61+ Cute Holding Hand Quotes, Holding Hand Poems, and Sayings for Friendship

61+ Cute Holding Hand Quotes, Holding Hand Poems, and Sayings for Friendship

What you think what is grave important for keeping a relationship between two soul mates for longer time or longest time? It is trust, belief and faith in each other. Those guys and gals are enormously lucky who have got such partner. You only need to hold his/her hand and that is enough for life. Seeing your so intense love we have pearled for you holding hand quotes or you can say nicely cute holding hand quotes which would help you to make your relationship stronger. When you read a quote or lines related to love which reflects your love too, the feelings and inner emotions you feel flabbergasted, like some volcanos of loved emotions spurting out from your heart. It is so warmed feeling that could not be described in words.

The feeling of true love, like you feel each other without uttering a world is immensely so powerful feeling and emotion. If you feel it for some guy or gal, then I think he/she is your soulmate. You should go and express your love to him/her unless they should feel the same. The best is to ask them whether they feel the same as you feel. For now, to celebrate love, here are some of the heart melting holding hand quotes or if you want to call it differently nicely, then cute holding hand quotes. Cherry up guys with love!

Holding Hand Quotes | Cute Holding Hand Love Quotes

Holding hand of mine doesn’t mean you just hold it. It means you hold my life. It is a promise to me that you keep up with me forever.

When we sleep, you just hold my hand. In nights I feel fear. I just want to be in your arms immersed for never coming out.

Holding Hand Quotes

Hold my land, hold my home, hold my heart, hold life; you just hold my hand and take me wherever you want to.

Promise me that you never leave me alone. Promise me that you will be with me in my all times. Promise me that you would never give up on me. Then hold my hand in yours and swear it to me.

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The touch of holding your hand which is so soft and fragile like rose leaf, I could not hold myself. I promise you I will forever be with you.

I remember that rain when in your brain and in my brain, something erupted. It was love. I just pulled you we both got wet. While kissing you, I claimed I would never leave your hand.

When in love you hold your beloved’s hand, your heart gets connected. And it’s connection forever. It is so lovelious and warmed feeling one can’t forget.

Holding your lover’s hand doesn’t mean you hold it physically. Its means you hold it for life forever invisibly.

Not that girl, not this girl, no other girl; you just hold my hand and be mine for eternity.

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Touch my hand, and make me yours forever. I still waiting but couldn’t wait forever. I really need to be loved. Just hold my hand oh dear.

In love when it happens. The first you touch not lips but each other’s hand. So when you hold in love, hold firm and never let her go.

If you want to come in my life, come permanently. I have no place for temporary ones. Promise me this holding my hand.

Cute Holding Hand Quotes

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Holding Hand Poems | Romantic Promise Poems

Not gold silver I want, not car bungalow I want, I just want you simply, say me I love you, say me you hold my hand with you.

You promise me that you love me and never leave me, you only need to hold my hand and that’s enough.

Holding Hand Poems

Hold my hand, be my friend, forever be mine in all time, I’m yours, you’re mine, holding your hand, a new universe I find.

Your heart my heart not so far, when near why far, we can feel hearts’ beats then why tease, I be yours, you be mine without excuse, without fine, holding hand we alive.

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Not in stars and in moons, not in flowers and in blooms, not in dew drops and in hues, I want to see love only in you, in your eyes, take my hand, and take me to southern land, where we live unbloomed.

When holding my hand, you claim your love to me, it’s feeling unfeeling for me, can’t express, just felt, finding you, feels like find everything in you, pray I for our love, that, it’s forever, remains new.

I wanted to hold your hand,not knowing where we would go,and how far,I just want to be with you, in you,forever be with you,wherever we go, I want our love flows spreads.

Among the flowers, roses, lilies and others, Among wind, breeze and storms, among leaves, among trees, among butterflies and bees, holding your hand I say and I believe, I love you oh my love, oh my life, be in relief.

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How many times we revenge each other, when we know we love each other, how long we see each other photos, when we know we want to be together, I love you I say holding your hand together.

Holding your hand, holding you in my arms, I want to hug forever oh my charm, we make a hut, live there, with goat, cow and deer, sleep together, eat together and forever be together.

Romantic Promise Poems

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Holding Hand Sayings & Holding Hands Quotes About Love

Holding Hand Sayings

When you written in someone’s destiny, whether you hold her hand or not, you always would go to them. Because it is not you who have decided. It is universe.

Loving someone is not a choice. It just happens. When two souls want to be in love, they just love.

Love doesn’t understand age and color. You just tumble into their life and you meet them. After it, it is all love.

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When you are in love, you feel everything. Whether fights, jealously, possessiveness or everything else. You just need to remember that you always need to hold each other’s hand.

How strange and romantic it is, which is love.

You should never feel shy and hesitation in love, in expressing it. But it is the most that feel.

When you love, your feelings steam and become assimilated with each other in air.

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Seeing you if she shies. If she sneaks you not pretending to not sneaking. If she gets jealous seeing you with other girl, then she is your girl. She is your love.

The great love always has great fights. Remember this.

People think love is easy. People think love is hard. Love is not hard or easy. It is just love.

Holding Hand Love Sayings

Romantic Holding Hand Quotes for Wife

I want to have a good and beautiful wife. Yes, a faithful wife, a trustful wife and a wife who is only yours. Not like behind your back mingling with someone. It is what every husband expects, and seeing that you love your wife gigantically, we have written for you best holding hand quotes for wife. And we really know you would like them.

Holding Hand Quotes for Wife

I just don’t want to hold your hand but want to hold you for life time. Love you my wife.

So immersed in you holding your hand I talk about love. You listen and smile. That is my so best time with you. I never leave you.

I am loving you not because I have taken a vow. While the vow of marriage has made our love strongest. Never to fall apart.

When I put my head in your lap and you stroke your hand in my hairs like combing them. I like it so much. My whole life I can spend with you like this. Love you my girl.

When you put your head on my shoulder considering me everything of you. I feel whole, totally complete. Always be loving you my life my wife.

It is extremely strange how a girl feels a whole world to you of yours. But it is the feeling of love. You feel it when you are in love.

A husband must understand his wife his best friend and she too. When this bonding is there, there are no secrets between them.

A man’s most urgent need is not food, fame or money. While a good wife who can give these all naturally.

When you get old, you don’t require anything. You only need the company of your wife and her talks. That is enough. I’m lucky that I have you.

Money can give perhaps most of the girls in life. But a good wife can give you all the treasures of life. And the thing is that a good wife is only real treasure.

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Holding Hand Quotes for Friendship | Best Friend Holding Hand Quotes

These days it is rare to find a true friend, and if you have then you have a rare treasure with yourself. Rather than having a crowd of friends, it is better to have a one good true friend. with him/her life is amazingly wonderful. For that reason, for your true friend, we have written striking holding hand quotes for friendship or in a parallel way you can say best friend holding quotes. Never give up on a true friend, just live your life with them.

Holding Hand Quotes for Friendship

I see my reflection in you my friend. I think till I with you, I always be going in right direction. Just never give up on me ever.

You are my love. But more than that, you are my best friend. I never want to lose you. I can lose everything but not you.

Friendship is not a blood relation but only relation that is more than blood ones. Thank you my friend for always being in my life.

You can always see a great separation in true friendship for a time moment. But it is there for much nearness. Love you my friend!

When you have a best truest woman as your friend. She takes care of you as a mother and sister. And this is the godly thing with you. Never lose her as I have never you.

Having a friendship with a woman is not a trendiest stuff, while it is most devious and goddess stuff.

you treat her, your friend divinely. You treat her like she’s everything for you. You treat her like her every problem is yours. And you will be her most amazing possession. Love you my friend.

In love and friendship, you always give respect. If it is there you lose not your friend. I’ve every time given my friend utmost respect. Thank for being in my life.

Don’t have a flower vase beside you. While have a truest friend beside you and your life is then transcended. As I have.

Between friendship and love if you have to lose one, then you never lose any one. You make a way to keep them both. And you must do it. My friend, I never want to lose you.

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Romantic Couple Holding Hand Quotes

Romance is the soul of love. It is this that’s why we are here. We are constantly looking for that partner with whom we can romance, in talks, in gesture, in posture and in everything with her. If you have come to this human life and have never romanced, then you have done nothing in life. Even animals do in their own language. Here are loveliest romantic couple holding hand quotes.

Romantic Holding Hand Couple Quotes

As much as love waters down you. As much as it burns you. It is a place of fire, not always roses.

Betraying someone who is in love with you is the most sinnest thing in world that even God not forgive.

Love is above all standards and everything. It is top mot stage when you are in love. That’s why most of the genuine stories of love never accepted by society. But ours will be.

I want to hold your hand for never leaving it even for a second. In our graves, I will be holding your hand too.

It is in love you try to ignore each other for gaining each other’s attention most. I be with you forever.

When you promise a girl for always being there for her, then please do it genuinely. Because a girl is soft flower. They get easily broken. So you should never break her.

Romance is most uplifted thing, that the nature of it not everyone could understand except those who involved in it.

When romance happens between a girl and a boy, in sky it is fireworks you can see.

In romance when it happens with you. You forget all the directions except hers. Your all moves then go towards only her.

When you hold a woman’s hand in love, hold it tight more than steel but it should feel like a cold coffee.

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Holding Hand Images With Quotes

All the best quotes we have written for you there above, then how can we forge holding hand images that you must be eagerly looking for them here and there on the internet but find them nowhere because wherever you see you only find copied and duplicate. We here design for you original. So here are for you some of the best designed holding hand images with quotes that you love to share and send to your heart that is waiting for your love message in many forms from which this is one of them.

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Hence here are all the awesome holding hand images with quotes for you love birds that you love to send to each other for romancing. Would you like to tell how your romantic experience is? Your choice if you want to. Mine is best one. I have met some of the best women in my life forever reminiscing for. Guys and their gals in your romance never forget to share and send holding hand images wherever you can. And remember that QWM is the best source on the internet for original and lovely quotes, wishes and messages. Keep visiting it and spread the word of it everywhere. We always remember you in our success. Thanks for visiting us!