50+ Engagement Wishes for Sister | Congratulations Messages, & Quotes

50+ Engagement Wishes for Sister, Messages, & Quotes

Engagement Wishes for Sister: Every person shares a special bond with their siblings, especially their sister. After your parents, your sister is the most loving person who cherishes your every achievement and motivates you to move ahead. In short, your sister is the most underrated support system of your life; she is your partner in your crime. On her engagement when she is ready to start her new life with a special person. It is your duty to wish her some beautiful happy engagement messages.

Engagement is a huge occasion for the celebration, that’ why it is important for younger brother or sister to share their feelings with her. But many times, siblings face difficulty in putting their emotions in words. Therefore we are here with a rich collection of engagement messages for sisters. These happy engagement card messages are free from the bound of religion and sometimes funny in order to lighten the mood. You can send these happy engagement wishes for sister either through cards or by text message.

Engagement Wishes for Sister

I  wish your upcoming life will be filled with prosperity, happiness, and love today and so many years to come. On your engagement day, I want to express my deep feeling that I am blessed to have you as my sister. Happy Engagement day, and don’t forget I am always there for you.

Engagement is a new beginning of your life; I want to congratulate you for the same. Always start your day with happiness and express how much you love each other. Never forget these words, as they will always keep the warmth in your relationship. A happy new beginning.

Happy Engagement sister, I wish both of you to have a wonderful journey. Stay together, love each other, build your own world. I want to wish you good luck in the future. Cherish the bond of togetherness.

Engagement Wishes for Sister

My dear sister, I wish you all the best things to happen in your life. You and your partner will lead a happy and accomplished life in this world. Engagement is the new chapter of your life. And I can’t express my feelings; I am on the level beyond happiness.

Dear sister, we have shared a special bond with each other since our childhood. We play, chill, share thoughts and celebrate. But now, a day after we are going to be three, I am really excited to have one more brother in our extended family. Wish you a very happy engagement.

This is the day of your engagement; I can’t believe this is really happening. You remember how we daydream about this grandeur event. Congratulations, my dear. It is a turning point in your life; I wish your upcoming life will be filled with happiness. Heartily wishes.

You fell in love with your dream man, and today you are getting engaged with him. This is one of the biggest events of your life. I wish you all the best in your life, stay in love, stay together and stay happy, even when you are married. Congratulations on your big day, sister.

Your engagement is a great day of celebration. Thanks to you, I have wonderful memories of childhood,  when I didn’t have any friends, you were my only friend. I wish you lots of love and happiness for the rest of your life. Many congratulations, my dear sister and her fiancé.

You are getting engaged today with the love of your life. Happy engagement, my dear. May this brand-new adventure bring you lots of happiness and joy that you deserve. Your life is entering its next level. Many congratulations on it. Make some good memories together.

Your engagement day is the most celebrated day of my life. To date, no day has brought me so much happiness that news of your engagement did. Many congratulations, my dear sister and brother-in-law. Love you both.

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Happy Engagement Messages for Sister

Engagement is the first step of your romantic relationship. It is not just a special occasion of your life but for mine too. My dear sister is finally starting her new chapter of life with someone who will care and protect her just like I do. Many congratulations on your big day.

Life is full of good and bad memories, but I wish all your sorrows would leave you alone and never come back. Love and care of your fiancé will fulfill your life so that you never have time to look back. I assure you that if you are happy in your life, then I will be more than happy for you. Congratulation, dear sister.

Happy Engagement Messages for Sister

Just like every relationship, a wedding requires endurance and trust. I believe you are the one who can preserve this relationship from the evil eyes of the world. I am so happy for you, my dear sister. Congratulations.

Many congratulations on your special day; I am not at all surprised because I have known both of you and your limitless love for years. This is one of the perfect decisions of your life. May you achieve the love, care, loyalty, and joy that you deserve.

Since our childhood, I have known that you two like each other. Therefore I already have visuals of these foreseen outcomes in my mind. I have waited so long to finally witness this happening in front of my eyes. The happy engagement, you two. May you two grow old with each other and lead a happy life without any sorrow or grief.

It’s your Engagement!! This is the best announcement that I have ever made in my life. I am sure you two will become the most romantic and beautiful couple. May your happiness and warmth of this relationship will last forever. Many congratulations!

I could not express in words how much happiness I am experiencing to see you both together. You are the best person in my life and may your finance become the best man of your life. Maintain the dignity of this beautiful relationship, and I am sure it will last longer. Congratulations!

Your engagement will open the door of happiness, good fortune, and joy in your life. My good wishes and prayers are always with both of you. Love each other and stay together forever. Congratulations on your great day.

I admit that I was really surprised when I came to know about you two are getting engaged. This proves that the beginning of every relationship is rough, but with time, when people start knowing each other, it will become an unbreakable bond. May you always find happiness and peace in your life.

Many congratulations, dear sister. You won’t believe I already have visuals of this grand day in my head from the last few years. I am so happy that you have made the right decision in your life. My hearty congratulations on this wonderful event. May you two stay with each other forever and lead a happy life.

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Congratulations Messages on Sister Engagement 

Your announcement of the engagement is an indication that with time, a relationship becomes rock strong. You two start seeing each other in childhood, now you have grown more and so do your relationship. I will feel the warmth of this relationship will remain like this for eternity. Congratulation, sister, and your finance.

You both are my best friend, and now you are finally getting engaged. I could not be more than happy than this. Your engagement day is the best day of my life too. I wish you two remain together forever; your love is so special. I have been witnessing it since high school. This engagement is life long and you both may find happiness in your upcoming life.

Congratulations Messages on Sister Engagement 

I always want to see both of you happy with each other; you are both the most beautiful couple that I have ever seen. I never expected that you two would end up in this position, but your relationship has made everyone wonder. You are about to get married, spend quality time with each other. You deserve this; many congratulations.

I am still surprised that your relationship has made through the ups and downs of life. I have seen you fighting, overcoming the odds. Now you people are getting married; this is the next level of your relationship, you are now going to become man and wife and proving this world that love can make everything happen. Congratulations to you both.

There is no other person on the earth who suits better with each other like you two. I can’t wait to see you well dressed as bride and he as the groom. You two will look like the most lovely people on the earth on that occasion. Many congratulations on your engagement dear!

Congratulations!! You two are getting engaged and finally really making some of the best memories over the years. I wish you will share love, kisses, and hugs every after. What will be your life? I can’t wait to see it.  

Many congratulations on your engagement; you two are going to take your relationship to the next level. I am waiting for your wedding day when you both will become man and wife officially. Cherish this bond forever.

I am really very happy to hear this news. I love you both and feel proud to say that you are making the best decision of your life. I can’t wait to experience what difference engagement and wedding can bring. Wonderful news. Isn’t it. Many congratulations.

This engagement is going to be the best way to cherish the bond of love you people share with each other. Becoming man and wife makes your soul one for the rest of your life. I seriously can’t get over thinking how beautiful and exciting this news is. Good luck to both of you for the rest of your lives. Congratulations.

Today your engagement is the best day of my life. You two are finally becoming one and taking your relationship to a serious level. I love both of you and can’t wait to see your bright future with each other. Many congratulations!

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Funny Engagement Wishes for Sister 

Congratulation, my dear, finally, you have got placed. I mean to say that you have new job responsibilities, new commitments, and a new person to boss around. Many congratulations on this job, and show him how fierce you are as a boss.

I came to know that you are getting engaged; congratulations, finally, you are giving up your freedom and accepted someone who will always be on your head. Hope his charm and affection make your life happy as paradise. Now lead your life with him without fights and worries, which is really hard for you. But I am sure you are going to try your best. Congratulations dear!

Funny Engagement Wishes for Sister

Mother tells me that you are going to be engaged soon, so I feel it my responsibility to congratulate and wish him luck for the future. Since he doesn’t know that you will make his life hell, all his happiness will be disappeared. Anyways don’t worry, sister, I will fulfill my duties well, you already know. Congratulations, both of you.

All the best to your finance, as he deserves my best wishes and prayers. He will need it the most in the future, as he is getting married to you. Never mind congratulations, my dear sister and brother-in-law.

I know, sister, this engagement will bring happiness to both of your life. But what will happen after this period is over, you will fight battles with him and try to take him down. His joy of life will be ruined. I believe you can easily do this, apart from that many congratulations both of you.

I was thinking about what I should congratulate you. Whether for giving up your lifetime freedom or finally getting a person to become boss. Whatever may be the reason, but you deserve all happiness and joy in your life. Congratulations!

People believe engagement is one of the best achievements of their life, specifically on personal grounds. It is the apex of every relationship’s happiness and love. But in reality, it is downhill, where everything is back to normal. Anyways, congratulation on this phase of life.

Traditionally and technically, engagement is the sign and promise to marry. But in reality, it is an indication of lifelong slavery. All the best for the rest of your life, and many congratulations!

There are two types of couples who fight and argue with each other but going to engage soon, just like you. And the second type is yet to be discovered. All the best for the rest of your lives. Congratulations, both of you.

You both are lucky to find each other as your life partner as I believe no one else could tolerate either of you in their lives. Many congratulations on your engagement.

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Engagement Wishes for Sister-in-law

Congratulation, dear sister-in-law, on the day of your engagement. You are heartily welcome in our family; my lord gives you lots of affection and happiness that you deserve the most. 

Many congratulations, dear sister-in-law. May your engagement period will be full of joy, fun, and happiness. Wishing you a great life and relationship with my brother.

Engagement Wishes for Sister-in-law

My brother is the most understanding and influencing person on earth. I wish your life with him will be filled with joyous and happy moments. Feel free to bond with other family members; we are your family too. Many congratulations!

Many congratulations, my dear sister-in-law. My brother is blessed to have such a sweet and caring person in his life. Welcome to the family. Don’t hesitate to accept us, and we ensure you that you will be the most person on the earth.

You are such an amazing woman; you have completely transformed him for his good. My brother is lucky to have you in his life. Congratulation on your engagement day. You two make an incredible pair.

Congratulation to the most beautiful couple that I have ever met in my life for their engagement. Now finally I will get the company of a sister who will represent me in front of the whole family. Feeling blessed to have you in our lives.

Now you are getting engaged; congratulations on the new role as sister-in-law. When you come into our family, you will find how cool it can be to be around people who love and adore you for what you are. Best wishes!

May you have beautiful and successful life even after the marriage. My brother and I will always support you in every phase of your life. So don’t worry and be happy, you have made the best choice in your life. Many congratulations to the beautiful couple.

My brother is the best person who can make your life beautiful and accomplished. Besides, we make sure that we will support you in the same way as your parents and siblings do. Welcome to the family, new sister. Many congratulations!

Happy engagement, my lovely sister-in-law. You are the most charming, adorable, and influencing person on the earth that I have ever come across. May you have a wonderful future and all your dreams come true. 

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Sister Engagement Quotes

“If two stand shoulder to shoulder against the gods, Happy together, the gods themselves are helpless Against them while they stand so.” – Maxwell Anderson

“Marriage is getting to have a sleep over with your best friend, every single night of the week.” – Christie Cook

“Two such as you with such a master speed cannot be parted nor be swept away from one another once you are agreed that life is only life forevermore together wing to wing and oar to oar.” – Robert Frost

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” – Eden Ahbez

“It is sometimes essential for a husband and a wife to quarrel—they get to know each other better.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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