50+ Graduation Wishes and Quotes for Sister

50+ Graduation Wishes and Quotes for Sister

Graduation Messages for Sister: For someone who is pursuing the first degree of her year, graduation is quite a big deal. And the frisk of being a graduate amplifies by leaps and bounds when you graduate from a prestigious university. If your sister has just graduated, congratulate her for toppling the goal and laud her for all the hard work and sacrifices she has made to achieve the goal. Completing graduation is a tough nut to crack. When your sister cracks that nut, acknowledging her achievement is more than enough for her to stay motivated for the upcoming challenges. She would love to get wishes from the closest people in her life. Below, we have compiled the most gripping and motivational graduation wishes for sister that you can use to shower praise on your little or big sister. She will feel like on cloud nine when she receives graduation wishes from her quirky brother.

Graduation Wishes for Sister

Hey sister, you are officially a graduate and now you are eligible to work on your dreams. I know you will make us proud again. God bless you with more diligence and strength. Happy graduation and let’s party hard!

Here comes the day when you can’t say no to a party. Sister, you have crushed the graduation examination and you deserve to party all night long. Let’s rock the day and hearty congratulations on graduation!

Graduation Wishes for Sister

The happiness on your face is the result of year-long hard work and sacrifices. I am quite sure you will also perform all the duties in the corporate world diligently just like you did during your college days. May you have a scintillating future. Happy graduation, sister!

I wish every day of your life becomes super successful just like your graduation day. Today you have accomplished your childhood dreams and made everyone super proud. Congratulations on your graduation!

The way you are quite clear about your goals and laser-focused on achieving them, this graduation success is just the tip of the iceberg. I know no obstacle can stop you from achieving set goals. Happy graduation!

Maybe for others, graduation is just a poky achievement but the way you and I see it, you being a graduate is a big deal. I wish you good luck and blessings for future goals. Happy graduation, sister!

As mother you are perfect in everything whether study or anything else. Congratulations on your graduation dear sister! May you touch stars in the sky always!

Qualification is the real ornament for any girl and you have become a graduate. Love to you and congratulations on it!

I wish you achieve all the high grades in your life always a step ahead from anyone. You are my determined daughter. Congratulations on your graduation!

All these years you have studied hard and smart ignoring parties, friends and fun. Now your hard work has paid you off. You become a graduate. Congratulations on your graduation!

Your dedication has given you fruit of your efforts that you put in becoming a graduate. Congratulations on your graduation! Be proud of yourself and I pat for you this. 

May you get through all the waters in your life and achieve pearls of your dreams always! Congratulations on your graduation dear daughter! 

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Graduation Quotes for Sister

My beautiful sister, you are a real beauty with brains in every sense. Your success is the outcome of your immense efforts and belief in yourself. Now you can put the graduate title in front of your name. Congratulations and have a successful like ahead!

From the school days to till your graduation, you have always topped every examination and amazed everyone. Not only you are an outstanding talent but also a woman of great character. I am super happy about your graduation success!

Graduation Quotes for Sister

Today, not only you have made our parents proud but also make your brother famous because everyone in the street now knows me by your name. I am glad that you are my lovely sister. Happy graduation, sister!

Dear sister, your graduation is just the beginning of a stellar career lying ahead of you. Don’t let this success make you arrogant or egoistic. We all are proud of your achievement. Hearty congrats on your graduation!

May God keep supplying you with energy, strength, and vision to become the person you always want to be. You have rocked the graduation examination. Heartiest congrats to my intellectual sister on graduation!

A woman looks much beautiful when she speaks the tongue of knowledge. Congratulations on your graduation my so much knowledgeable daughter! May you push yourself always beyond your efforts!

Heartily wishes on completing your graduation! May you fulfill all your dreams and visions! May success always come to you!

May you always go fastest in life! So much love to you and congratulations on your graduation my determined daughter! May God always bless you!

Success comes to those who sweat and burn for it. As it has come to you. Congratulations on your graduation my good daughter!

May you always do in your life rather than spending so much time in thinking! Your graduation is the result of doing and putting in the right direction. Congratulations!

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Graduation Wishes for Elder Sister

Dear sister, today you have made your brother super proud and raised his head in front of the society by acing the graduation examination. My happiness is shattering all boundaries and I will shower all the gifts and happiness of the world on you. Happy Graduation to my big sister.

Graduation Wishes for Elder Sister

Time and again, you have proved that with sheer hard work and focus, no goal is big enough to shatter. Not only you have topped the examination and become a graduate but also you have become a source of inspiration for countless. Congrats on your graduation, elder sister!

My beloved big sis, I seriously had no idea you were so serious about your girls and grinding yourself every single day to achieve them. Look at you now, you are a graduate of the most coveted university in the country. Happy Graduation sister and wishing you all the best!

You are really an elder sister always getting high and above in everything. Congratulations on your graduation elder sister! You have made your name. Well done!

May you dive deep and bring out diamonds for you always! You are yourself a rare diamond. You have done brilliant in your graduation. Congratulations!

You are an awesome elder sister. May always do excellent work as you have done doing your graduation! Congratulations dear elder sister! 

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Graduation Wishes for Younger Sister

The moment I get to know you have completed your graduation, I immediately jumped off my chair. I always knew you are destined to shatter records and set your own benchmarks. Focus on the next goals, my sister. Congrats on graduation, my little angel!

Graduation Wishes for Younger Sister

My little sister, probably, today you have achieved the biggest milestone of your life and taken the most crucial step towards your goals. May you continue to make us proud with your hard work and achievements. Happy graduation, little sis!

Hey little sister, you have very easily achieved another milestone like it’s a piece of cake for you to achieve. You have no idea how incredibly talented you are. May you always stay humble and focused. Congrats on graduation, little sister!

You are my cute younger sister. As cute you are as intelligent you are. You look so cool in your graduation attire receiving your degree. Congratulations on being a graduate! Now hop on to trail of success and benchmarks!

You can get anything in life if you have focus towards it. With your unflinching focus you have become a graduate. Congratulations on your graduation dear younger sister!

Best of luck for your life dear younger sister! May you never fall back ever! Graduation has given you wings of being a qualified girl. Now touch the sky you want flying. Great congratulations my younger sister on graduation! 

Funny Graduation Messages for Sister

Dear sister, instead of boasting about your achievements, you must thank Wikipedia, Google, and Youtube for helping you out in passing the examinations. They are your true saviors. Anyways, you are a graduate and you deserve praising. Happy Graduation!

Funny Graduation Messages for Sister

Hey sis, I hate to break it to you but no one was expecting your graduation completion except the mad guy sitting outside in the street. I guess you both vibe well. Jokes apart, congrats on graduation sister. Happy for you!

Thank god you are graduated and got a job. Finally, I don’t have to pay you pocket money every month. Now I can buy more gifts for my girlfriend. Happy Graduation sister!

It is good you have done your graduation. Now it is marriage time for you; what you say! Congrats sis on graduation!

I don’t know you are such hard working and intelligent. For all these years I thought you are a dumb. Congrats dumb on your graduation!

My cutie pie sister, you have done just graduation, not PhD. Congrats on your graduation but don’t overestimate yourself! Happy graduation to you!

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