Awesome Good Night Status For Whatsapp, Good Night Greetings For Girlfriend, Friends and Many More

91+ Awesome Good Night Status For Whatsapp, Good Night Greetings For Girlfriend, Friends and Many More

Today’s time is the age of social media where everyone is on it thinking, expressing and doing something n something with their life. Social media is a new wall or house where millennial are living, chatting and meeting. And that social media wall or house has a status that changes as millennial wants to. Some of those statuses are good night status for whatsapp and sweet good night greetings for loved ones. 

These statuses are like someone’s social house address that tells you how a person is feeling or what mood he/ she is in. And there are lots of statuses that change every minute. We are going to cover for you good night status, some good and beautiful sweet dream status that you can have on your social media wall whether whatsapp, Facebook or other one with which you are more engaged. 

These days, life is like this. Social media is a big thing, and with social media status you can say and express to someone or a large group of people what you can’t say them directly. It is easy. Though a status could be about anything, like the attitude you carry, the swag you have, about your style, or about anything that you like. It can be about good morning status too; like what you are feeling when you wake up on every day. 

Best Good Night Status | Awesome Good Night Greetings

Best Good Night Status for whatsapp

One day you use my words as your social media status. Good night!

I am the one who can run against the wind. I am the one who can turn everything as I want to. Good night and sweet dreams!

I am the savior and survivor. You die but I never will. Good night! Night with sparkling stars!

I am the wolf. A wolf can transform itself into whatever it wants too. Happy moon good night!

I will always be loving you. You are the most beautiful part of my life that happened to me. I will always be loving you till I die. Sweet dream and good night!

I am not alone. I just want to be in the company of true and soulful people. Good night!

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The more I try to come near you. The farther you become from me. Love and Good night!

I wish you could understand me. If we could, we could be of each other. Loving you much. Good night!

When I first saw you, I fall for you. As I felt for you, I never felt for anyone. Sweet dreams. Good night!

I don’t know what in our destiny written, but I always wanted to be of you, still is. Good night!

When I reach top in the world, you would regret that whom you leave. Good night and see you!

I promise I will be forever for you there. Love and Good night!

It is not I fear enemies. I fear of my close friends. Peaceful good night to you!

Awesome Good Night Greetings

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Good Night Whatsapp Status | Good Night Greetings For Whatsapp

Good Night Whatsapp Status

Be mine I am waiting for you. I am unable to can. Loving good night!

Life is a story. Just make the best memories for it, the real ones. Good night and sweet dreams!

I always wanted to be your good friend and more than that, but could not say properly. But I love you. Good night!

I didn’t lose you. You lose me. But at the end anyone’s fault it might be. We lose each other. Miss you. Good night!

I just want to hug you, embrace in my arms. I just want to feel you. Sparkling Good night to you!

What I am really, you could not ever know until or unless I want. Good night!

I am your werewolf, always be protecting you. Good night my girl!

Distances in love are perhaps necessary. In true love there is always fights. Breezy good night to you!

You are in pain too and I am in pain too. Why couldn’t we talk? Waiting for you. Good night!

Ego destroys every relationship. So keep it at bay. Good night!

You never know when I sword you. Just give me respect as I am giving you. I love you but I don’t beg of you and your love. Good night my love!

If in our destiny written, we would find again each other, again in love. Lovely good night!

Good Night Greetings For Whatsapp

Good Night Love Status | Good Night Greetings For Her/Him

Good Night Love Status

I just want to get lost myself in your beautiful hairs and eyes. Good night!

We always be in every birth of each other. Love and hugs. Good night!

You have denied me perhaps verbally but not your heart. Waiting for you. Good night!

I know you want me, so say me. I came to talk to you but you just snapped away. I love you but I never beg for it. Hope you understand. Good night!

I know my approach was wrong but not my intentions. Good night!

True love rarely comes. If it comes, you should not leave it. Good night my love!

It is not that there are thousands girls and boys out there that you can choose for yourself if you lose someone your dear. It is love that you choose not bodies. Peaceful good night to you!

If she really loves you, she will come in your life. Good night!

True love is telepathic. You can feel yourselves each other from thousands of miles. But it is rare. God bless and good night!

When I see you, my whole body becomes warmed. It is automatically pulling towards you magnetically. Good night and many hugs!

From billions of people, one is for you. How magical it is, the love. Dreamy good night to you!

A true love is always transcending one. You forget every boundary in it. Good night with sound sleep!

Good Night Greetings For Her/Him

Funny Good Night Status | Hilarious Good Night Greetings

Good Night Funny Status

My friend is best because he allows me to date his girlfriend! Good night!

My dad is going to gift me his credit card on my birthday! Good night!

Life is cruel. My girlfriend always asks for shopping! Happy good night!

What if girlfriend should be like pizza offer. With one, one is free! Holiest good night!

My boss asks me what do you want most in your life? I said I want to be your boss now! Good night!

Not every time peanut butter is good. Sometime try to eat without peanut butter! Good night love!

A woman in life is necessary. But without her, life is best too. You realize this later in life! So much love and Good night!

Is there any feature that can block my girlfriend when I want! Loveliest good night!

Parents these days understand their kids so wisely and unnecessarily! Happy good night!

I want peace also and money also! Good night with true dreams!

My HR is best. Have anyone heard saying like this?! Good night to all!

I work for money and I am selfish. Because I just care extra about myself! Good night to everyone!

The best moment ever happened in my life was when my girlfriend left me! Good night & peace!

Hilarious Good Night Greetings

Good Night Sad Status/ Nostalgic Sad

Good Night Sad Status/ Nostalgic Sad

Without you, it doesn’t feel living. In memories always. Good night!

Why you came to my life and ruin it!? Good night love!

We were good when were friends. We ruined we were lovers. Hope understand. Good night!

Ignoring me doesn’t lessen your pain while increases a lot. Good night to all!

A misunderstanding could not ruin everything between you and me. Come back again. Good night!

I can feel you when you remember me. You are in pain too and me too. Good night and sweet dreams!

The way you treat me is like disrespect to me. I love you. But more than that I love my respect. Good night!

Why God made us meet and separate us without saying each other to good-bye? Have a sweet dream. Good night!

Why in love it is hard to say each other that you love someone. Loveliest good night!

You can remove me from your phone but not from your heart. Good night!

I don’t see me but you daily check my whatsapp DP. Good night my love!

I always in your heart remain a beautiful memory and you in me. Good night to my first love!

It was first sight love with you. Good night!

I ruin myself getting into you. peace and good night!

I every day miss you. I’ve been missing you since we stopped talking. Come back again. Good night!

Why love is always perfect with imperfect people? Good night!

There is no measure in love. Sweet good night to everyone!

In love, every song sung seems it sung for you. Good night!

I can never forget you. Your lips, your hairs, and your beautiful face. Good night my love!

I am alive just seeing your photo every day. Good night my photo girl!

best good night greetings

Good Night Status for Friends | Sweet Dreams Greetings For Best Friend

Good Night Status for Friends

You are not my friend. You are more than that. Good night my friend!

When you come into my life, it becomes so beautiful. Good night best friend!

One true best friend for life is whole for life. Good night!

Walking with you is like uplifting in life. Vibrant good night to all!

You complete my life in most magical way. Crunchy good night!

More than love, friendship is necessary in life. Good night best friend!

Your friendship is sacred for me. Good night half partner!

Just never get angry with me. I can’t tolerate your distance from me. Good night long distant friend!

We can be best friend and best lovers, then why you leave me? Still looking for you. Good night!

I always make you laugh and promise not a single drop of tear would come in your eye. Happiest good night to you!

The one who can understand your silence is only your true friend. Good night my friend!

I’m your wolf. A wolf is always committed. Good night my lovely friend!

In gold a crack could come but in our friendship never. Good night best friend!

More than you for yourself, your life is important for me. Good night true friend!

Sweet Dreams Greetings Best Friends

Romantic Good Night Status for Girlfriend

Romantic Good Night Status for Girlfriend

I love you thousands of hundreds times my love. Sweet dreams and good night!

It is your just love that has made me successful. Good night my star!

Don’t break any woman’s heart who cares for you. Good night love!

Care for her, caress her when she loves you dearly. Good night my sweet love!

Put flowers in her hairs, kiss on her forehead and always protect her. Good night to my truest girl!

Love your girlfriend more than she does to you. Good night!

Take her seriously if she is your girl and never let her go from your life. Good night with brightest stars!

A girl truly in love with you is the greatest gift God has bestowed on you. Good night my bae!

If she ignores you, it means she loves you deep. She wants you to ask her. Good night and understand love!

Losing a girl that is destined for you is the gravest loss of your life. Sober Good night!

If she loves you, she certainly would come back in your life. Just wait and have patience. Good night and wait!

In love, keep respect for yourself at the top. Love must not disrespect you. Warm good night and whole life!

So guys and gals, these are the soulful and loving good night status for girlfriend, and when you read them you would realize that how true and soulful these are. Though every love story and every relationship is different and take many turns before finally coming to a conclusion where you decide whether you really want to be of each other for life or not. When you promise a girl, that you want her in your life, never deceive her and betray. 

It is both for boys and girls. These day love is so fragile and shattering that it gets easily broken without any reason and only because of some misunderstandings. You must understand that in every relationship these come and when they come you must resolve them rather than taking them on your ego. 

A true love only happens once. It is rare that it happens two times but it could not be like your first one. So boss, be man of your girl and take care of her in every possible way. For now, enjoy good night status for girlfriend that we have written originally for you. Spread love and be joy of your life! 

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