17 Ways To Make Your Sister Feel Special

17 Ways To Make Your Sister Feel Special

Sibling relationships are strange — one moment you are best friends, and the very next moment you can’t stand the sight of each other. It is a case of having too many similarities and too many differences all at the same time. It is the familiarity that often leads to squabbles (that thankfully get resolved because how can you not love her!) and creates the cliché yet painful situation of taking each other for granted.

Your relationship with your sister needs love, care, and effort to stay healthy. Little things like sending wishes to your sister on special occasions or making her favorite meal when she is feeling down go a long way in helping the bond stay strong. Read on to learn more ways to make your sister feel truly special and show her that you don’t take her presence in your life for granted.

17 Ways To Make Your Sister Feel Special

1. Provide Social Support

Provide Social Support

It feels so amazing when you know that someone’s got your back. You can be that someone for your sister in social situations. Defend her if things are not going her way in conversations and take her side. You can also make her feel special by mentioning something nice about her accomplishments or letting people know of her achievements at get-togethers. Whether it is in her presence or her absence, your support of her choices and perspectives will mean the world to her.

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2. Surprise Her With Gifts

Surprise Her With Gifts

Gifts are always great and should not only be reserved for special occasions. Surprise your sister with simple and meaningful gifts to let her know that you are thinking of her and that she is special to you. It is important to pick gifts that she will enjoy and love, like the kind of trinkets she likes to wear, her favorite cookies, or that rare vinyl she has been wanting to get her hands on.

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3. Remember Dates That Are Significant To Her

Remember Dates That Are Significant To Her

You know how great it feels when your loved ones remember things that are important to you. It’s really a small and simple thing to do and requires only attention and consideration. So make a mental note of dates significant to your sister and keep track of the date of an exam, a job interview, her date-nights, her anniversary, and other special occasions. Then, make her feel remembered and special by wishing her on those days!

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4. Have Sister Night-Outs

Have Sister Night-Outs

Homes are safe spaces, but sometimes they can be a little too familiar and limiting. Arrange for fun night-outs together and have the wildest conversations about what is going on in your lives. Remember to pay attention to her and do activities that she enjoys the most. You can also have a sleepover and relive your childhood memories if you have been living apart for a while.

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5. Do Fun Projects Together

Do Fun Projects Together

Get crafty with DIYs and channel your creative energies together. You will be surprised at how quickly you bond and the kind of amazing conversations you have while you work together. You can even ask her for a helping hand for big projects, like setting up a new house or planting a garden from scratch. It will show her that you value her presence, input, and support.

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6. Ask Her For Advice And Guidance

Ask Her For Advice And Guidance

Ask her for advice or guidance in personal matters, especially when you feel stuck or undecided about certain things. Don’t forget to share your feelings with her. She will appreciate that you consider her close enough to have intimate and difficult conversations with.

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7. Order Her Favorite Foods And Bond Over Meals

Order Her Favorite Foods And Bond Over Meals

Who doesn’t love to eat and chat with their favorite people? Buy your sister a meal, and make sure you order her favorites. Take into account any special customizations that she prefers — and bond over mealtime! She will feel loved and special not only because you have taken time out to share a meal with her but also because you care about what she likes to eat.

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8. Help Her Out With Chores

Help Her Out With Chores

Check in with your sister often, and if you find that she is feeling overwhelmed with her to-do list, take some tasks off her hand and get them done. She will appreciate the help and the free time that this will make for her.

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9. Babysit Her Kids

Babysit Her Kids

Babysitters are expensive, and it is difficult to find someone trustworthy and responsible enough to leave your kids with. If your sister has small kids that need watching over, be a darling and offer to babysit them for her sometimes. The gift of time for herself to let down her hair and be completely relaxed will make her feel understood and thoroughly supported.

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10. Show Interest In Her Hobbies And Personal Interests

Show Interest In Her Hobbies And Personal Interests

Like your hobbies and passions are important to you, so are your sister’s to her. It will make her feel special if you take an active interest in her favorite things, like music, art, books, and shows. You can make her feel seen and appreciated by enquiring about her hobbies and interests from time to time and appreciating her pursuits.

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11. Do Photoshoots For Her

Do Photoshoots For Her

You can never have too many photos, especially when there are so many social accounts to juggle. Treat your sister with photoshoot days and click the best photos of her so that she is sorted with display pics and Instagram posts for a few months!

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12. Get Her Stuff By Her Favorite Artists

Get Her Stuff By Her Favorite Artists

Make a note of artists and creators your sister loves and get hold of tickets to their shows or their latest releases, whether it is a new novel or an album. You can even get her some merch from her favorite football club or bands.

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13. Give Her Financial Support

Finances are a touchy subject, but if your sister shares with you that she is struggling to finance her business or wants to get started on a project but is lacking funds at the moment, put your best foot forward and support her. She will not only pay you back in cash but also in respect and great regard, knowing that you are her biggest cheerleader.

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14. Support Her Dreams

Dreams, no matter how big or small, deserve to see the light of day. Cheer on your sister’s dreams, even when they seem outlandish and vague. She will cherish your support and may even draw strength from you to make them come true.

15. Love And Show Affection For Her Loved Ones

Love And Show Affection For Her Loved Ones

It is so important to know that the choices we make are accepted by those we hold close in our hearts. Your sister will truly appreciate it if you show your acceptance of the people that she has chosen to be in her life, like her friends, the people she dates, and her children. Even if you are not overly fond of each one of them, the least you can do is be polite to them when you meet. To go a step further, you can even wish them on their special days or get souvenirs for some of them from your holiday destinations.

16. Make Time And Space For Her

Make Time And Space For Her

No matter how busy you are, your sister needs to know that she can approach you and that you will make time and space for her. Sometimes simply being there, as a listener and a friend, is all that matters. By holding space for her and taking time out of your schedule to meet her halfway, you can let her know that you value her.

17. Tell Her You Love Her

Tell Her You Love Her

Those three magic words are not said often enough between siblings. Saying “I love you” may seem over the top when it’s your own family, but simply hearing you say them out loud to her can make your sister’s day and brighten her mood. Let her know with the simplest words that you love her and that she is special to you.

There are so many little and big things you can do to make your sister feel special. Letting her know you value her with your time, gifts, support, and presence can mean so much more to her than you could ever imagine. Life is too short to not pay close attention to the ones you love. Letting your sister know that you love, respect, and cherish her can strengthen your bond and make way for a relationship that lasts a lifetime, no matter what challenges get thrown at you. Don’t take your sibling for granted as she is more than blood; she is the first best friend that nature chose for you!

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