120 Good Night Messages For Girlfriend To Make Her Fall In Love With You

sweet Romantic Good Night Texts for Girlfriend/Her

If you are not aware of the power of full of love words, just send a heart melting good night to your girlfriend and see how special and moved she feels even with a simple & sweet good night texts to make her. smile Nothing can beat the charm and magic of sweet good night messages. A plain heat touching good night text from lover can suck away all the worries from your mind and preserve the sense of belonging in your mind. When you send heart touching good night texts to your love, she comes to know you are thinking only about her and this thought titillates her the most. To woo your girlfriend and take your night romance a step higher, we have compiled a swoon-worthy collection of sweet good night wishes for girlfriend and Good Night Message To Make Her Fall In Love With You that will help you to create beautiful night time memories with your girlfriend.

At the end of the day, when we are done with all the essential errands and feel tired like hell, we all need soulful heart touching good night texts to make her smile and heartwarming words from the partner that suck away all our worries and fill us again with love and hope. We’ve rounded up some of the most romantic good night texts for girlfriend and Good Night Message To Make Her Fall In Love With You that will immediately put a huge smile on your lovely girlfriend’s face and help her sleep with happy vibes.

Romantic Good Night Messages for Girlfriend | Good Night Texts For Her

Unless I send you heaps of hugs, kisses, and love in my good night text, I can’t sleep with immense peace. Sweetheart, my night is not serene and completely without you. Good night honey!

The only magical potion to cure my monotonous and energy-sucking day is sending you is thinking about your beautiful face. When I lay in bed, all I think about is having you in my arms and get lost completely. I love you sweet and see you in my dreams.

Romantic Good Night Texts for Girlfriend

Not a single day passes when I don’t make love to you in my dreams. You have changed my entire world and I will do whatever it takes to make you feel extraordinary. Good night my beautiful girlfriend. Let’s meet in your dreams.

The moon, the moonlight, and the stars are the witnesses of my love and how much I miss you in the night. Wherever I look in the sky, I only see your charming face, my lovely girlfriend. Don’t forget to come in my dreams and make immense love.’

Good Night Message To Make Her Fall In Love With You

Before I close my eyes in bed, I only pray for your success, well-being, and colossal prosperity. You are the only being in the world who matters the most to me. Have a tranquil night my love. Good night!

Though we are miles apart, I can still fill your presence in my arms when I am on my bed. I only see your pretty face and spellbinding whenever I close my eyes. Good night my sexy girlfriend. See you soon in dreams!

Heart Touching Good Night Text For Her

A night is useless for me in which you don’t arrive in my dreams and do romantic and kinky things. Living away from you is nothing less than hell but dreaming about you every night calms everything. Good night beautiful!

Thanks a lot sweetheart for giving such a wonderful good night kiss. It always pushes away my stress and fills my heart with all the love of the world for you. Good night to my soul!

Heart Melting Good Night Messages For Her

Whenever I am alone in my room at night, your scintillating face, all our talks, love, and enchanting moment that we have spent together pop up in front of me. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing you in my dreams. Good night, my pretty girlfriend!

Hey my girlfriend, I just want to tell you that whenever someone looks at you the way I do, I feel so envious and angry. Please, tell your eyes to look only at me. Have swoon-worthy and lovely dreams, my love.

Good Night Message To My Love Far Away

Good night to the most exuberant, spontaneous, and vibrant girlfriend in the world. Baby, my life dances around you. If you are not in this world, my existence will be diminished automatically.

You taught me how to love every human being unconditionally and boundlessly. The valuable life lessons you have given to me even my parents have not instilled in me. I love you sweetheart, and good night!

Hot Good Night Messages For Girlfriend

The fun of sleeping amplifies a multitude of times when I sleep while hugging you tightly. You are my mushy cushion and the best cuddler in the world. Good night to the love of my life.

You are the hope on my hopeless days. You are the sleep on my sleepless nights. You are the motivation on my terrible days. You are the breath in my fragile body. Good night to the prettiest girlfriend in the world.

Romantic Good Night Messages For Girlfriend

I sincerely hope your day was quite productive and whimsical as well. You have done your job for the day. Now, it’s time to hold me tight and sleep well in my arms. Good night my sweetheart!

Sleep well my love. If you sleep well I feel well. My entire well being depends on you because I breathe. When next day you wake up, may your all desires get fulfilled! Good night my love! Sleep tight!

sweet Good Night Love Message For Her

Hold yourself in your arms and feel me. I am away yet you feel near me. I come to you as wind and go through your ears and hairs and make you sleep on my lap. Dream of that we are together forever. Have dreams of love my love. I love you. Sleep well and good night!!

Without you perhaps I can’t imagine this world. With you it is all happiness. I always pray for you and your well being. You are more important for me than any other thing. I send you my love. Just imagine your pillow is my arms, you would fall asleep. Good night!

Sweet Good Night Message For Her

You are the reason I wake up every day and want to be with you. You are the only reason my existence has meaning. My love you are my life and life is always taken care beautifully. Sleep tight. I would come in your dream and we would go on a walk. Love you darling and good night!

The love of your is a rare thing for me perhaps I could not ever get and dream of. You are in my constant thought, in every second of my breath. When you are good, I am good. I always think of your happiness. My love just sleep cute because when you sleep your beauty come multifold and I can’t tell you how much I love you more at that time. Good night!

Good Night Message To My Love

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Sweet Heart Touching Good Night Text Messages to Make Smile

I am extremely sorry sweetheart for not giving you a good night kiss yesterday. I will compensate for yesterday’s mistake by giving you 10 more kisses at today’s night. Good night my moon pie!

The nigh time seems more succulent and enchanting when I talk to you to my heart’s content before I sleep. Your fairy tale like voice is the best sleep inducer for me. Good night my love.

Sweet Good Night Text Messages for Her

I thank all the angels above for giving me such a beautiful and caring girlfriend like you. You are more magical than night dreams and more glittering than stars. Good night sweetheart!

You are the only woman who pops up in my dreams and makes them more real than reality. I love you crazily and want to sleep while hugging you. Good night darling!

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It’s because of you I desperately wait for the day to end so that night comes fast and I hope on to my bed quickly to have sweet dreams about you. One day, when we will be together I will sleep having you in my arms. Good night!

Thanks a lot darling for capturing my heart and keeping it safe with you. Now, I can come into your dreams at night whenever you want and can do what couples love to do together. Good night!

You thoughts are my favorite bed sheets, your love is my favorite pillow, and your good night kisses are my favorite sweets. How beautiful my life has become after your arrival. Good night baby!

Whenever you wish me the good night in your entrancing voice, my mind gets occupied with our beautiful memories and your beautiful face. I love you my moon pie. Good night.

Till the moment I am awake at night, all I think about is those moments I have spent with you. I want you to be the first thought in the morning and last thought at night. Good night my love!

I firmly believe you and I are destined to be together for the rest of our lives. During the night, I spend numerous hours thinking only about you before I fall asleep. I love you my baby doll. Good night and sweet dreams!

If I have some superpowers, I would make sure I will live forever in your dreams because I know you only dream about me every single night. Good night sweetheart, sleep well!

Somehow I manage to pass my day without your presence by indulging in work. However, I can’t sleep at night even for a single second if you are not here to snuggle with me. You are my drug baby. Good night my darling!

I am damn sure all the stars and the moon in the sky must be jealous of me because the brightest one sleeps by my side every day. Good night my beautiful lady. Sleep without any worries.

My favorite part of the night is when we both sit on the roof at midnight, drink beer together, and talk about random things. I feel so myself when I am with you. Good night and have wonderful dreams!

As soon as the day ends and the night commences, my excitement level begins to touch new heights because you jump straight in my arms right after coming from the office. My night is a little less than perfect without your presence. Good night love!

What I wish for you when you are totally complete! What I say for you when you are everything! What I wish for you when you have everything! Yet I wish every night you sleep love. May no worries touch you and you be in my arms forever! Good night!

Love is life and that is you. I wish for you enrichment in every area of life. I wish for you all the love of life. I wish we are forever for each other in every moment. My love I am always beside you caressing your hairs and putting you in my arms, just sleep well dear! Good night!

You are the rose of my life that I wish you become more rosy every day. May health and wealth all you get. And with all that every night you sleep sound. Love you my love!

The genuineness of you is so honest. I am fan of it and it is so inspiring. I wish you have it till the end of your life and that is your attractiveness. I wish you live your all moments what you have imagined. Love you and sleep sound. Good night!

When you would be asleep, I come in your dreams and take you on stroll near a beach in starry nights when moon is bright, wind would caress you and we sit near a beach seeing water and talking in silence. But first you have to sleep for this. So sleep deep my love. Good night.

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Flirty Good Night Texts for Girlfriend | Good Night Wishes for Her

The very fact that you are mine for the lifetime sends tickling vibes in my entire body. You are my source of perennial joy and your kiss is the only way for me to sleep in peace at night. Good night!

Flirty Good Night Texts for Girlfriend | Good Night Wishes for Her

If love is considered as the greatest blessing in life, I am certainly the most blissful person in the world as my girlfriend loves me like no one else. I am so lucky to have a beloved like you in life. Good night my love!

Whenever I peek out from my window during night, I can see your lovely face in the moon and the stars. I can see you in every atom of this universe. My love for you is unconditional and free from all shackles. Good night sweetie pie!

The more you come close to me, I suddenly starts feeling so complete and contained and vice versa. I don’t want to live a single second with you. Good night!

Like the moon needs the Sun to maintain and emit its glitter, I need you all the time to make me feel alive and vivacious. I can’t sleep with your good night kisses and full of warmth hug. Good night, my lovely girlfriend!

My night seems so scattered and confusing when I don’t listen your full of love words and magical voice. My unwavering love for you can never exhaust and dwindle. Good night sexy girl!

The more I talk to you, the more I want to talk about you entire night. My sun rises with your and my moon shines with your smile. Good night my lovely girlfriend!

For once, I want to spend my entire night talking to you and seeing your angel like face. Your beautiful aroma and endless talks make me go eccentric for you. Good night my angel!

Certainly, the moon up in the sky must feel quite envious when sees the moon with me. He glitters only in night but you glitter and spread love in my life all the time. I wish I could touch you right now and embrace you in my arms. Good night love!

Since the day you have arrived in my life, I never felt like asking a wish to god even for once. You have made my life so complete and cheerful that I don’t need anything else in my life. May you have a wonderful night with good sleep. Good night my cute girlfriend.

Very good night to my lovely sweetheart and the crux of my life. The better your sleep baby, the more beautiful you will become by rejuvenating your being. Sleep well, honey!

Hey sweetheart, do you know why nighttime is the most awaited time for me? Because you are in my arms at this time leaving all the stress behind and shower love on me. Good night, my love!

Our romantic night conversations, our endless cuddling sessions, our binge-eating late night, all these make my night more beautiful than my day. Good night and sweet dreams, my love.

When you fall asleep, I love to kiss you on the cheeks, cares your hairs gently, and drool over your body all night long. I love you like a maniac and worship you like a goddess. Good night, my baby doll!

Do you know sweetheart why I never had bad dreams? Because your sleep by my side to kick them away by your pure and selfless nature. Good night to my lucky charm!

When you are near me it is always good morning for me and when you are away it is always night for me. But in night you are a light for me which I never want to lose. I love you so much dearly. So my love you sleep in the night of stars understanding moon your lamp and me near you always. Good night!

In cold night when you shiver I hold you, when in dark night you tremble I hold you. You don’t feel ever afraid because I always hold you and behind you. So my darling you sleep deep because I always hold you. Good night!

May this night hold you in its warmth! May this beautiful starry night tell you that you are a bliss! May this night describe you how much I miss and love you! May this night and every night you sleep just dreaming of me! I love you my love. Sleep beautiful and beautiful good night!

I promise you I never leave you. I promise you I always love you. I promise you I will be in my heart forever. I promise you when you wake up tomorrow morning I will be at your doorstep for picking you up. Sleep beautiful my love and sweet good night!

May your every night be magical! May what you dream, come true! May your every night peaceful and sweet! I love you my love. Just sleep well and never go far away from me. Good night!

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Good Night Message To Make Her Fall In Love With You

It is about your smile, it is about your hairs, it is about your lips; that I am thinking all the time. How beautiful you are and so sublime! Good night my girl and have sleep tight!

Cute Good Night Text for Girlfriend | Good Night Love Messages for Her

I am your pillow, I am below your head, in your hear I reign, and for me you queen. You are my love divine. I love my lady my love so fine. Sweet dreams my love!

Even while sleeping I am in constant thought of you. When I wake up, first I see your photo. I just want to tell you how much I love you. Sleep well! I would come in your dream my love!

You are a great wonder for me. Every time I meet you, I know you more. It is best you and me are together. We forever will be. You are always mine. Good night! Take care of yourself!

In night you look so beautiful. You are like the moon. You reflect peace. Caressing your hairs and giving kiss on your cheeks and lips. I bid you Good night dear!

When you sleep, you look like a little child. I want this child forever in my life. Giving flying kiss to you. It will reach in your dreams. Sleep calm. It makes you warm my love. With all my care, sweet Good night to you!

Tomorrow we will meet again. But this night is a distance. Never worry. Just imagine your head on my lap, and you sleep well. Good night my life! I’m nothing without you.

Even though we are far. But you sleep in my heart and I sleep in your heart. We sleep together in each other’s heart, not far. Good night darling! I love you so much!

In nights you look awesome beautiful. You so sparkly radiate with starriest gaze. Good night my love! Just keep yourself safe from stars. Otherwise they fall in love with you. They don’t know you are mine. Good night!

You are my happiness. You are my peace. You are my love. You are my belief. I never want to lose you. I’m sleeping, you sleep too. Good night my eternal love!

My life and days start with you, nights and mornings all with you. You sleep well, I am forever with you. Good night my love! Starriest night to you!

May you see dream of your every beautiful thought tonight. I love you with all my heart divine. Good night my rose! You are my love life.

May night bejewel you with its all stars and moons. May night take care of you as you sleep and me beside you. Good night my joyous love!

Night flowers have said to me, ‘you’re their queen.’ You are my queen too. Good night my cutest love!

The night has whispered in my ears, she takes care of you dear. Be with her tonight and all nights. I be with you forever. Good night my lady!

The blanket of night has wrapped you up in its arms. You look like a beautiful that I want to keep forever. Always with you, forever with you. Good night my crazy love!

May this night not between you and me. It creates distance. Although tomorrow you will be with you again. Good night my simple sober girl! I love you more than seven oceans!

Take your head and put it on my shoulder. You sleep well and I hold you tenderly provided you not slip. Good night my universe! I exist only for you.

You are night’s queen. You walk in my dreams, I am in yours already. How wonderful our world is! Bid you Good night my dearest being!

I want you always. I am for you always. Good night my awesome girl!

Good night my loveliest girl! Without you, this world is hell for me. We are always together.

Being your blanket I want to wrap you from everywhere; not leaving you from anywhere. Good night my girl! I am just near you.

When I cuddle, you smile. Your that smile is life for me. Just be worry free. They are all mine. Sweet dreams, hugs and kisses to you. Good night my strong girl!

I have sent this rosy breeze to take care of you. She is gentle. She makes you sleep soft. You feel like you are in paradise. Good night my independent girl! My love you are.

May all your nights as you want. May they be with beautiful thoughts. Good night my angel!

You know what is beautiful about you? The way you talk. Good night my soul! Waiting for you tomorrow!

In this entire universe so many galaxies. And in me, only you are. In my all particles you are. Good night my life particle my love!

You are my everything. Just remember this. In my heart only you beat. Good night my killing love!

Not even a second of distance I could tolerate between you and me. I am mixed with you for all births. Good night my stupid love!

Our love is immortal. You and me too. Good night my eternal love! Take care and rest! I am beside you holding in my arms.

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Like moon and stars compliment each other to make a perfect night, you compliment me and make my life picture perfect. You are the sweetest dream of my life. Good night, I love you!

I feel happy when I do my work with the utmost passion. But I feel ecstatic when you give me a sexy smile and put your head on my chest at night. Your aroma and presence and mesmerizing. Good night to the love of my life!

Who needs to look up in the sky and savor the spell-binding beauty of the moon when another moon is always with me whom beauty I like to savor the most. Good night to the piece of my heart!

Before you, my life was also moving but without any direction. You came into it, gave it a purpose, and everything has changed from that point. Thank you for being my lucky charm. Good night and I love you forever!

Whenever I want to burst my mental stress in no time, I see your bubbly and vibrant face at night. Not only you are my stress breaker but also a reminder that life should be enjoyed thoroughly and taken lightly. Good night, sweetheart!

Hold you love you meet you greet you treat you, oh my love how beautiful you are. You are that flower towards which all flowers bow down. You are my eternal love. Just don’t ever leave me. Love you darling. Sleep with no worries in your head. I like you smile. Good night!

You are not sweet because I don’t like sweet. You crunch munch my honey bunch, I be for you always there. Your innocence what I like, the honesty I am fan of and you are incredibly smart and intelligent. Love you beautiful always. Take care of you and sleep good! Good night.

My name is not written in your palm but in your heart. I am not in your destiny but in your eternity. I am special for you, I am in you, a magic of joy. I love you. You just sleep peaceful.

I don’t promise I am always there for you but I am promise I am here for you every moment. I don’t know of future but I know of my present and it is with you now and forever. I believe in you. Love you. Good night. 

True romance happens with eyes and goes to heart. It has happened with us and our hearts are beating for each other with their every thump they are saying of us for becoming one. Love you my sweet genie. Sleep well and good night!

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Funny Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

Your constant snoring makes my night an eternal one. Gosh, when will companies start making better earplugs? Jokes apart, I wish you a serene and happy night!

I so badly want to kiss you everywhere at night but the problem is your odor makes me lose sense every time. You better start taking baths regularly. Good night, buttercup!

Hey baby, you better wear your makeup while sleeping at night because your plain face scares the shit out of me whenever I wake up. Good night, my honey!

Hey sweetheart, I have taken a decision today. Before going to bed I will lock up our refrigerator because I find it empty every morning. Anyway, good night my beautiful girlfriend!

Sometimes, I wonder why an outrageously beautiful like you is in a relationship with an average Joe like me? Then I got the answer, I have brains. Good night, sweetheart!

It is so tiresome and boring to send you every night a good night message. Who made this tradition? This is the price of love a boyfriend always has to pay! Just good night and don’t call me night! Good night!

Every night when you go to sleep I need to fake every word that I say for your beauty. I don’t know since what time I am telling you this lie! And you rejoicing! By the way I love you but you are not as beautiful as you look! Sleep well.

Every time I look at you it is so hilarious. You have made my life a joke and I send you a good night message. That is funny actually. Yes that is fun. Good night!

In joke I said you I love you and in seriousness you took it and the price of it I would pay every night sending you funny good night messages. That’s why they girlfriend away a boy is on his way!

When you put lipstick on your lips, it feels like a crow is walking with red lips! Don’t mind love. I am just being funny! Good night!

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Good Night Messages for Girlfriend in Long Distance

I badly crave your presence at night because you are soft and mushy pillow without which I can’t sleep. Please come back sweetheart pretty soon. Good night honey, and sleep well!

My nights are empty and filled with gloomy vibes. My eyes are deprived of sleep. My dreams are packed with only negativity. I need you baby. Good night and come back soon!

So what if we cannot cuddle and snuggle with each other, we can still send lovely good night messages to each other and shower oodles of love. Good night sweetheart and take care of yourself.

It is quite daunting for me to sleep without hugging you tight. But your work is also important sweetheart. Please, finish off your work as soon as possible and come back in my arms. I am waiting, honey. Good night and sleep tight!

You work extremely hard sweetheart. But don’t forget to make some time for me because you know I begin to dwell into the state of despair when I don’t feel your presence. Take care of yourself honey and good night!

Between you and me now distance is long but I hold you along. I promise with these distances our love may increase many fold. You just sleep well that is the only place where we meet, your dreams. I love you forever. Good night!

Mornings may distance us but these nights bring us closer because seeing moon is like seeing you that is how I message you my love. I wait every night to come to your dreams and tell you how my days are going without you. May come soon. I can’t hold myself for a long time. Good night and sweet dreams!

Everything is so silent here without you even my heart that perhaps has stopped to talk to me and waiting for your return. Come soon. I am waiting to see your smile. Till all these night you sleep seeing stars because those are my eyes from which every night I see you.

What I tell you how I am without you inching myself for everything. Oh my love your absence is unbearable for me and I just want to hold you tight for always. Come soon otherwise it is impossible for me to live. Good night and take care of yourself!

Good night! I care for you but I can’t even sleep without you. This pain of your going away is intolerable. Come soon my love. I have been waiting for you, you just come and never let me wait more for a moment. Good night my night charmer!

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