40+ Happy Mothers Day Aunt Quotes & Wishes 2022

40+ Happy Mothers Day Aunt Quotes & Wishes 2022

Mothers Day Wishes for Aunt: An aunt plays the role of another mother for her nephews and nieces. Since their birth, she takes care of them like her own kids, create such beautiful bonds and everlasting memories with them, and always keep them mirthful by bringing gifts, surprises, and showering love on them. When your aunt goes to such a great extent to inject cheer in your life, it is your responsibility to make her feel extraordinary like a queen to remind her that you also consider her no less than a mother. Happy mothers day 2022 is on the brink of arrival and it is a great opportunity for you to woo your aunt by sending her touching happy mothers day aunt quotes and lovely mothers day wishes for aunt like mother from the below-stated collection which we have carved only for you.

Happy Mothers Day Aunt Quotes 2022

Happy mothers day to my beautiful and generous aunt-like mother. Since the beginning, you have taken care of me like your own child and left no stone unturned in showering utmost love, affection, and surprises on me. Thank you for your selfless love! May you have an exciting mothers day celebration!

Hey aunt, on the soulful occasion of mothers day, I want to shower all the love, gifts, and surprises of the world on you. I lost my mother in my childhood and if it weren’t for you, I would be deprived of motherly love and affection. Thank you for all the sacrifices you made for me. Happy mothers day, aunt!

Happy Mothers Day Aunt Quotes 2022

Blessed are those nephews and nieces who have a rocking and cool aunt like you. I never feel bored or dull when I am with you. I wish my mother could be as happening and lively as you are. May God always keep a big smile on your face. Happy mothers day to my aunt like mother!

After my mother, you are the only person in the world whom I can trust and rely on the most. You have always treated me equally to your children and taught me so many valuable life lessons that still help me at crucial moments. Thank you aunt for being so caring and compassionate. Happy mothers day to my aunt!

Dear aunt, your beauty, charm, wit, sass, and style are unmatched and no one can even think about replicating you. In you, I find a person with whom I can love and trust wholeheartedly and unconditionally. I wish you a happy mothers day aunt and I pray for your long life and well-being!

For many years, you have been an integral part of our family and you have played a major role in my fine upbringing and overall growth and development. I don’t know how will I repay for all the sacrifices you have made for our family. I love you aunt and happy mothers day!

I have never differentiated between you and my mother. For me, you are just like my mother who only knows how to sprinkle happiness, love, and compassion in my life. You are such an angel and your positive attitude in any situation is the biggest inspiration. Happy mothers day to my sweet aunt!

Though I am not your real son, you have always spoiled me and pampered me like your own son. Your humility and generosity have had a big and positive influence on my life. I wish you continue to pour down unconditional love and compassion on me. Happy mothers day to the best aunt ever!

I must say I am one hell of a lucky chap that I am born as your nephew. You have done everything in your capacity to give me whatever I covet. Not only you are a beautiful soul but also one of the purest souls I have ever met. Happy mothers day to my dearest aunt!

Dear aunt, some of the sweetest and most enchanting memories of my childhood I have created with you. You are so simple, kind-hearted, and loving that anyone can fall in love within your simplicity. You will always be pretty close to my heart. Happy mothers day to my beautiful aunt!

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You are my mother’s best friend and sister, and to me you are my aunty. You are a true admirer of me and the one who always gives right advice like a mother caring for her child. Wishing happy mother’s day to my aunty!

You are my inner force and strength; aunty. Sometimes without you I think I am nothing. When your blessings are with me, it feels so safe and worriless. You are like my mother and I am good to have two mothers, one my real and one you. Wishing happy mother’s day to my sweet aunty!

Whenever I am in trouble, the only name comes to my mind where I think my problems get resolved, is of yours, aunty. You are the shelter whom I need for life. Thank you for always loving me like your son. Wishing happy mother’s day to my wittiest aunty!

You know that I don’t like many embellishments of words to appreciate. But my feelings and emotions are true for you. And I genuinely love you as my mother. Thank you for always encouraging me. Happy mother’s day to my favorite and best aunt!

What you have done for me I can’t be less thankful to you because your love for is beyond anything. Your affection, love and always treating me like your child I can never forget. You have given me more than I deserve. You are my best aunty in the world. Happy mother’s day to you!

In every woman there is a mother but in you aunty, there is only a mother for me; a mother who at any cost want for me all the world’s happiness and wealth. I am blessed to have you in my life. Happy mother’s day to my lovely aunty!

You take care of me like a child still me being totally grown as a man. I am for you that five years old kid still. And you still give me toffee as I used to ask when I was a kid. My childhood was your love and my adulthood is your guide. Thank you for being a mother to me always. Happy mother’s day to you!

You are that star and sun of my life that would always spread light in my life. You are my aunt mother. Wishing happy mother’s day to my jovial aunty!

I respect and love you as my mother. You have taught me all the life lessons. One bruise of mine makes you worry, and when I don’t sleep, you are awake all nights. Such aunts like you are rare. God has only sent you for me. Happy mother’s day to my mentor like aunty!

I adore you my dearest aunty like mother. I honor you for being what you are; a determined and strong will woman. Wishing happy mother’s day to you!

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Happy Mothers Day Wishes for Aunt like a Mother

Out of all the aunts, you are my favorite and the dearest one not because you bring umpteen gifts and pamper me but you always show me the right path. For you, my heart will always have love and respect. Happy mothers day to the best aunt ever!

On mothers day, you deserve more than flowers, hugs, gifts, and sugar-coated words. You deserve all the respect and love of the world taking care of me like your own son. I will never ever forget your contributions to my development. Happy mothers day, aunt!

Happy Mothers Day Wishes for Aunt like a Mother

To my drop-dead gorgeous aunt, may your mother’s day be surrounded with utmost love, positivity, and thankfulness towards the lord. You have done beyond your capacity for us and now is our day to do something special and extraordinary for you. Happy mothers day and have a glorious day!

Dear aunt, unquestionably, you are the sweetest blessing of my life which I want to last till the end. Your stature in my life is no less than a mother and you are an exemplary role model for many women. Today is your day to enjoy yourself like a queen. Happy mothers day to my aunt!

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Aunt, you have always been the ray of a silver lining for our family. You have done so much for me without any conditions that I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for you in my heart. Happy mothers day, aunt!

As you are aging my dear aunt and I wish that in your old life you have much love and care of your friends and family and they never leave you. May they always be there for you! Happy mother’s day to my dearest aunty!

When I was a kid, you used to drop me at school and picked me up always. You have given me love of a mother, friend and sister. My mum was always thankful to God that she had you in life. Happy mother’s day to my kind heart aunty!

Happy mother’s day to my cutest aunty! May you always be blessed by God’s grace! All the love to you and remember one thing I am always here for you!

May the fireworks of happiness and joy always take place in your life! Wishing happy mother’s day to my aunty like mother!

May no single stone of sadness ever touch your home of wellness! Wishing happy mother’s day to my sweetest aunt like mother!

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