80+ Good Night Messages For Him – Romantic Text for Boyfriend

80+ Good Night Messages For Him - Romantic Text for Boyfriend

Good Night Message for Him: One of the most painful tasks for any person in the world is staying away from the partner even for a short span of time. When the sun sets and the night dominates the sky, the feeling to get in the arms of your lover becomes stronger. But what to do when your boyfriend is miles away residing in a different city because of some reason? The best way to cure the loneliness and longing for your boyfriend is sending romantic good night messages for him far away. On this page, you will find a colossal selection of long good night wishes for him to express your love and night cravings for him.

Sweet Good Night Messages for Him

Even a plain and sweet good night text from you adds stars to my empty nights. Good night love!

The moment I close my eyes, your handsome face and your talks start revolving in my mind and elevate my joy. I wish I could hug you tight right now and say, I love you. Good night to the most caring boyfriend!

My sleeping time is way more enchanting than my morning time because you arrive in my dreams and make my world lively. Good night my cute boyfriend!

Sweet Good Night Messages for Him

It’s so difficult to sleep at night when I don’t have you beside me to tease. I can’t tolerate this physical distance anymore. Come home soon! Good night!

This night is teaching me a significant lesson that I am and I will always be imperfect if you are not with me. I will see you pretty soon. Take good sleep and good night!

All it takes is one dream about you to make my nighttime enthralling and warm. I pretend that you are lying beside me and sleep take over me quite well. Good night my sweet boyfriend!

I sleep with the hope that when the morning happens, you will be here with a heart-warming smile and start cuddling with me. Don’t let the stress spoil your nighttime. Good night love!

Hey sweetheart, I suggest you to sleep well because there is no healer or doctor better than a good sleep to deal with peer pressure and stress. Good night, my smart and dashing boyfriend

I always want to be the last thought of night in your mind. I always want to be the first wave of freshness and sunshine in your morning. Good night and sleep tight!

Your one gentle touch is embraced for months by me. Just imagine what would happen if you linger with me all the time? Sounds pretty exciting! Good night and lots of hugs to you!

You are that person in my life that I never want to lose you at any cost. Good night my love!

I have that connection with you through which I can talk you silently. It is like entirely telepathic. My love, you are my everything. Good night!

Squeezing myself into your arms is like finding comfort I can never find anywhere else. You are my dream come true. Good night my love!

Not this life but I want to spend my all coming life with you. You are honest and truest love. Good night my love! Take care of yourself.

I wish that every morning you wake up your every one wish comes true. Good night my life partner and forever love!

Spending time with you is like drinking warm sweet coffee under a yellow tree in the shade of it. I always want to be in your shade my love. Good night my amazing love!

In your eyes I see my entire universe. My end is in you. May you succeed in every way of life whether you have me or not. Good night my only truest love!

Keeping myself away from you is like death. Having myself near is like drowning in your love I can’t help with it. I forever will be there for you. Good night!

Your love for me is entirely selfless. I am lucky I have found you. My love may your reach be endless! Good night and sweet dreams!

Being with you is like feeling infinite freedom. This is the true meaning of love. I love you my man. Good night and always keep me near you even in dreams!

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Long Good Night wishes for Him

What scary dreams or nightmares can do when I am sleeping like a baby in your arms? You are my forever shining moon. Good night, cute boyfriend!

I always a need pill to sleep well at night; the pill of your love. Wishing good night to my boyfriend who makes my night beautiful!

It is next to impossible for me to fall asleep without having a million thoughts about you. Until I savor everything about you completely, I cannot sleep at all. Good night!

Long Good Night wishes for Him

If you have the competency to look into my heart, I could have shown you my heart becomes brighter than the moon when it beats for you. I wish you a happy night!

There is one thing I never get tired of doing, it’s thinking about you while lying on the bed. Thinking about is my favorite pastime at night. I wish you a comfy night!

I am so crazily in love with you that I am ready to end my existence instantly if you are not with me. Good night to my Mr. Perfect!

I have decided to not walk on all those paths on which there are no footprints of yours. My life is sustaining because you are in it to give meaning. Good night, boyfriend!

Life is too short to not express your love and emotions. I can shout at midnight on my terrace that I love you like a crazy girl. Good night, sleep well!

The more I think about you, the more I praise myself for choosing you as my better half. How on earth can any girl control herself not to fall in love with a thorough gentleman like you. Good night!

So what if you are not with me, I can easily get your feel by stalking your pictures on social media all night long. It gives me the feeling that you are sleeping with me while hugging tight. Good night!

I wish that you always be with me for this entirety and for millions of entirety. Good night my dear love!

Nothing is so blissful as having you in my life. I wish whatever good you do in your life bring you fruit. Good night my man!

I wish you reach on top of your doings and build yourself such none could overpower you. Good night my crazy love!

I wish the fragrance of you, you never lose and that is of honesty and trust you emanates. Good night my lovely love!

May the joy in your life never end whether I am with you or not! Good night my love! Sweet dreams and always be blessed!

With you I am at my best. I wish you always be best in your life and whatever endeavour you do in your life. Good night my unfading love!

You are god of my heart. You always reign at my heart. I wish you reign everywhere wherever you step your feet. Good night and have beautiful dreams my love!

Being with you is so wonderful. I wish your life get full of magic and wonderfulness of everything. Good night my awesome love!

May blessings and grace never end on you of God! May he always make you tread all difficult with ease! Good night love!

I wish you be of that flower whose shine never ends. Always be ahead in your life and get what you thought you would never. Good night love!

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Romantic Good Night Messages For Boyfriend | Good Night Love Messages for him

As I am lying along on bed, the clouds of all the beautiful past memories are hovering in my mind and cravings to make love to you is touching the sky. Good night my sweet boyfriend!

Your breathtaking presence is one of the key reasons why my nighttime is so comfy and romantic in spite of having an exhausting and exasperating day. Good night, love! I am gonna dream about you all night long!

No matter whether I have energy in my body or not, I cannot go to bed without thinking about you to my heart’s content. Sign off your work and come to my arms soon. My heart and night both are missing you.

Romantic Good Night Messages For Boyfriend | Good Night Love Messages for him

When you are away from me at night, I sit near the window and let the cold breeze touch my body. It feels like you are touching me, kissing me, and hugging me. Good night boyfriend and sleep tight!

The longer you take to come home at night, the stronger my longing becomes to be in your strong arms. I wish you were here with me to talk about anything and dissolve in each other later. Good night to my caring boyfriend!

Your eyes make me do anything my love. Such beautiful you are. Good night my life!

Without you can’t breathe. You are that ocean for me in whose depth there is only one thing and it is love only for me. Love you my love and Good night!

I can’t admire and adore you more. I think I would lose my life in that and yet it is less. Good night my man! I would visit you in your dreams.

You can’t understand how much I care for you. Your this smile makes me crazy. Love you darling and Good night!

Have a wonderful good night my love! sleep well and when you wake up next morning you would find me near you.

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Funny Good Night Messages for Him

When I wish you a good night, I actually want you to sleep deeply so that I can Netflix and chill without any disturbance. You better remember what my good night text really means. Jokes apart, good night sweetheart!

I badly want to give long kisses to you at night but all I smell from your mouth is onion and garlic and it spoils my mood badly. You better brush well before coming to bed with me. Good night and sleep well boyfriend!

Good night is the time to have some romantic conversation with your lover not with the voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, or Alexa. Stop doing that now and reply to me on time. Good night baby!

Thanks to you, I only hear the sounds of blabbering and snoring even in my dreams. Such an impact you have made in my life. Kudos to you! Good night, my love!

You are surely in the wrong place because you are not in my bed. You better learn to be at the right place at the right time because sleeping alone scares the hell out of me. Good night to my cranky boyfriend!

Even though I bid you good night but I don’t think night is for sleeping my love! Love you madly.

I don’t know why all these nights go in saying you Good night only! My love you are too simple and gentle!

Love you darling and so many kisses and hugs to you for all this night and coming. But saying all these in words is waste! I pray for your wise!

I am going with my all the exes to a party. I think you are comfortable with it? Good night my love and sleep tight!

I wish that you sleep so tight that you never wake up and I went out with your all money! Good night and keep your credit cards near you!

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Flirty Goodnight Text for Him

When you are alone, I love to wear your clothes and feel your aroma that tantalizes me to the core. I so badly want to be in your arms and make passionate love to you. Good night, honey!

There is not pillow better than your muscular and strong arms. I just want to lie in your arms all day and night long and snuggle with you. Good night, my lovely boyfriend!

My work keeps me busy all day long and our luscious memories of nighttime keep me busy all night long. Good night!

The only hateful thing about all my beautiful nights is you are barely present in them. I hate your work and business trips. But I can’t ignore you either. Good night my love of life!

When the silence of the night haunts me, I check out our old flirty text messages and my temptation crosses all the boundaries. Please come back soon as I want myself to feel you completely.

We have been with each other for a long time taking care of each other and sharing everything. Don’t you think we should marry! Good night my dearest love! Marry or not I will always be there with you.

These days you are becoming less attractive. I don’t know why I am liking other girls. They are snatching me away from you. What do you think! Good night my boy!

I know you are waiting for my message for good night. Why don’t you just do a sleepover with me? I’m waiting. Good night love!

Oh my love all these night I am sleeping alone watching stars waiting for you while you are just a drive away. Come to me quick like your reach in morning when I wake up! Good night!

You are so handsome and beautiful. I have never seen a man like you. What a beautiful man you are! Feel good to be your girl. Love you and good night!

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Goodnight Quotes For Boyfriend to make him smile

You may be thousands of kilometers away from me but our memories are always closest to my heart. Good night darling and sleep well.

If it were in my hands, I would have taken you to some other planet where no one could part us. You are the first and the last thought in my mornings and night times. Good night to the cutest boyfriend!

Every single night, a constant tussle goes in my mind of missing you and loving you. In the end, my love for you triumphs. Good night, my sweetheart!

Goodnight Quotes For Boyfriend to make him smile

Your sweet thoughts at night time drift me away from the harsh reality of the world otherwise I would have gone berserk till now. I need you to sleep well and survive. I wish you a happy night!

My nights are no longer exciting, serene, and sensual because you are not here to beautify my existence. I badly need you to come and give me a good night kiss. Good night and love you baby!

Thinking about you that you are alright and sleeping well is a relief for me that I will meet you tomorrow and be with you all the day. My love you are the most amazing man in this birth and I wish may it forever. Love you darling and good night!

This all night is a blanket for you that keep you warm and all the stars are guard for you that keep you safe and protected and I am the wind that come in night to check you whether you are alright. Good night dear! Meet you tomorrow.

When I first saw you time stopped and I felt a kind of reverberation that jolted my whole body sweetly and at the moment I knew I am in love with you and will be forever. Since then it is generations of generations with you I have promised myself to be with you. Good night!

Though life is not easy but with you hard seems to me easy. With you everything is comfortable. Live your every dream my love. Good night!

You are the definition of my life for which I am living. You are the reason for which I am alive my love. You are an infinite treasure for me. Good night and take care of yourself. One scratch on your body is a death to me.

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