary wishes for husbands. These above written are the best heart touching wedding anniversary wishes for husband. You don’t ignore it wives because they are all what you want to say with all emotions poured. The best ones that we have written for you. Wedding anniversaries are a good thing that when come give you a chance to again celebrate love and bond you share with you partner.

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

On this day, a year back, you become mine and I became yours. We swore to each other that we would never leave each other. I swear it to my death. Happiest wedding anniversary to my husband!

You are just like raw silk, so soft and fragile, that sometimes I think whether I breaking you? But you have chest of steel and heart of red silk. Loveliest wedding anniversary husband!

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

I’ve been constantly thinking what is the definition of love? When I see you first, the answer was there. With many kisses happiest wedding anniversary husband!

How wonderful you are, I could not say. You are the loveliest person in my life. I can’t ignore you. It’s death for me. Glorious wedding anniversary to you husband!

You are my most possessive gift I never want to lose and don’t want to give anyone. I can’t share your love. This awesome wedding anniversary to you!

As a fish can’t live when separated from water. Same I can’t live when separated from you my husband. Hearty wedding anniversary!

Becoming of you is not enough for me. Becoming one with you for forever is my salvation. Happy first wedding anniversary my husband!

How in your arms when I come, I become like a baby, like you are my world. I don’t want to lose my this world. Happy second wedding anniversary my husband!

Ask me what I give you besides love. I give you my everything because you are my everything. Happiest third wedding anniversary husband!

Your smile kills me, still and forever. I like to stroke your hairs. It is soothing to me and you are my finest gentleman whom I’ve married. Love you and best wedding anniversary to you.

To whom I compare and how to praise you I don’t know. Whenever I see you, you seem to me like a God. The highest gorgeous flower in the world. Happy wedding anniversary husband!

You are my prayer my love. I worship you every day and every time. I wish I die before you. Because after you, my life is dirt. Bestest of the bestest happy wedding anniversary husband!

Loving you is my most beautiful mistake of my life that is so fruitful to me. I want it to happen every time and every birth. Happy wedding anniversary husband!

You are my star, sun and moon and all the heavenly things you are of mine. I’m proud I’m the part of you. Starry happy first wedding anniversary husband!

I don’t need sugar-coated words jotted down on a scintillating greeting card to express my love to you. My eyes and my tornado of feelings are sufficient enough to marinate you in the ocean of my love. Very happy wedding anniversary my forever love!

Anniversary celebrations are quite hyped. When I am with you, I celebrate every moment of my life to the fullest. My biggest celebration is spending quality time with you and get lost in your arms. Wishing a cheerful wedding anniversary to the one and only love of my life!

Couples have reduced the celebrations of wedding anniversaries only up to throwing lavish parties and giving exorbitant gifts to each other. The actual notion of a wedding anniversary celebration to remember the love, setbacks, struggles, and success a couple has gone through together. Happiest marriage anniversary to the most dashing husband!

When I go through all the mesmerizing memories of the past we have created together, I wonder am I the same person I used to be earlier? Your love has made me more compassionate, caring, and gentle. Happy wedding anniversary my ravishing husband!

I have never worked on making our marriage perfect. Instead, I only focused on being loyal and loving to you. See, how happening and wonderful our married lives are now! Happy marriage anniversary to my lovey-dovey husband!

Out of a myriad of things I have in life, your love is the only one that I keep super close to my heart. With you, life seems quite adventurous and worth living till the end. May we both have an astonishing wedding anniversary celebration!

Here comes the day you successfully managed to steal my heart and made me the queen of your life. Thanks a lot my lovely husband for all the pampering and beautiful memories. Happy marriage anniversary, sweetheart!

You overlooked all my imperfections, you happily bear all my kiddish acts and frivolous talks, you never ask for anything in return. I feel so small in front of your gargantuan magnanimous personality. Happy wedding anniversary, husband!

On our 10th wedding anniversary, I pray to God to keep our sweet bond of marriage intact and long-lasting. Let’s pop up some wine and get lost in each other for the whole night. Wishing a happy wedding anniversary to my dearest husband!

Like flowers need mild sunlight and water to blossom to the fullest, I need your constant pampering, spoiling, and kisses to keep me alive and sane in this mad world. I love you infinity. Happy marriage anniversary to my dapper husband!

Is love always in the air flowing? This popular term we usually use it whenever possible we want to say anything about love. Although it is not specific. In many blogs we have seen this line. But we think rather love in the air, love is in the eyes. It is expressed clearly and crystally through there. But we mostly demand it in words, confession of love, that yeah you love someone. For those confessed lovers or husbands and wives, we have blossomed best romantic wedding anniversary wishes for husband. Yes, wives, it is from your side because we think you would be certainly want to wish your husband on the anniversary as he wishing you. you must have some flowering and praising words for your husband. We don’t need always language of silence. Sometimes we have to say it, express it, your love in words to your partner. You have to announce it for them before everyone, at least to him. You are like a rose flower my husband. You seem to me, a very beautiful red rose, which I love and never want to pluck. Love you and happy wedding anniversary! What we have above woven for you in words are the heart touching anniversary wishes for husband. Awesome words and lines these are that you can pearl for your husband on the day of wedding anniversary. On the other hand, apart from all, would like to tell us what your husband likes and dislikes or one thing that you hate his most. You just write in the comment section below. The above wishes, you can use for first wedding anniversary for husband, second wedding anniversary for husband or any coming. You can use them for any wedding anniversary because they forever remain young whenever you say them.

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

You are my root of life. When separated from you I just fade. Love you and happy wedding anniversary my moon!

You are my sugar babe. Without you there is no taste in life. Happy wedding anniversary my sugar!

The more I love you. The more I get into you. It is like never ending love with you. Happy wedding anniversary husband!

Your love is like a stream that I want always flow into me. You’re my lovely cake. Happy wedding anniversary husband!

You are my poetry and you’re that verse in my life that I want always repeating. Happy wedding anniversary!

Second Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Second Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

What I write in your praise and say? Everything before you fade. Happy second wedding anniversary my love!

I wish to marry a gentle man with strong heart. You’re that man my husband. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary!

You’re my so good looking butterfly. I love you and adore you. Happy second wedding anniversary husband!

We are like two swans of a story. And more than me, you’re magnetic, beautiful and charismatic. I want to dive with you in every river and pond. Loveliest second wedding anniversary to you!

You’re my fire whose light I’m. We are both unseparated. Love you darling. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary!

Third Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Life without you is murmur. With you, it is a song, a melodious song. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary darling husband!

We are each other’s best friend, more than husband and wife. Our anniversary is more like celebration of our friendship. So happy third friendship wedding anniversary!

I never feel we are two. We are just one body and one soul. Such our love and bond is. Happy 3rd anniversary husband!

Our love and we are connected through our mothers’ womb. Pity this world who couldn’t understand our love. But you only and that is enough. Happy third wedding anniversary husband!

Your smile is million dollars to me. I wake up only to see this that makes me alive. You’re my babe husband. Happy third wedding anniversary husband!

Fourth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Your love is a sweet hypnosis to me, from which I don’t want to come. Love you so much. Happy fourth wedding anniversary love!

Kiss on your lips, kiss on your forehead, kiss on your eyes; my love for is all above and genuine. Happy fourth wedding anniversary husband!

Elegance, handsomeness and intelligence are virtues of few men. You have all three. I’m proud and lucky to marry you. Happy 4th wedding anniversary husband!

I’ll always be there for you my eternal love. Happy 4th wedding anniversary to you!

In my eyes only your picture is, imprinted for forever. Happy 4th wedding anniversary to my star!

Fifth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

You’re my baby and I’m your baby oh my hubby. That is our love. Happy magical 5th wedding anniversary to you!

You have been truthful, honest and committed to me. That is your love. I’m in awe of you and forever want to remain. Happy 5th wedding anniversary to you!

In simple words, you are the best real magic of my life. Thank you for being in my life. Awesome 5th wedding anniversary to my dear husband!

Just remember, even death could not separate us. Love you darling husband. Happy 5th wedding anniversary to you!

Our love is drug and I want to be encaged by it forever my beautiful flower. Craziest 5th wedding anniversary to you husband!

Sixth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

May I wish that we never become old and forever remain young. Happy gracious 6th wedding anniversary husband!

May I wish that you always do what I say and never ask any question! Would you? Happy 6th wedding anniversary!

You don’t love me enough as much as I do you and always be doing. It would never be less for you. Happy 6th wedding anniversary hubby!

It is our 6th wedding anniversary and I want you to clean all the house and cook for me! loveliest wedding anniversary!

Don’t you want to thank me that I came in your life and made you successful! Though I love you. Best 6th wedding anniversary to you!

Seventh Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

So boring person you are. Do you know? But with your eyes you say everything. That intense depth. I love it. Happy successful 7th wedding anniversary hubby!

What if on our seventh wedding anniversary you wash all the dishes! My gift to you!!! Happiest wedding anniversary!

I ain’t gonna treat you special just because it is our seventh wedding anniversary. You’re not special to me but precious to me. Most special wedding anniversary to you husband!

You achieve all the success in your life but first please give me your all wealth!!! Successful 7th wedding anniversary dear hubby!

The more this sky is vast, the more my love for you. Happiest 7th wedding anniversary star of my heart!

Eight Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Oh hypnotic love of mine, forever be mine. Nor you die, nor I die. Forever we shine. Happy 8th wedding anniversary husband!

You be a bee, I be a bee. We both fly together drinking honey of here and there. Nor you lie, nor I lie. Forever we be each other side. Awesome 8th wedding anniversary my love!

Your genuine simplicity is most extraordinary for me. I treasure it for my life. Happy wedding anniversary extraordinary man of my life!

Could you please buy me a 1000 dollar outfit on our 8th wedding anniversary husband! Craziest wedding anniversary!

Could you gift me a SUV on our eight wedding anniversary! That is enough for me. Love you husband. Peaceful happy wedding anniversary!

Ninth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Infinite time may become and thus infinite my love for you my rose. Sparkling 9th wedding anniversary husband!

I don’t know my future. I know my lovely present and it is you my heart throb. Happy 9th wedding anniversary!

I know you don’t have eight-packed abs that I like. But you’ve manifold love for mea and that’s enough. Happy wedding 9th anniversary hubby!

A whole dictionary could be written on your love my husband. So many ways you love me. Happy 9th wedding anniversary!

I just want a diamond ring on our wedding anniversary!!! I know you won’t refuse me!!! So warmed happy 9th wedding anniversary to you!

Tenth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

May you get the name and fame for yourself in this life. May you be recognized as you want to be. Sweetest 10th wedding anniversary to you my love!

May you be a man of your words. May you fulfill all your promises. May your every wish come true. Happy graceful 10th wedding anniversary my man!

None could trouble you. None could harm you. None be your enemy. You shall be in everyone’s heart. So nicest 10th wedding anniversary hubby!

No liars could defeat you. No magic could blind you. May God protect you every time. His blessings always over you. Happiest 10th wedding anniversary husband!

May you get the love of all but you love me only!!! Loveliest 10th wedding anniversary my love!

Twenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

I don’t know how I spent 25 years of my life with you! And I don’t know how I’m still loving you. Most happiest twenty fifth wedding anniversary to you my young love!

Why I wasted 25 years of my life with you! I don’t know but the best thing is that you have filled my life with so much love. Happy twenty fifth wedding anniversary!

You are the music of that flute which God Krishna plays. You are a blessing for me my Krishna. So many hugs to you and fire-cracking twenty fifth wedding anniversary to you!

God made this whole world. And you have made mine. Tons of love to you and happiest twenty fifth wedding anniversary my heart!

With you my thunder, best twenty fifth years of my life. Thunderous 25th wedding anniversary my humorous hubby!

50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

May you get peace in your life, wealth in life and wife like me in your life!!! Most happiest 50th wedding anniversary handsome hubby!

Where we should go for our 50th wedding anniversary honeymoon? Shouldn’t we on moon!!! Love you and so much respect to you. thank you for tolerating me. Happy wedding anniversary!!!

When you born again in next birth, I wish you find me beside you!!! It is lots of time with you. by the way 50th wedding anniversary husband!!

May you always be the rainbow of my life. And when I come as rain, you come with me. Warm Rainiest 50th wedding anniversary my Robert Downey Junior!!!

May you transcend this life and find the God and be with him with me for eternity. Our love is immortal and we be too. Soulful 50th wedding anniversary husband!!!

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

I think my dear husband you are losing your grace and elegance. But it is okay I’m giving you a chance to maintain it. So maintain it. By the way happy wedding third anniversary!

Whenever I see your face I lose my smile but find myself in you always. Such charms of yours. Happy wedding anniversary dear husband!

Mistake of my life is that I married a such person like you who loves me so intensely and deeply. Sometimes I think I’m lucky or you are too good. Happy best third wedding anniversary to you!

I am madly in love with you but you have brought me peace. When I see you it just relax for me but sometimes I think I want to change you with another! Don’t mind I love you. Happy anniversary husband!

You are not interesting but your talks are and I’m fab on them. That’s why I love you. Otherwise I would have married a handsome man! Happy wedding anniversary my handsome husband!

When I found you I completely lost myself in you. If you don’t mind would you like to clean the whole house! Craziest wedding anniversary husband!

Which restaurant we would be going for anniversary celebration? I think we cancel it and today’s food you cook! Best wedding anniversary my chef!

Oh! Man you are getting old and bald too. I don’t like to go with you around. But in bald look you look fine too. So many kisses and blessings and happy wedding anniversary!

I have known you all from toe to head. I think there is no fun in you now. Yet you give me so much happiness. I love you. Happy wedding anniversary husband!

I don’t like going outside with you on your scooter. I want a car. But I think I can sit anywhere with you. Oh my adorable love. Happy wedding anniversary dear husband!

You have dark circles under your eyes. Your face too is getting filled with wrinkles. You earn less too. But you are honest with me. And this quality is rare these days in men. Love you and glorious wedding anniversary husband!

You don’t have strength to protect your wife, while you have mountain strength to protect. That’s why I feel protected with you. Loveliest wedding anniversary husband!

May you get all the love in the world. May you achieve everything. But just make sure I am before there to receive all this first!

You are my Salman Khan my handsome friend. But you have married me and I think you like this freedom a lot. With the bottom of the heart happy wedding anniversary husband!

Life with you is so drastic. I mean to say so drastically fun that I am loving it every day more. With my heart happy wedding anniversary husband!

The value of fun in life is irreplaceable, so much that if you replace it with any other thing, then your whole time would be going capricious. Never replace fun with any other thing while increase it with other lots of funny activities. Husband and wife fun too and it is required. That’s why lots of wives say they look a husband with a good sense of humor. With that good sense of humor, we have created for you funny wedding anniversary wishes for husband. These are the hilariously best funny wedding anniversary wishes for husband. You wives out there love to pick one of these lines for wishing your husband because we know we have written for you with heart, original, and fully with feelings.

Religious Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Husband

“Everyday I discover that I love you even more, and in this infinite universe I will love you till the ends.” -Alicia N Green

“The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” –Rumi

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.” –Plato

“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” -Paulo Coelho

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” -William Shakespeare

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our souls and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.” -Nicholas Sparks

“He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” -Emily Brante

“The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead.” -Marilyn Monroe

“We would be together and have our books and at night be warm in bed together with the windows opens and the stars bright.”-Ernest Hemingway

“He stepped down, trying not to look long at her, as if she were the sun, yet he saw her, like the sun, even without looking.” –Leo Tolstoy

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What the word, religion is really and what it means and teaches in just one simple word if we may ask you? It is always love. Religion means love and no meaning of it could be other than that. When two partners are into each other with love. It means they are religiously in love with each other. That’s why we have brought for religious wedding anniversary quotes for husband. Above written lines are the best heart touching wedding anniversary quotes for husband by famous personalities. They also have experienced love that’s why from their experience what love look to them they have said it. You wives can use them for wishing your husband on wedding anniversary. Love is love boss. It is above than God also. Don’t mind it. It is the very existence and breath of this life. If you haven’t experienced it then you have experienced nothing in life, and all the wealth and other materialistic pleasure you are chasing is all futile and waste. If you want to tell some other mesmerizing stuff about your relationship and love, you can tell us in the comment section below. Tell us whatever you want to tell us. You don’t need to write original name involved, just tell it like a short story what you have experienced and how is your married life experience? Till now enjoy our heart touching wedding anniversary wishes for husband. Thank you and love!