60+ Engagement Invitation Messages | Invitation for Engagement

60+ Engagement Invitation Messages | Invitation for Engagement

Engagement Invitation Messages:  An engagement ceremony is not just about exchanging rings. An engagement ceremony is the exchange of sheer love between two souls and their unification till eternity. As Engagement is the first step towards making a lifelong bond, the way you send an invitation for engagement to your guests equally matters. An engagement invitation should be touching, full of delightful words, and seek the blessings of your guests. If you don’t have a little idea about how to write an engagement invitation card, we are here to help you out. Check out the best samples related to engagement invitation messages and invitations for engagement party and invite your guests for the big day in a regal way.

Engagement Invitation Messages

After a lot of convincing and requests to family members, our different paths are finally going to unite. So we happily invite you to our engagement cum ring ceremony. Please hop on to the ceremony and sprinkle grace everywhere.

We are finally going to be one and you all have to escalate our happiness by joining us at our engagement ceremony to do the honor. We will be thrilled to receive blessings from you.

Engagement Invitation Messages

To you and your whole family, we are going bonkers while announcing our engagement ceremony. We would be more than delighted if you could join us for the engagement event and shower blessings to us.

Our little boy has grown up into one fine gentleman and is ready to begin a new life with the princess of his dreams. We cordially invite all of you to become an essential part of his engagement ceremony and of course with gifts.

It all started with a fight. Things paced with apologies. And things are now ending up with the beginning of a new celebration. We friskily invite you and your family to the event which going to be conducted at our residence.

You all are more than invited and welcomed to be the crucial part of the long night engagement ceremony and jazzy dance party. Please join us and bless the bride and the groom.

You all are cordially invited to join the mesmerizing engagement ceremony of my beloved little daughter. Please do come and bless the most alluring and heavenly match. Let’s laugh, enjoy, and eat together there.

Hey everyone, we have a super special announcement to make. You all have to come and utterly join my engagement ceremony. I will exchange rings only if you guys come and bless with the loveliest blessings. 

Two lovely individuals are joining their hearts and the union will be only successful if you guys come to the engagement ceremony. You all are invited wholeheartedly and don’t forget to bring heart-touching blessings.

We sincerely request you and your lovely family members to take active participation in my engagement ceremony and relish the special day with us. You all have to come and make the ceremony grand with your jolly nature.

With all your blessings and prayers we are going to be one. With our heart we invite you to our engagement ceremony. Kindly come and pour your good wishes on us.

You are our special guests and closed to our family. With the blessings of almighty we invite you to our engagement ceremony and party. Do come and be a part of our marriage journey.

The relationship we started is going to be finalized. We are getting engaged. Hence we invite you to our ring and engagement ceremony. Come and bless us with your love. 

When you are not there, how could be our party be celebrated? Because you are special for us. We invite to our engagement ceremony. If you don’t come, it wouldn’t be fun. 

We are getting engaged and without you it is not possible because you are close to our heart and dearest family friends. You are always there for us in every situation of life. Hence we invite you to grace our engagement ceremony. 

Our engagement without our elders and closed ones is not complete. So we invite you to our engagement ceremony. Bless us with your presence and grace the ceremony.

Engagement Invitation Messages for friends

You are the pure soul and people of the true heart. That’s why we invite you to our engagement ceremony to bless us with your love. To start our journey of life and eternity we need your presence and wishes. Do come with your whole family.

The love we started in our school is culminating with our engagement. We didn’t even think that we would go this far and this long. So we invite with all our heart and love to our engagement ceremony. Bless and wish us for our eternal journey.

Life becomes easy when one finds a true companion. I have found my one and we are getting engaged. We invite you to our engagement party. We hope you do come and pour blessings on us. 

The journey of our married life is about to start. We are getting engaged and need your special presence in the ceremony. You are our elders. Kindly come and be our guests. We invite you lovely people to our grand engagement ceremony. 

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Engagement Invitation from Bride and Groom 

We are more than excited and brimming with joy to invite you and your whole family to our little engagement ceremony. Your gracious presence will spruce the vibes of your function manifold times!

I request all of you to join us joyously and actively in our engagement and make the day more glorious and incredible. Your presence matters a lot so don’t even think about not coming.

Engagement Invitation from Bride and Groom 

I fell for her smile, he fell for my gentleman nature, and we both want all of you to be the witness of the holiest union. Without your presence, this engagement ceremony is not going to kick off. Please do join our engagement ceremony and bless us.

We are going gaga to invite all my loved ones to the most happening and splendid engagement ceremony of the city. We both would be more than glad if you hop on to the venue and add stars to our ceremony.

To all my dearest, your presence is mandatory in our engagement ceremony or else we would come to your home and kidnap all of you to take to the venue. Let’s celebrate the most special day for us together and don’t forget to shower blessings.

Our dears please join us on the occasion of our engagement ceremony. I with my going to be wife invite you on the auspicious journey of our life. Bless with your love and presence.

As bride and groom we are soon going to be. I invite you to our engagement ceremony with my partner. Your cordial presence is requested. You are one of our special guests. Be a part of this joy ride.

With a blink of an eye our love happened. Our hearts matched and now we are going to be engaged. With all our heartiest emotions we invite you to our engagement ceremony with my going to be wife.

I smiled and she smiled back and from that moment we have known we are going to spend our life together. Hence we invite you with your blessed presence to pour roses on us on our journey of life.

Our love has reached to the final destination. We are getting engaged. I with my partner invite you to our engagement party. If you don’t come then we feel that you don’t love us. Do come with your whole family.

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Engagement Invitation Messages from Parents 

My little princess has finally agreed to exchange the rings with the love of her life. You all are cordially invited to be the essential part of her big day and shower heaps of blessings on her. 

My son’s match must be made in heaven but it will be accepted and celebrated in your mandatory, charming, and gracious presence. You all have to come and bless them with the sweetest blessings of all time.

Engagement Invitation Messages from Parents 

We are more than happy to invite all of you to amplify the vibes of my daughter’s engagement ceremony and create heaps of memories as well. The lovely couple is eagerly looking for your blessings.

We, out of sheer joy, invite you and your entire family to hop on the engagement ceremony of my beloved son which is going to be held at our residence. We all would be eagerly waiting for your glittering presence and soulful blessings.

Finally, my crazy daughter getting hooked for the whole life and my excitement knows no boundaries. I hereby invite you and your lovely family to be the indispensable my daughter’s engagement ceremony with gifts without a shadow of a doubt.

My son is getting engaged and it is so much auspicious occasion. With all respect and honor we invite you to our son engagement ceremony. Kindly come and do shower your love on our dear son.

Our daughter is getting engaged. So quickly she has grown and we don’t know yet. We with all respect invite you to our daughter’s engagement ceremony. Bless her with your love and kindness. Do come with your whole family.

We cordially invite you to our daughter’s engagement ceremony and party. You are one of the closed family members. Bless our daughter and shower her life with your love and kindness. 

Honor our son’s engagement ceremony with your humble presence. You mean so much to us. You are like a great helping wall of our family. Do come and bless my son. 

It is so much best time in our family that has come and we are so much happy in the world. And that’s why we have decided to include you also to our happiness. We invite you to our son’s engagement ceremony. Bless him with your love and congratulate him on the pious journey.

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Engagement Invitation Messages for friends

Hey buddy, finally your best friend is getting engaged and you will not have my undivided attention anymore. With you, I won’t kick-start my engagement ceremony. You better come on time and spread the happy vibes with your amazing presence.

Dear friend, I am feeling more delighted to announce my engagement to you. I invite you to hop on to my engagement ceremony before anyone else and spill some joy and funny vibes there. Please accept my engagement invitation wholeheartedly.

Engagement Invitation Messages for friends

You are my soul brother as well as the best buddy. Without you, my engagement ceremony would be so lackluster and boring. You better come to my engagement on time or I will come to your home, grab your collar, and drag you to the function.

My engagement ceremony can become one of the most memorable days of my life if you join the occasion happily and spread your gracious vibes. I will be more than happy if you shower blessings on the commence of my new phase of life.

Hey buddy, as your presence is quite precious to me, I am inviting you to the auspicious occasion of my engagement ceremony and I don’t want to listen to any excuses. I want my best buddy to be the prime witness of the most special day of my life!

My dear and close friend, I am getting engaged and I invite you to the ceremony. Your friendship is everything for me. So much time we have spent together almost half of my life. That’s why I need you beside on my engagement. Do come with your family.

My cute and sweet friend I invite you to my engagement ceremony. You know that how much I love you and how much close I am to you. Please I request totally true from my heart that do come on the ceremony otherwise I wouldn’t talk to you.

My loyal and dearest friend, with Gods’ blessing I am getting engaged and I invite you to my engagement ceremony. You are my life partner but I am now getting with my heart’s partner for life. And in this moment I need you at my side. Do come with your family.

My dear friend I request your presence on the engagement ceremony. I don’t say bless me but yes do come because there is going to be a grand party later with all the tasty food. Love you.

You are the merrymaker and I invite you to my grand engagement ceremony. Come with your family and yes do come with a gift also because I need one from you. Love you my dearest friend. 

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Invitations for Engagement Party

We are more than thrilled to invite you and your whole family to our only child’s engagement party. Your presence will surely give a perfect touch to the party.

It is a matter of immense pleasure for us to invite you to the grand engagement party of my elder son ( groom’s name) and his fiance (bride’s name). We are quite eager to expect your presence and make the ceremony stellar!

Invitations for Engagement Party

Your utterly charming and glittering presence is all I seek on the engagement party of my daughter going to be held at my residence. I am pretty sure you will like the feast and make the whole environment zingy.

When he asked with so much love in his eyes and heart, she said yes with every fiber of her soul. We invite your whole family to marinate in the sheer joy of the bride and the groom and enjoy the scrumptious dinner as well.

Together, let’s celebrate the joining of the two souls and ring exchange of the two purest souls in the world. This engagement party is going to be way different from the rest because all the lovely guests will be there to amplify the frisky vibes. Please do join us!

Our love is getting engaged with our hearts totally melted into each other. I request your presence for the engagement party. Wish us with your blessings and love.

Wherever you are, the love and happiness are. That’s why we first invite you to our engagement party. It is going to be grand, and with your presence it is going to be grander. Do come and pour your blessings on us.

We are setting into the same boat with on same seat. We are getting engaged. Your presence is requested on this auspicious occasion of our family. Come and honor us. 

We have reached to our conclusion that we can’t live without each other. We are getting engaged. So we invite you to our engagement party. Bless us with your prayers and wishes.

We humbly invite you to our engagement party. With all love and respect your presence is requested. This journey of love without you is impossible. Thank you

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