150+ Funny Happy Mothers Day Captions for Instagram 2022

150+ Funny Mothers Day Captions for Instagram 2022

Mothers Day Captions 2022: Mother’s day is perhaps the most exemplary day to let your mom know how selflessly, deeply, and madly you love her. From the day you were born to changing uncountable diapers, innumerable sleepless nights because of baby cry, making your launch, breakfast, dinner, getting you ready for school, the list of chores a mother does day in and day out is endless. The job of a mother is the most thankless one but you can make her feel that all her sacrifices are worthy by sprinkling endless love and surprises on her. By putting heart-touching mothers day captions for Instagram along with the alluring pictures of the past with your mother, you can take her on an emotional roller-coaster drive on mother’s day and tell her why she matters more than anything else. Peek into our crispy but emotional collection of mothers day captions for instagram from daughter and son and pick the best to put with your picture on social media accounts and tell your mother why she is the ultimate love of your life.

Happy Mothers Day Captions 2022

Young or old, a mother always carries the same feelings for her kids. My mother is my one and only god!

I salute motherhood and I request everyone to respect the untold contributions of mothers that are no less than any corporate achievement. Happy mothers day!

Happy Mothers Day Captions 2022

When life gives you 1000 reasons to cry, it also gives you mother to wipe your tears and sprinkle happiness.

With my mom’s hands on my head, I feel the safest and the most determined person in the world.

The only thing better than a mother’s presence is a mother unconditional love. Happy mothers day!

Who needs a thousand friends when you have one staunch friend in the form of a mother. I love you, mom!

A house can be made with the bricks. However, only a mother can make a house, a beautiful home to live with loved ones. Happy mothers day!

Determination, never give up attitude, humility, generosity, mercy, I got them all from my mother. Love you mommy!

Whenever I speaks from the heart, my mother’s name always come first. My mom is my Lord!

The best way to kick away all the insecurities, stress, and fear from your life is to get a tight hug from your mother. Happy mothers day, mommy!

To the whole world, you are just a married woman with responsibilities and kids. For me, you are my Universe. I love you mum!

No matter how successful and mighty you become in life, nothing comforts me more than my mother’s lap.

Behind every successful person in this world, a mother’s role is the biggest one. I love you and happy mothers day!

When you have all the money of the world and not a mother, you are still poor. Happy mothers day!

I still wonder how my mom can tell what’s right and wrong merely relying on her instincts. She is the world’s best guide.

A mother can never be ordinary. Mothers and the world extraordinary are synonymous with each other.

If you are looking for the purest form of gold, look at your mother’s heart. Happy mothers day, mommy!

Mom – a name way above than any queen. 

All the naturally beautiful things in this world will fall short in quantity if I have to give a gift to my mother.

A mother is never off the duty. She fulfills all her responsibilities perfectly and diligently till the last breath.

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Mothers Day Captions for Instagram

If a mother can give birth to a new life, she can also achieve the every possible goal a man can achieve.

A mother is the ultimate blessing of God to humanity!

Mothers Day Captions for Instagram

If you break a mother’s heart, you can never live happy in spite of having all the riches.

Dear mother, thank you for always loving  me unconditionally and embracing all my stupidities!

A mom can never be wrong when it comes to deciding the best for her kids.

Even God bows down his head in front of a mother, can’t you?

No matter how far you go in life, a mother always holds you in her heart! Happy mothers day!

 Behind every super successful individual, there is a woman and that woman is a mother. I love you mommy!

Keep calm and celebrate Mother’s day!

Brighter than the Sun, Calmer than the Moon, my mom is so lovely that everyone swoon!

In a world full of continuously changing things, you are my permanent love, mother!

There is no thing in this world that your mother can’t find if you lost it.

A mother is the most accurate GPS in the world!

When a man leads only a few follows. When a mother leads, everyone follows because she leads by heart.

Yes, I believe in love at first sight. I fell in love with my mother the moment I saw her.

Dear mom, thank you for teaching me how to savor and celebrate the little things.

Whatever I am, you are behind it. I love you mommy and happy mothers day!

You are not any other mom, you are the coolest mother ever!

Hey mom, thank you so much for not dumping an idiot child like me. I will try to be your favorite. Happy mothers day!

You are my lovely mother but before that, you are my dearest buddy. Love you and happy mothers day!

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Mothers Day Captions from Daughter

I am glad I am your daughter. I laugh all the time because there is nothing you can do about it.

Behind every fantastic and successful daughter, there is a mother with a lot of crushed dreams.

Mothers Day Captions from Daughter

A daughter always wants to be like her mother but you always encouraged me to set my own path. Thank you and happy mothers day!

Whatever little or big I have achieved in my life, all credit goes to my mother!

Sometimes, you wonder whether you have give birth to a son or am I actually a girl? Don’t worry mom, I will change my funky look and give you the best mother’s day gift!

When I look at my mother, I look at the most loving, selfless, and compassionate being god has ever created!

Hey mom, thanks for being my real life superwoman. Even superman would get inferiority complex from you.

I may leave you one day to being the new phase of life but I will make sure you never leave my heart. Happy mothers day!

When life gives you 100 problems, a mom is ready with 1000 solutions. Love you mommy!

If my mother doesn’t like it, I am not gonna do it anyway. 

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Mothers Day Captions from Son 

MOTHER – the only woman who will never me. You are simply the best woman ever!

My mother is like a beautiful rose who spread the mesmerizing fragrance everywhere but keep the thrones to itself.

Mothers Day Captions from Son 

My mother’s lap is way more comforting than the mushy bed of a luxurious hotel.

As long as my mother is fine, I do whatever the hell I feel like doing.

The biggest achievement of my life is making my mother proud from my achievements. Happy mothers day!

If you think you have unconquerable difficulties in life, play the role and duties of a mother for one day.

I still wonder how come my mother accomplishes the work of 10 people just with 2 hands.

There ain’t any love which is as special and touching as the love between a mother and son.

I firmly believe in heaven on earth, I have find one in the arms of my mother.

For me, my mother is the one and only God, my dearest friend, and the best mentor. Happy mothers day!

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Funny Mothers Day Captions

When my mom wants to express disappointment, she calls me up in front of everyone!

Dear mother, thank you so much for not telling to anyone that you love sisters more than me.

Funny Mothers Day Captions

There is something wrong with my mother, she hasn’t yelled on me since last 3 days.

Hey mom, thank you for ignoring  all my mistakes I committed during teenage years. (still feeling the pain of bone-crunching beating)

 A mother is the person who can identify what you eat from the fridge sneakily even in the deep sleep.

I feel more terrified when my mother is silent rather than when she is scolding me.

Parenting is tiring and boring, said no mother ever!

The early years of motherhood – a lot of mood swings, diapers, and urge to beat the hell out of children.

I feel happy and scared at the same time when I see 30+ miss calls of my mother. It feels good when someone cares about you so much and also scary because the beating and lectures awaiting you.

Other mothers meditate and laugh to burst out the stress. My mother only takes wine and suddenly all feels good.

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