60+ Happy Engagement Anniversary Wishes and Quotes

60+ Happy Engagement Anniversary Wishes and Quotes

Happy Engagement Anniversary Wishes: Be it a wedding anniversary or an engagement anniversary, both are special for couples in their own ways. The courtship period is equally entrancing as the period right after the wedding. The period after Engagement and the engagement anniversary both hold a special place in the hearts of love birds. In some cases, marriage happens in few months after the engagement ceremony. In other cases, engagement lasts for 2-3 years before the couple tied the wedding knot. To celebrate the first special moments of togetherness, we bring you a lovely compilation of happy engagement anniversary wishes and quotes to celebrate the magical moment of engagement ceremony with your better half.

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

My heart is bubbling with uncontrollable excitement and bliss while wishing you a happy first engagement anniversary. Yes, we met by sheer accident but we fell in love by choice. And I must say my choice is excellent and unbeatable. Happy 1st engagement anniversary fiance!

From the deepest corner of my heart, wishing a joyous and colorful engagement anniversary to the most vivacious couple in the world. May you guys live together so serenely and cheerfully that your relationship becomes a benchmark for other couples.

Engagement Anniversary Wishes 

May the divine bond of love between you remain intact forever and keep growing at an exponential rate. It’s time to pop up some champagne and celebrate your engagement anniversary in a dazzling way.

I am really glad that the right person stole my heart and agreed to make me her forever ever. Today, I am more than excited to celebrate the second anniversary of my engagement and our togetherness as well. Happy engagement anniversary sweetheart!

It is giving me immense delight to wish a happy engagement anniversary to the only love of my life. Since the day you have stepped into my life, good luck, prosperity, and happiness are flowing in my life in heaps. God bless your bond!

Seeing you both it feels like your both life is full of flowers and colorful rainbow only matched up to each other and glowing for love. Wishing you both happy engagement anniversary! May you always lighten up each other’s life!

Promise is not a word while a vow that you do to your partner for eternity that you will be with her forever. You have done it so for your partner and I am proud of you. Wishing you happy engagement anniversary! May your always fulfill your promises!

When I see you both it feels like you have both blossomed for each other. Totally a rare pair you are, beautiful both and into each other. Wishing you happy engagement anniversary! May no flower of happiness fade in your life!

Love is hard thing. It is easy to fall into but hard to pay because one has to do several adjustments to let it flow smoothly. Your love is true and I wish it always be for her. Wishing happy engagement anniversary!

That day I still remember when you got engaged to her. So happy you were. Today is your engagement anniversary and wish you never get disengaged from her. Wishing happiest engagement anniversary dearest!

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Engagement Anniversary Wishes to Husband

Hey sweet husband, today is the second anniversary of our engagement and I can’t wait to celebrate it like our wedding anniversary. How can I forget the day when we joined our hands together and vowed to spend the rest of our lives together. Happy engagement anniversary, husband!

Wishing a glorious and incredible happy engagement anniversary to the sweetest husband ever. Thank you for putting a beautiful ring on my finger and making me yours forever. I know only you can keep me happy and alive till the last breath. I love you.

Dear husband, since the moment I got engaged with you, every moment of my life has become special. Thank you so much for treating me like a princess, keeping me like a queen, and worshiping me like a goddess. Happy engagement anniversary to both of us!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes to Husband

I swear to god I couldn’t have found a more witty, charming, and sensible husband than you. Thank you for being such a caring and same person for me. In a world full of mean and dull people, you are my perennial source of love. Happy engagement anniversary to the sweetest husband!

My dear husband, choosing you for engagement was the only best decision I have ever taken in my life. I must say I have hit the husband’s jackpot accidentally. May we continue to grow the love, loyalty, and trust between us. Happy engagement anniversary, husband!

The man I want the man I engaged to and married to is the best happening that has happened to me. And I am thankful to God and to you that you have fulfilled everything what you have said to me. You have done your all vows dutifully. Thank you my dear husband. Wishing happy engagement anniversary to you!

The day of engagement is the best day of my life when you put that ring into my finger with all your love saying to me that you will always be there for me whenever I need you. You are making me smile from that day. Thank you my lovely husband! Wishing happy engagement anniversary to you!

May lie never come in our relationship! Wishing happy engagement anniversary to my love my husband! I am thankful to divine god that I got engaged and married to a best man in the world. Wishing happy engagement anniversary my loyal husband!

May we never lose on each other whatever time come! Wishing happy engagement anniversary my awesome husband! I can never forget how happy we were on the day of our engagement. I love you.

On our engagement day I promised to myself that I never let a drop of tear fall from this man who is my husband. Wishing happy engagement anniversary my beautiful husband! May you always be in the mood of us forever completely!

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Engagement Anniversary Wishes to Wife

My extremely beautiful wife, you are my real happiness, my biggest achievement, my only desire. I wish we both have a glittering and successful future ahead. Happy engagement anniversary to the best ever wife!

Hey sweetheart, the moment I saw you the first time, I decided that I will put the engagement ring only on your finger. Luckily, I managed to do that and I am living quite happily with you. Thank you for accepting me wholeheartedly. Happy engagement anniversary, wife!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes to Wife

Sweetheart, your arrival in my life changed it to a great degree which I couldn’t imagine even in my wildest dreams. Thank you for making me the happiest and the luckiest man in the world. Happy engagement anniversary to my forever sweetheart!

I consider myself as the most blessed man in the world because I got engaged with such a pure soul like you. I am desperate to tie the wedding knot with you and begin the new phase of life. Congratulations on becoming my fiance, exactly a year ago. Happy engagement, my future wife!

It was a heartwarming experience after getting engaged with you. Not only did you make me a complete man but also made my whole life beautiful heaven. Happy engagement anniversary to my lovely wife! 

I know over the years how much you have tolerated me and I think you are tolerating me from the day of our engagement and it is because you love me. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Happiest engagement anniversary to you!

Being with you forever is the best decision of my life. With you I am relax and feel peace. You warm me. Wishing happy engagement anniversary to you! You are my life my cutest wife and I can’t breathe without you.

Our fights are longer as our love is eternal and deep. Thank you for being my wife and my friend first. I can never love you less and with days more passing I am loving you much. Wishing happy engagement anniversary my sweetest wife! The day I got engaged was the blessed day of life.

We are already made for each other and the engagement ceremony was only formality to consecrate the plan god has decided for us. I thank you for all dear wife. May you be with forever for seven births in all form and lives! 

I love you. May we never walk in the path of deceive and betrayal in our life! Wishing happy engagement anniversary to you! You are my loyal wife and with deepest of my heart I want you. 

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Engagement Anniversary Wishes to Brother

My lovely brother, I still cannot believe you have engaged with such a mesmerizing and successful girl. You have hit the fiance jackpot. Now it’s your duty to make her feel special and loved all the time. Happy engagement brother and God bless you with an awesome married life!

Dear brother, God has given you a huge reason for happiness after so many years. Make sure to respect it, preserve it, and take care of it. Mighty congratulations to my brother for completing one year of engagement happily. Happy engagement and god bless you!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes to Brother

Hey brother, admit it or not but you have got one of the finest women as your fiance. Just hold her hands tightly and she will fill your life with utter prosperity, love, and unimaginable success. I wish you have a heartwarming relationship till the end. Happy engagement, brother!

Happy engagement anniversary to the smartest brother as well as the most staunch life partner of his fiance. May you both create so many alluring and memorable memories together that even a long-married life seems so tiny. God bless both of you!

Finally, after so many years, you have found your perfect life partner who loves your inner beauty not the temporary physical ones. May she turns out to be your lady luck for your whole life. Happy engagement anniversary, brother! My Heartiest wishes are with you forever!

Marrying a good girl you have really further in life brother and see it is your engagement anniversary on this day. Getting old slowly. By the way wishing both of you happy engagement anniversary! I always remember the day you became a sacrifice!

Engagement anniversary wishes to my lovely brother! May your life be fulfilled with all blessings, boons and prayers! May soon you have two little babies in your life!

Wishing happiest engagement anniversary to my handsome brother! May you both drive on the marriage journey full of divine surprises! May nothing hinder your relationship!

The girl you chose is not the right girl while a truest girl and love for you. Wishing both of you happy engagement anniversary! May always be in each other’s heart!

With truest of my heart wishing happy engagement anniversary brother! May no evil play in your life get played by others for you! May you always be loyal and trust!

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Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Sister

Happy engagement anniversary to my forever beautiful and resplendent sister. May your better half always respect your dreams, aspirations, and efforts. May both of you create an iconic married life together.

My beloved sister has cheerfully completed one year of her engagement and we cannot control our joy and excitement. I am really dazzled by the choice of your life partner. May both of you have a rocking life and a happy engagement anniversary!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Sister

Dear sister, you have no idea how enthralled I am to see you with the fiance of your choice. You took look so great together that I want to snap every moment of your life with your partner. Happy engagement anniversary to the sweetest sister ever!

My quirky sister, whenever I see you with your fiance, it feels like you two are destined to be together forever. You two are like two different pieces of the same puzzle that compliments each other. Happy engagement sister and may both of you have a glittering future!

Hey sister, I am still amazed by the fact that how quickly you got engaged with your lover and lived a happily married life. It’s your third engagement anniversary and I too want to celebrate it with you. Wishing you a happy engagement anniversary and tranquil life ahead!

Seeing you in a red sari on the day of your engagement my best moment of life dear sister. Wishing happy engagement anniversary to you! May you and him never always get what you want! I love you sister!

Be blessed and prayers for you on the day of your engagement anniversary dearest sister! May you never have any grief in your life! May all the gifts you desire come to you!

You are my best sister and I love. Wishing you happy engagement anniversary! May no day turn dark in your life! May everything always be brightened in your marriage journey!

Being brother to you I always wish for your safety and happiness. I ask everyday for you in prayers. May you always be safe and protected by God! May He lay safe paths for you and in your one call all angels show up for you! Wishing happy engagement anniversary dearest sister!

Wishing happy engagement anniversary to my sweetest sister! May in her married life no stone come! May in her married life all roses blossom! May she always smile with no tear ripe!

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Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Friend

May the crazy love between you inspire every couple around you and last till the end of this existence. May your beautiful become an outrageous success. Happy engagement anniversary to my best buddy!

Being your school-time friend, I know you always wanted to get hitched at the earliest. But I didn’t know the choice of your partner is so awesome. You will always be happy and content with her. Happy engagement anniversary to you and your fiance!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Friend

It gives my heart so much happiness when I see both of you taking great care of each other. May the storm of romance and raunchiness between both of you remain intact and keep growing forever. Happy engagement anniversary, my best friend!

You two are engaged to each other because you have a god’s special purpose to fulfill. May your love and respect for each other never decrease a bit and may you spread positive vibes everywhere. Happy engagement to both of you and have a thrilling married life!

Hey friend, I wish you and your fiance create so many remarkable and swoon-worthy moments together that your courtship period becomes more special than your wedding moments. Happy engagement anniversary to my notorious friend!

My closest friend, I wish happy engagement anniversary to you. The day you got engaged you were nervous like a goat getting butchered. But now you are veteran of a happy married life. It feels best to be your friend!

I am proud of you that so far we have come in our friendship. Your relationship with your wife is beyond and I appreciate. Wishing happy engagement anniversary to you! May you always remember that day when you got off from your bachelorhood! 

Wishing happy engagement anniversary to my closest friend! May glitter and glamour of married life never vanish in your life! I respect you as my friend and thank you for always being my brother.

With all the stars and flowers wishing you happy engagement anniversary my dearest friend! May you always live to your expectation for yourself and your wife! Your friendship is precious to me. 

Your engagement was an eye opening to me that I should never get married! Joking my friend but true sometimes! You are my best friend and I wish you never go through sadness and despair! Wishing happy engagement anniversary to you! Keep her always happy and special. 

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