50+ 1st Death Anniversary Messages and Quotes

50+ 1st Death Anniversary Messages and Quotes

First Death Anniversary Messages: Only a person who has lost someone pretty close to his heart can understand the excruciating pain of losing a family member, friend, or lover. Death is the universal truth and inevitable as well. Yet, we long for the lost ones badly and live in a constant state of sorrow and agony for a long time. No matter how strong and determined, the death of a beloved person can shatter you completely and leave no hope to recover back anytime soon. You must remember and pay tribute to all the deceased ones on their death anniversaries in the form of either prayers or messages. The first death anniversary is always a significant and painful reminder for everyone. However, you must muster courage and send 1st death anniversary messages to the family of the respective person. Below is the compilation of the emotional first death anniversary quotes and messages that will help you to pray well for the deceased ones.

1st Death Anniversary Messages

Dear father, the pain of losing you untimely still pierces me a lot. If it was possible, I would have traded my soul with you. Remembering my dad on his first death anniversary. God bless your soul!

1st Death Anniversary Messages

A whole year has passed but the pain of losing you is not decreasing a bit. Mother, my life without is like a fallen fruit from the tree. I miss you to the moon and back. On your first death anniversary, I wish god renders immense solace to your soul.

It’s been one year of your tragic demise but the clouds of sadness and gloominess are still hovering in our lives. We lost our happiness and vivaciousness with your death. May God bless your soul in heaven! I remember my grandmother on her first death anniversary!

The past year has been such a topsy-turvy journey. Your death has shaken me so badly that I still lost my senses when your memories run in my mind. I wish your soul is residing peacefully and happily in heaven. Missing you on the first death anniversary!

It’s been exactly one year since you left this planet. With you, the glory and magnificence of this home have also gone far away. I wish wherever you are residing well in heaven. Miss you dad!

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First Death Anniversary Quotes

I know no living person in this world is mortal but we are human beings and we are a creature of emotions. No amount of time, love, and affection can heal the wound that arose because of your death. I badly miss my father on his 1st death anniversary!

First Death Anniversary Quotes

Living a life without your tutelage is no less than hell. I am surviving only with your loving memories. May the Lord provide your soul with all the reasons for joy in heaven. I pray for the peace and well-being of your soul.

Exactly one year has passed since you have gone but there is no sign of cheer and solace in my life. You have taken all the grace with you. My heart still pounds so hard whenever someone utters your name. Remembering my sweet little sister on her first death anniversary!

I know I can’t touch you, feel you, or talk to you but I can connect with your soothing vibes that always want to indicate something. I wish you could be here to console my soul and rekindle the lost hope. I miss you sister and I remember you on your first death anniversary!

It is a sheer truth that no one gets out alive from this world. However, saying bid adieu to the loved ones before time is also quite bitter. On your first death anniversary, my heart is remembering you and my eyes can’t stop shedding tears.

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1st Death Anniversary Quotes for Mother

My sweet mother, the last time I laughed wholeheartedly was the day before your untimely demise. The liveliness of this house has gone away with you. May the lord renders utmost peace to your soul. I miss you on your first death anniversary!

1st Death Anniversary Quotes for Mother 

Today marks the first death anniversary of the dearest person in my life, my late mother. You have no idea how terribly my life has become after your departure. I miss you mom but I also pray for the peace of your soul.

The most heart-breaking feeling in the world is watching your mother dying from excruciating pain but still can’t do anything. One year without you was the toughest year of my life. Remembering my mother on her 1st death anniversary!

I cannot change the decision of god but I can fight with him for snatching away the biggest blessing of my life. You will always be alive in my heart, mother. I pray for the peace and comfort of your soul!

Mother, you were the only source of sheer inspiration in my life. Your untimely demise has shattered everything in my life. Tears from my eyes aren’t stopping and drying. You are always in my prayers. Remembering you on our 1st death anniversary mother!

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1st Death Anniversary Quotes for Father

I pray tribute to the first and the last superhero of my life, my father on his first death anniversary. Your affection and life lessons are greatly missed by everyone. Be at peace in heaven!

1st Death Anniversary Quotes for Father

Today is the first year of the death anniversary of my father and my heart is pounding with great sorrow and agony. Now I come to realize the significance of a father in life. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers!

The day you said goodbye to us is the day I haven’t smiled or looked forward in life till yet. You were the only person whom I always look up to as a role model. I miss you father every single moment!

Dear father, I don’t think there is anyone in the family who can match your legacy and stature. You were one of a kind personality who could charm anyone. I wish you have a great time in heaven!

Everything can be replaced on this planet but not the love and care of a father. Losing you suddenly was the biggest blow of my life from which I haven’t recovered even after a year. Remembering you on your first death anniversary! 

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1st Death Anniversary Quotes for Uncle

Losing an uncle who is no less than a fatherly figure is not only heart-shattering but also deeply saddening. You were pretty close to my heart and no one can guide me as you did. You will be greatly missed, uncle!

Dear uncle, I may have lost you one year ago, but your taught values and life lessons are imbibed well in my mind. I hope you live a tranquil life in heaven. I miss you badly uncle! You will forever be alive in my memories and prayers.

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1st Death Anniversary Message for Brother

No one can understand better than me how difficult it is to lose a brother in a painful manner around whom your whole life revolves. Along with you, I also lost a mentor and a wonderful caretaker. Remembering my amazing brother on his first death anniversary!

It is next to impossible for me to digest the fact that you left me a year ago without any hugs and goodbyes. Not a single day passes when I don’t cry in your memories. May you rest peacefully in heaven and God bless you!

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1st Death Anniversary Quotes for Grandfather

Dear grandpa, you were more loving, supporting, and compassionate than my own father. Your departure has completely changed the dynamics of this house. May your holy soul savor all heavenly pleasure. I miss you grandpa on your first death anniversary!

On the first death anniversary of my late beloved grandfather, I request everyone to remember the great soul and his towering deeds. You were one heck of a special man grandfather! I miss you terribly!

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1st Death Anniversary Quotes for Sister

Dear sister, with a heavy heart, I remember you and all the sweet memories of the past on your first death anniversary. You were the person behind the jovial and jolly atmosphere in the house. Your charming and soothing presence is greatly missed. God bless your soul!

We all are aware of the universal truth related to death yet the pain of losing someone never completely goes away from the heart. Dear sister, no matter if you are gone, I will always keep you and your memories alive in my heart. Remembering my generous sister on her death anniversary!

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