60+ Emotional Wedding Wishes for Sister, Quotes and Greetings

60+ Emotional Wedding Wishes for Sister, Quotes and Greetings

Wedding Wishes for Sister: Sisters & brothers share a very crispy, amusing, and adorable bond. No matter how much they nag, fight, tease, or bitch about each other, at the end of the day, they treat each other like the best buddies. A brother becomes quite emotional and foible when his sister leaves the home to begin the new journey with her prince-charming. All a brother can do at that time is wish for a happy and successful married life for her sister. Here is a sweet compilation of funny and emotional wedding wishes for sister that reflects how badly you are going to miss her after departure.

Emotional Wedding Wishes For Sister

My angel-like sister is finally going to fly high with her harbinger of love. I have become so dependent on you for everything that I can’t live without you anymore. Gonna miss you badly. I wish super successful married life to you!

You have never let me felt the absence of our mother. Now you will be gone soon and I will drown again in the depth of darkness and loneliness. But I am happy you are kickstarting a new journey. Have a wonderful married life ahead sister!

Wedding Wishes For Sister

Though there is no custom of love marriage in our family, your life partner’s choice has really changed our perceptions. We all are assured and happy that you got the best life partner. All my blessings and support are always with you. Happy a zingy married life, my lovely sister!

From being in charge of your house to the in-charge of in law’s house, your position never changes. I wish the way you spread happiness here, you spill more happiness in your new home. Happy wedding, beautiful sister!

As you are beginning the new phase of your life, my generous advice to you never breaks your partner’s trust and loyalty. Always try to induce excitement in your married life. God will keep everything fine. Happy wedding!

Your life partner is one lucky chap as he is marrying the most beautiful, smartest, and exuberant girl I have ever known. Just make sure that no third person tries to create differences in your newly married life. Happy married life, my stunning sister!

Your high spirit and zestfulness to live life is the key reason everyone loves you wholeheartedly. Never lose your chirpiness, liveliness, and excitement. Spread love in your new home. Happy married life, sister!

No matter how fierce the storm gets, never ever leave the hand of your better half. May almighty make your newly created bond strong enough to survive all the obstructions of the world. Have an entrancing married life, sister!

Uttering wedding vows is one thing and living your life according to them is a different thing altogether. May you get and give colossal love to your new family and make your sweet home an ideal place to live for everyone. Happy married life sister!

I wish your married life turns out to be as successful as your remarkable career and impeccable as your character. Wish you a tranquil married life!

So my cute sister you have got married. It feels me so awesome and I am happy about you. I wish you all the best for your married life my dearest sister. 

I wish you live as you want even after marriage as you have always lived before. I wish you experience all the joys of happy married life and become a mother soon. Love you my sister, wishing you happy married life.

My little sister congratulation on your marriage! Blessings for your new beginning of life and I wish you pave on this path brilliantly. Wishing happy married life!

We have grown up together. I have always teased you sister. You are my best friend and mentor. All the blessings for your married life and I wish you always be jubilant.

I wish my sister smile from your face never fades. I wish you flourish always and in any difficult situation may you rise like a shining flame. Happy married life my dear sister!

I wish everyone loves you in your new home where you are going and I wish your prosper as much as you want. Happy married life my lovely sister!

You are my perfect partner in everything whatever I did and do. Without you an empty space I always feel at hour home. But I wish you tremendously enjoy your married life and always go ahead in your life. Happy married life my awesome elder sister! I love you.

I am happy you have got married but I am sad too you are going. My beautiful sister I wish in your life beauty always remains and never leave you. Happy married life my loveliest sister!

No one is like you in my life sister. You are the one who I always need at every major event of my life. On your marriage I wish you all the treasures of the world and blessings abundance. I wish grow and flower like undying shimmer. Happy married life my cutest sister!

I wish may the grace of Gods always be on you. I wish your married life goes as smooth and adventure as roller coaster ride. Happiest married life my fabulous sister!

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Beautiful Marriage Wishes for Sisters

Blessed are those who get to tie the wedding knot with the love of their life. You are one heck of a lucky girl. Now, don’t annoy my gullible brother-in-law too much, and better learn to do some household chores. Happy wedding, my lovely sister!

Once my partner in crime and the biggest mess creator of our family is finally hitched and ready to make an innocent person’s life hell. Heartiest congratulations to my sister and the best wishes for newly married life!

Though you will remain in touch with us and also intermittently visit us, still your absence will bite all the family members, especially me. I wish you get unimaginable happiness and success in your new phase of life. Wishing a happy wedding to my beautiful sister!

Emotional Marriage Wishes for Sisters

On the bewitching occasion of your wedding, I wish you a lifetime of good luck, adventures, serenity, and excitement in your upcoming life. May you be the unflinching support system of your better half. Happy wedding sis!

It is indigestible to me that you are married. I mean even a lesbian would have rejected your marriage proposal. Jokes apart, I love you, and congratulations on your marriage!

May no tear come in your life, if it may then it be of happiness! You live long and live joyous. Wishing you awesome married life sister!

You are my elder sister but I always have treated you like lil sister. I never want you to go far from me. I wish you always be protected from all the difficulties and hurdles of life. Wishing you joyous married life to you!

You are innocent and fragile like flower sister. I wish none break you and none make you tear. All the best and happy married life! Love you!

Your greatest power of you is your belief in you. I wish you never lose it and I wish you sail always high and powerful. Happy married life my gorgeous sister!

My sister I love you from the bottom of my heart. You don’t know how much I love you. I wish you live your married life as you want always flowering. Happy married life!

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Sister Marriage Quotes

Hey sister, it’s time for you to open all the doors of love and affection for your partner and live your new phase of life one moment at a time. All the best to you and your dashing brother-in-law for future endeavors. Happy wedding and god bless you!

Undeniably, you are the most stunning and vibrant bride I have ever seen. More than that, you are an exceptional and caring sister that every brother needs. I hope the frisky vibes of your new life lasts forever. Happy wedding my cute sister!

The little and chirpy bird of our house has become the rampant tigress of someone’s else home. May God protect your new family members and bless them as well. Fun apart, I wish you a joyous wedding life!

Sister Marriage Quotes

There is no denying that you will be the apple of the eyes of everyone in your new home. Take good care of everyone there like you took care of us here. I love you sister, and happy marriage!

You are such a sweetheart for everyone in our house that no one can still believe you left us to commence your new life. I wish you a lifetime of happiness, success, and luck. Happy wedding, sister.

Sister is the best permanent friend you have got in your life who always be with you. Happy married life to you sister! You go smooth and you go forever growing.

Being with sister is like getting the love of a mother and a truth friend. I love you my sister. Wish you happy married life and all the wealth to you.

Sisters never betray their brothers. You have always stood with me. May your married life always be a bucket full of stars and shine and they always sparkle in your life.

The love of a sister is selfless and pure heart. I wish sister you get the same in your marriage. You never feel hurt and tears and always go in merriment in your entire life. Happy married life to you!

Tears of love are coming from eyes seeing you getting married. You would leave me. I wish you always get surrounded by your loved ones and you never lose them and they forever be with you.

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Wedding Wishes for Friend’s Sister

Though you are not my real sister, my bonding with you is way greater, stronger, and lovelier than my own sister. May serenity, joy, and opulence never leave your side. I wish you a happy married life!

For someone who always craves to have a sister, you came as an angel in my life and gave me the honor of having a caring sister. Thank you for being my angel guardian and best of luck for the new journey of life. Happy wedding!

From giving eyeballs grabbing gifts to helping in completing the college assignments, you have never differentiated between me and your brother. I am so thrilled to hear that you got hitched. I am gonna miss you like hell. Wishing you a cheerful wedding!

Wedding Wishes for Friend’s Sister

I have always seen you in funky and boy-ish clothes. How did you manage to wear such a chunky and drop-dead gorgeous gown for so long? Anyway, happy wedding to my sister from a different brother!

I am so glad and pleased to know that you have chosen your life partner by looking at his heart, not the financial status. Both of you will achieve unimaginable things together in life. God bless you and happy wedding!

You are like my sister also. I have seen you since you were a kid. I wish you always be cheerful and with smiling face. Happy married life to you!

My friend’s sister is like my sister. I wish all the abundance of happiness on your married life. May you never fail at anything! Happiest married life sister!

You have always treated like a brother and I to you as a sister. Our bond is unique. Though you are my friend’s sister but I love you from all my heart. I wish you get what you want always. Happy married life!

You are beautiful and honest at heart. I wish you never get hurt by anyone in life. Live your life on your own conditions. All the love to you and happy married life sister!

Of my friend and my sister, it is the same thing. I wish none break your heart and all obey your command even after marriage. Happy married life to you sister!

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Funny Wedding Messages for Sister

I am sick and tired of getting exasperated and annoyed because of your frivolous habits. Thank god, now someone else will tolerate you for the rest of your life. Happy wedding sis!

At your wedding, I want to congratulate your better half more than you for bearing the responsibility of a live time bomb. May God gives him enough strength to tolerate your angry version. Happy wedding to the prettiest sister!

Your husband is surely a prince charming but you, my sister, you are the witch of Hogwarts. I literally don’t have words to console your new husband for the future perils. Happy wedding and always be cheerful!

Funny Wedding Messages for Sister

After sucking the blood of every family member to your heart’s content, you are set to some more fresh blood from your in-laws. God bless them and your marriage as well.

Hey sister, were your husband drunk like a skunk when he took the wedding vows? I mean, no sober person is stupid enough to commit his whole life with you. Enjoy your married life! 

All these years you have vexed me. I wish in your husband home you daily wash utensils all your life! Yet wishing you happy married life! I love you sis!

The years of pain have ended. Now I don’t need to tolerate your tantrums sis and I wish your husband never listen to you but only me! With all my heart happy married life to you!

I wish your mother in law give you heavy daily chores of household work and never let you sleep! What you say! Yet with pinch of salt I wish you happy married life! I always want happy life for you.

Marriage is not easy, sister. It is a kind of wrestling. You have wrestled with me a lot. Now it is your real wrestle! Wishing you happy married life sister! Keep wrestling!

All these years you have given me trouble sister. You see it now, it is the way of karma, that you have got married! Love you and wish you all the best for your married life!

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