100+ Funny Mothers Day Puns 2022 to Rib-Tickle Your Mom’s Funny Bone

100+ Funny Mothers Day Puns to Rib-Tickle Your Mom’s Funny Bone

Mothers Day Puns: We don’t want to state the significance of a mother. It is difficult to imagine the hardships a person has to face without the presence of a mother. To celebrate motherhood and the achievements of mothers, happy mothers day occasion is created in which kids do touching and enticing things for their mothers like roping in gifts, writing heart-tugging, greetings, handling the household chores, and sending mother on an exotic vacation, and the list is massive. However, even the mothers day festival becomes lackluster when there is no humor, sass, and wit in the environment. To rib-tickle the funny bones of your mom, we have come up with the funniest mothers day puns that are full of unparalleled and cheesy humor. Pick up the best mothers day puns and make your mother laugh hard like good old days.

Funny Mothers Day Puns 2022

My mom loves to do everything beyond her capacity that’s why I call her maxi-mum!

My mother has really great height. Sometimes, I call her mom-jestic!

Funny Mothers Day Puns 2022

On the soulful occasion of mother’s day, let’s take a mom-ent to appreciate and celebrate the contribution of all the mothers!

When my mom gives non-stop lecture to me for hours, I label it as mom-ologue.

My mother effortlessly balances her person and professional lives, she is mum-believable!

What does the best Star trek character says to her mom? Yoda best mom!

When I break the best crockery in the house and mom doesn’t utter a word – astro-mom-ical event!

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Dear mother, thank you to the moon and back for being so mum-derstanding all the time when it comes to my life.

My mother can literally save me from any situation. She is my mom-timus prime!

I just love to create unforgettable and heaps of mom-ents with my mother!

My mother is like a coconut, so hard from outside but super soft from inside.

Thanks a lot mother for giving the much needed mom-entum to my life. I owe you big time!

My mother is so bloody good at her work that coworkers call her super-mam!

My mom doesn’t leave any stone unturned no matter what tasks she does. She works at an opti-mum level!

What would you call a cheese if it was invented by a mother? Mom-zarella!

On mother’s day, I just want to tell you mother that I Olive you!

Hey mother, you cook the most awes-mum food in the whole neighborhood.

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I want to give something unique and extraordinary gift to my mother as mum-ento that she never forgets.

When mother pulls pranks on you, wouldn’t she be called mum-chievious!

Hey mother, you are like a chilly sauce. At first, it’s hard to swallow first but taste great later.

Do you know why computers are so smart and perform every function so expeditiously? Because they have motherboards.

I just don’t understand how my mother come to know about everything I do sneakily? Is she mom-nipresent?

In spite of so many scoldings everyday, my father doesn’t raise his voice against my mom? Is my mother mom-nipotent?

I thoroughly absorb all the valuable life lessons my mother gives to me? I think it’s os-mom-sis effect!

Without using any device, my mother can tell whether I am sick or not. Is she has an inbuilt ther-mom-meter.

Without of a shadow of a doubt, you are the berry best mother a child could ask for.

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My mother makes the most eggs-cellent omelette in the world!

I wish you a ha-pea mothers day, mumma!

No matter what I do for my mother, it always feel mini-mum because everything seems small in front of her giant personality.

My mother is a very happy go lucky and party loving person. She just cannot tolerate mum-dane life.

Unquestionably, you are on hell of a tea-riffic mother!

I just cannot tolerate any other woman in life except my mother. I can say I am mom-ogmous.

When I used to play hide and seek with my siblings and mother during my childhood, my mom always used to say, one way or mother I am going to find you all.

I don’t utter a single world yet my mother understands what I will say all the time . I think she is mom-niscient.

My mother never speaks mindlessly. Whatever she says, everything is mom point.

No one can over rule the decision of my mother in the house. I think we are living in mom-archy.

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Never have an pessimistic mindset in life. When on door of opportunity closes, a mother one opens.

I am so focused on my life goals right now that I cannot entertain any mom, dick, and harry.

The only person who can allow you to live rent-free is your mother. I mean she keeps you in her womb for 9 months.

Baby rabbits are so sick of their mothers because mom hare, never care.

I think we are not going to find anything here. Take me to the mother side of the river.

When life gives you lemons, turn them into le-mom-ades, sell them, and become rich.

Whether to have children or not is a mom-umental decision.

Why was the old computer so sad? Because its motherboard wasn’t functioning.

A  mother is the only person who has mum-wavering faith on her kids.

Your ideas may be mum-conventional, they are worth giving a shot.

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By leaps and bounds, you are the most mum-derful mother I have ever seen.

I saw a dream in which  my best friend was s-mom-thering me.

You can do everything but you can’t e-mum-late the talents of my mother.

I am quite mum-ticulous about my appearance. If I am not looking good, I won’t go outside.

Happy mother’s day to my momo-mom who is cute and sweet.

Something things in life are glorious but my mom is mom-glorious. 

Every mom loves their child but when they sometimes become angry, they can mom-or-tify their child.

Pumpkins are healthy for body and mom-kins are healthy for life. 

It is the strength of you that you can’t be moulded but mom can mom-uld her child every time. 

My mum is an Egyptian mummy. That’s why afraid to celebrate mother’s day with my mother!

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Stars in the sky shine and momstars shine here on the earth. 

There is a word called ‘Modification’. And for moms, it is ‘Mom-dification’.

Illumination lights an area. But if you want illumination in your heart that only your mother can do is ‘mom-ulimination’.

There is a city named on mother. It is called ‘Mom-basa’. Fortunately, mom is everywhere!

Watermelons are sweet but not more sweet than mom-elons. That’s why moms are full of emotions.

There is a mode in life by which we go right and wrong. But when you have turned on your life on ‘mom-mode’; everything happens right.

A tasty mutton recepie cooked by mom is called ‘Mom-utton’. Happy mother’s day my mom-utton mom!

My mom is mom-most important person in life. Happy mother’s day!

My father is Mufasa and my mother is Mom-asa.

There is Bollywood, Hollywood but mum’s world is Momywood.

Every mother loves their child. But sometimes they beat them softly too, and word for mother’s softly beatings are mom-tainment like it is some entertainment. Teachings in your beatings!

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There is music in our house that we listen every day, it is mom-stereo.

Me and my brother always get mum-fried by our mom!

Teachers that do meeting for children only with mother is mom-ting, not meeting.

Boredom and momdom; we child, where we should go?

Jesus Christ’s resurrection called Easter. Moms’ called mom-easter.

There is a habit that could not get off from ladies and it is mimicking other ladies. And yes, my mom also momi-king other mommies. So mimicking this world is!

You fill your heart with every emotion but you must fill your heart with mom-fill abundance.

I do b-boying but when I return home, my mother does mom-boying with me. Happy mother’s day!

Mangoes are the sweetest fruits that you can eat. And mom-goes are the sweetest fruits that you can feel. 

Dolphins can sense every emotion. And my mom-phin can sense mine too. That’s why mothers know everything before.

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In life, sometimes there is something and sometimes it is nothing but when you have mom-thing; then there is everything. Happy mother’s day!

When no tonic works in life; then mom-tonic is always fine. That’s why mothers are always great!

When you want to applaud your mom; you do mom-plaud.

My mother can lift anything. She has great strength. And she does exercise which is mom-lift.

Bearing mom’s sweet emotional torture is mom-bear. Next time you don’t overbear.

When my mother is angry, she becomes mom-furious.  That’s why I don’t anger my mom.

My mom is a fan of adventurous sports. That’s why we call her mum-extreme mother.

Mum-mom-mother; she always furthers. Oh! This is greatest pun ever written!

You might do. Mom-might can do everything.

You like to eat American pudding but I love to eat mom-pudding. 

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Pomegranates and mum-granates are always sweet. So reddish in heart and lovely.

I always used to say my parents to live in Mum-bai. I like the city. But they live in cold-kata. 

Americans say mom. British say mum. And I say mom-mum.

My mom is very mom-dern and she loves to do latest fashion and remains always chick. World is fiesta of modern moms. 

Doing mockery is entertaining but I don’t like to momo-ckery of my mother because I know I won’t get food next time. 

I have mom-diction and I can’t live without her. And my mother doesn’t take me to her kitty parties. 

My father is very humble. Before my mother, he never mum-bles.  Because my mother always lifts dumbbells. That’s the reason there is no rumble in my home.

My mother is determined. She is moth-er; a symbol of transformation. Always loving my mother. 

There is only one way you can get to transcendence and you can do with the help of mom-scendence. Great mothers

Girlfriends always love to momify their boyfriends. It is for them. Happy mother’s day!

When your mother is continuously yelling on you; it is called moming. That’s why children must obey moms.

When moms get omniscience; it is called momniscience. They are knower of everything. Because moms always know everything.

You must have attitude but my mom has momi-tude. 

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